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i had the WEIRDEST dream last night.
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i got a LOT done yesterday.
i scrubbed the counters and cleaned the stove and took out the trash and the recycling and cleaned the cat boxes and made phone calls and cleaned up hair balls and made dinner and got a shower all the while felt kind of dazed and half-asleep. i am still not sleeping well (though i did get enough last night).
i also finished shadowbridge before i came to bed. it is a REALLY good book. it blends cultures in really interesting ways and leaves me wanting more. my only real gripe with it is that it doesn't really end. there is no reason for the author to end the book where he does and no signal to the reader that some major event has concluded the story. okay there is a major event, but you know so little about it that it doesn't feel conclusive in the slightest. it isn't just a cliff-hanger. it feels like a chapter ending, not a book ending. i WILL go read the next book.

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but the dream didn't quite make it to reality. i also dreamed about work. figures.
actually, i kinda slept for shit last night in general.
i will pay for that today, but so far the caffeine is sustaining me nicely.

mostly ross and i had a quiet weekend of bashing heads with diablo ii and some online friends. beat the game and are talking about going back for the nightmare level. it should be interesting.
amy came over for a while saturday, and then we wound up going to hell's kitchen sunday in celebration of her birthday and afterward hitting the macy's flower show. it wasn't anything as spectacular as the philadelphia flower show - this is something put on for free by a corporate headquarters. still it smelled good and there were many hyacinths. we have yet to have anything really blooming here yet (and actually had a dusting of snow sunday morning), so seeing all the color was really nice.
hell's kitchen, as always, is spectacular. how can you go wrong with bloody marys and bison sausage? it was the first time we've been to their new location and i had 2 cups of coffee, not realizing how late it was - hence the sleeping for shit last night.

i finished peony in love by lisa see. it is WAY more fanciful than snow flower and the secret fan, but it had a similar feel. if you liked the one, you will probably like the other.
i am currently working on a book called shadowbridge by gregory frost. i am loving the premise. we'll see if it stays good. if it's all as good as the beginning however, i may have to read everything this guy has written.

it is official that i will be attending the nuptuals one [livejournal.com profile] kfringe to the beautiful and brilliant [livejournal.com profile] crowyhead. i'm not going to croquet and i'm not going to estes. i'm damned if i'm also missing this! i am terribly excited to finally meet her in person as well as some of the rest of the philly knitting/lj/book-reading crowd that seems to surround her. but it also sounds like there will also be many johnnies attending. also they are getting married in a bar. only [livejournal.com profile] kfringe. admittedly it is sounding like a damn good time. hopefully ross will be able to come with me and will not have another musical.

i still have not seen watchmen. this needs to happen.

also cirque du soliel will be in town the weekend of july 3rd - which is AFTER ross's show and means he will be able to go. and might be while my folks are here - they have not confirmed if they are coming this summer or not. i would really like to get a big group of people together to go to this. [livejournal.com profile] patchhat?, [livejournal.com profile] sidhebear?, [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart and [livejournal.com profile] eltanin?, [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourney? any of you guys interested? any of you people i didn't mention?

this week is my last week of literacy training classes. i am REALLY looking forward to them being over. i want to be working with people, not sitting in a classroom feeling like my time is being wasted.

also my winter twilight mitts are starting to show how awesome they are going to be. i love the bright contrast of the colors. these are a very personal project. the cashmere was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law from the farm where my nephew works, hand-dyed and knit by me. lots of meaning compact into a little thing.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 09:10 am
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i was out sick yesterday.
laryngitis. better today, but still itchy throat-low energy.
still, it's amazing how a day of rest can clear your head.

and of course there is a crisis while i'm out. one of our aquisitions is throwing a tantrum because they're out of product because they didn't set up their items correctly. and of course they blame the buyer. grrr.
luckily my boss is awesome and recognizes that THEY are the problem. and AP backs her conclusion.

susan and guiness crashed again last night. i'm glad we are friends and that she trusts us and that she is slowly acclamating our cats to the presence of a dog.

i finished busman's honeymoon yesterday by dorothy sayers. i have been craving mystery lately and this was exactly what i needed. it was delightful. i will definitely read more of her books. i especially love that she challenges my french. even if she gets french chansons stuck in my head.

i decided to try to duplicate the mushroom barley soup from the cafeteria. it's that good.
i think i got pretty close.

1 smaller can of diced tomatoes
2 lbs of baby bella mushrooms sliced and stems removed
1 onion diced
2 carrots sliced small
1 turnip sliced small
1 celery stalk sliced (or in a pinch 1 Tbs celery seed)
2 bay leaves
2 Tbs thyme
1 cup fresh chopped parsley
1 cup pearl barley
1 quart vegetable broth
2 Tbs tamari
1 Tbs worcester
1/4 cup sherry
1 quart water
2 Tbs olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

in a deep saucepan, fry onions in olive oil. add carrots, turnip and celery and cook until soft. add mushrooms water, broth and tomatoes. bring to a boil and add sherry, tamari, worcester, barley, bay and thyme. cook for at least one half hour. add parsley, salt, pepper and more tamari if desired. serves 10.

also i have made some progress on the shawl
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need to remember this link for recipes.
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it is snowing in minnesota.
it snowed yesterday breifly as well.
it is starting to feel like the time where there should not be snow (to me). but i definitely also have enough sweaters to take care of any of my problems with the cold, which is good because we are supposed to get still more snow this week.
i pity the poor people living on the red river valley.

i had my first class for literacy tutoring monday night. it was okay, i guess. i think i will like tutoring better than i like the class. that being said, i didn't expect there to be math involved. HEY. i signed up to teach LITERACY. not math.
but it looks like a fair componant of this training revolves around the GED. hence the math. i can choose where i volunteer, so i won't have to tutor for the GED, but they train us in that anyway. so i got a few good ideas and became thoroughly convinced that i have forgotten any math i ever knew. seriously? i don't remember what a medium is, or how to calculate the circumference of a circle. pretty basic stuff - but i never use it, so of course it doesn't stay in my brain. it probably doesn't help that i don't like it to begin with. volunteers for literacy have to take 12 hours of training in order for the minnesota literacy council to get federal funding. this is annoying to me, because while the book they gave us is helpful, i think i could probably get everything i need from say, an hour and a half of class plus the book. it's not horrible, but i feel like my time could be better spent actually helping people. also the class is twice a week, and while i'm glad to get it done, i have SO much to do in my "real life" that i don't appreciate the time drain. maybe i shouldn't be so cynical. the next classes may be better. 3 more to go. next one is tonight.

i am still really feeling it that i stayed up til 2 am playing computer games with ross and co saturday night. i think i needed more nap time this week.
also i'm getting next to no knitting done.

yesterday i went to the gym, got in a great workout and renewed my membership for the next 3 months. i find that i am more motivated to work out if there is money involved. granted, i have yet to go 3x in a week. but there have been several where i've gone 2x. and this is still better than just the morning sit-ups.
i also got one of the cat boxes clean (need more cat litter for the 2nd) and played more games with ross. poor ross. one of the servers at the guthrie went down last night and he didn't come to bed until 6:15 this morning. i am guessing he was up most of the night working on fixing it. the effect of this on me is that the cats get rowdy and think it is time for them to be fed if there is activity in the bedroom any time between 5:30 and 6:30 - which effectively robs me of sleep. we will need to find a solution to this. like kicking them out earlier if he is coming to bed that late.

i need to schedule in some down-time. i have had next to no time to read or knit. gaming is nice and i have a good time, but it doesn't feel like down time to me. it feels like being social.
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but happy birthday anyway [livejournal.com profile] cuddlejunkie1!!

hope your morning is better than mine has been.
first thing i got to do this morning was clean up cat poo and give leto a bath.
he was less than pleased about this, but he had dirtied his butt and scooted it all over the tile and the countertops.
i was less than pleased about THAT. disinfectant to the rescue!
...and if leto is the biggest pain in the butt to bathe of all our cats, he is also the biggest snuggler afterward. he just wants to bury his face in my arms and pretend it never happened. very sweet.

hopefully the rest of the day will be better.
tonight i have the first of my classes for adult literacy training. i am looking forward to it, but also starting to feel a little nervous.

the weekend was extremely productive.
susan came over and spent the night friday. we all went out for thai and played board games. it is always lovely to spend time with susan. i am HOPING that having guiness around will gradually acclaimate the kittens to dogs. madeliene no longer fears him in the slightest and even takes pot-shots at him when she's bored. i believe she is fully recovered from the introduction of the kittens at this point. she has established herself as top cat and is now as affectionate as she ever was and back to making pictures with claw marks on my neck (she likes to hang out on my shoulders).

i meant to make a cake and go to the grocery store and clean the house for ross's birthday. but what he wanted was not a special meal, or a cake, or a clean house. what he wanted was for me to bash heads in a computer game with him and a couple of his friends all day. so that is what happened saturday. about 13 straight hours of diablo ii. not what i anticpated, but definitely a good time. i did finish his hat and he has promised to model it for me at some point. i think he liked it that i kept it a surprise.

i also got to do a whole lot of dyeing over at renee's yesterday.
and she showed me how to use combs and minicombs and gave me about half of a romney fleece that she no longer wants to work with! i've never spun with romney before but this fleece is long and fine and pretty dirty. i think i may save working on it for when i have gotten combs or mini-combs at shepard's harvest. speaking of which, i suppose i should start thinking about mother's day gifts...

here is the lot that got dyed.

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it is snowing in minnesota, but not for long. it will shortly be too warm for snow and we will just have dreariness.
i should get some seeds put out in my barrel-halves.

i just feel like i'm constantly doing too much.
and instead of building myself up to do cool things i'm struggling to keep up with my life. i used to have solid weeks of one or two evening things and lots of down-time in between. errands count as an evening thing. so do chores that take more than 5 minutes (so vaccumming and dusting count, but taking the trash out, or emptying the dishwasher does not). the pile-up of my life has left it's excrement all over my desk. i need to spend a weekend organizing, but i don't have a weekend to spend on it.
wah wah wah.
yes i would like some cheese.
honestly things seem pretty good. i'm just irritated and stressed and i can't put my finger on why and that bothers me.
i went to the gym yesterday and had a nice workout. i figured out what i did to mess up my ipod and fixed it.
i have increased the size of my aeolian shawl by a factor of 8 - but it is still small.
i had a lovely evening at the library and got some books and worked on ross's hat at met up wit him and ross and adele at washington square while they had dinner.
i have no reason to complain really. it's just creepy to feel so unsettled.

i heard part of barak obama's press conference on the way to the bar last night. i was struck with the shock of having the president come on the air without my dreading it and changing the station. it would be enough for me simply not to be embarrassed by the man who represents our country. i would have settled for that. but to actually be impressed by him when he speaks? i'm still not over it.
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i want to say that i didn't do much this weekend.
i want to say i did too much this weekend.
friday susan and i went to the gym and then went out to olive garden with ross and watched conan the barbarian...
saturday i had my spinning group...and then a knitting group. and then i came home, tore out the progress i made on my shawl and began it again without the mistake.... this is a picture before i ripped it out, but also before i knit about 3x as much as i had here. :( still, you can see the yarn is gorgeous.
i'm very pleased with the choice.

saturday ryan came over and i made pork roast and the guys put together ryan's new computer.
then we watched BSG. LOVE the ending.
also think they could have made more interesting choices in a few places, but i'm not going to give spoilers here.

i can normally cram so much more into a weekend than this. i don't feel like i did that much, and yet i'm exhausted as if i have.
i just haven't been able to shake the feelings of stress i've been having lately. even though there is nothing apparent for me to be stressing over. it's possible i'm just absorbing ross's stress over all the crazy union meetings they've been having, or the on-coming tech for carolina or change...but it's more like i'm forgetting something.
the bright side of this is that it's making me go through things in my head and get things done. the down side is that doing these things is not making me feel better.
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Your result for The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test...

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it is around 40 degrees here but its supposed to rain...
i am going to celebrate by going to the gym, hanging out with friends and working on my exciting aeolian shawl!
i cast on last night.
and made...very little progress. but still SOME progress. it kinda looks like cat yak. but all lace looks like cat yak before it is blocked and i can see the suggestion of what it will be. i am SO excited.
spinning group is tomorrow and i'm looking forward to that too. and hopefully working on the surprise i am making for ross's birthday.

also i decided what to do about my co-worker who was pissing me off with how she treated her cat. i e-mailed one of the nutritional specialists at the UofM small animal clinic and asked her to point me in the direction of articles/write-ups of specifics on how too many kittens can hurt mama kitty. then i'm going to forward the articles to my co-worker. that way i don't look like an unproffessional asshole and i still get my point across.
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fucking. awesome.
judy dench's character is creepy as hell and the best frickin' basis for a malkavian i've ever seen.
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l (coworker): oh yes, we have a cat. she is such a sweetie. her name is swannie. and you know we just moved back into our house. we moved out so that we could fix it up and we just moved back. we left her there while we were gone. there's a barn there and we keep a cat door there for her. she's a good hunter and keeps all the mice away. sometimes she scares the neighbors though. she had frostbite on her ears so she's just got little nubs of ears left. and we have a dog. he just loves her. he picks her up by the neck and shakes her. and you'd think she'd smack him, but she just takes it. they have kind of a weird relationship. only she has kittens every year and one time when she was pregnant she got up on the tractor and got away from him. we have coyotes and such in the area so the kitties don't normally last long.
me: you know it's really bad for her to have kittens every year. it takes a lot of nutrients out of the mama's body and can really wear her out.
l: well we like to keep a kitty or two.
me: yes, but you want to keep HER, don't you? having kittens every year will kill her. ask your vet if you don't believe me. it will do the same to us. i know a guy who's grandmother had 14 kids and she wound up in a wheelchair and eventually died because the nutrition had been leeched out of her body. the babies always come first.
l: well our vet, he's not really a cat person.
me: well maybe you ought to get a vet who is a cat person

i just feel sick hearing this kind of thing and i hear it ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!

is there a special hell for people who don't care for their pets? please God let people FEEL the abuse and/or neglect they inflict on their animals and learn from it before they can come into your glory.
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dear leto.

what is it with the feet?
my feet will not pet you.
my feet will not feed you.
my feet will most certainly not play with you.
my feet? really they are not interested in you at all.
in fact they regularly trip over you and kick you by accident as a result of your swooning all over them.
wtf cat?

your confused mom.
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happy st. patty's day!!!

it is a very good day in heatherland.
despite the annoying co-workers trying to get me to wear a nametag.
i HATE nametags. they make me feel naked.

gaelic storm ROCKED last night.
it was a really great concert. last year ross went out drinking with the band after the concert. i will have to wait til this afternoon to find out if he got to do that again this year. susan and i enjoyed it tremendously and i awoke with "me and the moon" stuck in my head. lovely.

additionally i GOT MY YARN!!!!!
i am pretty much in a permanant state of yarngasm over this.

i will be winding this into a center-pull ball, which is easier on the yarn, but as it stands i still have to reach into my bag to pet the yarn every so often.

the weekend was pretty good.
first off the weather was gorgeous. it got into the 50's for the first time since november. yesterday it was 62. LOVELY. supposedly this coming weekend we can expect 70 degrees!
we had dinner with jerad and rachel and laughed very hard with them over the surreality of relatives. they are good people. we also got my old college dorm fridge back from them. i loaned it to jerad while we were in seminary, and then i just never got it back from him...ah well.
then of all the weird things we got a new tv.
this bears some story-telling. our friends anne and russ got a brand new 40" LCD flat panel samsung. with a minor cosmetic defect. i mean MINOR. ya know the place where the plastic meets the screen? there is about 5" of light discoloration on the plastic ridge near the screen. it is not even visible unless you are standing over it. but they called the mfg and let them know. the mfg sent them a new tv. they did not ask for the old one back.
they offered it to us for half price!
so as a result we have an awesome new tv! the picture is so clear and the depth in the picture is amazing! the old is going to a friend who has done us MIGHTY favors looking after our cats for free. it is a behemoth and i will be glad to get it out of the house, but it is a perfectly nice tv with a good quality picture.

saturday we programmed the tv. and ross picked up his car - we still don't know what's wrong with it. i got lots of knitting done and sent out my trade yarn to the lovely person who sent me the silk. i finished a hat for charity.
sunday john and darla came over and we had pork barbeque and johnny jump-ups and played games. it was all very good.
today we have tentative plans to hang out with ryan and adele with drinking and cornbeef and cabbage for them and ???.not exactly sure what for me. i will have to bring something.
tomorrow corrin is coming over for bsg. thursday i think we are seeing the truits and friday susan and guiness are coming over.
it will be a busy week.
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today truly is a happy friday.
first it is the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] kurusawa2005 and [livejournal.com profile] ventrueahole

second. it's friday. what's not to love about friday.
third. we are going to jerad and rachel's for dinner and games tonight. it will be good to see them.
forth. SOMEONE on ravelry MADE MY MONTH yesterday. remember i was drooling over that lace pattern and lusting after mahogany over marmalade (orange brown) silk lace that i can never afford ravelry link here? someone on ravelry heard my woe and offered to trade me for two skeins of sock yarn and $20 over paypal. my world is complete! i'm going to actually GET my silky buttery exquisiteness! ~raptures~ 1000 yards!!!! i'm going to roll in it. this means i've got the makings for 2, possibly 3 incredible lace shawls. no one should be THIS happy about yarn. but i am. i have a day full of happy fiber fantasies ahead of me.
those of you who are knitters will understand. for the sake of those of you who are not, i will continue on about other things.
fifth. our friends anne and russ got a big-ass lcd tv that is way better and bigger than ours. it had a factory defect. a small place at the bottom of the screen is incompletely covered by one of the layers of coating. anne didn't even notice it, but russ did. they called the company, who sent them a new one and didn't ask for the old one back. they are therefore selling it to us for a STEAL. finally we can get rid of the monstrosity that ross and i can barely lift together and that takes ridiculous space and leaves permanant impressions on our carpet!!! and it will do all kinds of technical things that will make ross happy. i like it when ross is happy.

i went to the gym yesterday, so i feel great today, if a bit sore. i went to spinning class, which i had been missing for a while. i need new gym shoes.
the ones i have are weird in the toes and gradually cut off my circulation during my workout. it changes a little depending on how much time i spend on my toes during my workout. yesterday's was good. the instructor worked us harder than she has in the past. the only thing that sucked is the endless techno. now i don't mind electronic music. i've occasionally been known to listen to it on purpose. but not a whole 45 minutes worth with only 3 tracks! i depend on change of music during my work out to distract my brain from the pain of the workout. and this stuff was just NOT interesting enough. i mentioned it to the instructor as a suggestion? and she (who is maybe 18) talked to me like i was an imbecile who knows nothing about music, telling me it is an "aquired taste" like enjoying music that never changes and has no lyrics makes her a better person. i find sentiments like this disgusting.

ross is still fighting off a migraine from yesterday. i came home and he was sick on the couch, poor guy. i therefore had to make him spaghetti and meatsauce and garlic bread and rub his neck. i so rarely get the opportunity to really take care of him and go the extra mile (like an extra trip out for garlic bread), that i treasure times like this. i am not happy that he hurts, but i am happy that i get to show him how i love him, not just tell him.

we watched crash last night. man what a star-studded cast!
crash movie review )

at somepoint this weekend i still hope to see watchmen. i don't expect to like it. i do expect to get a better feel for the story, and movies made from non-traditional comics. we also plan to get together with darla and john and play board games at some point. these things will be good.

i wish everyone as awesome a friday as i am having. :)
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the sheer beauty of this shawl has decided the fact that i must learn to bead.
and spin lace.

i NEED one.
and i have a %30 off coupon at the yarnery. :)
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and then it snowed.
and all you people complaining about winter in other states get NO sympathy from me because it is -2 degrees here with a -23 degree windchill and i have errands to run after work, a father-in-law at my house, ross's brakes locked up again and i REALLY just want some peace and quiet.
really i'm more annoyed with the combination of lack of peace and quiet and ice than with just the ice.

ross and i had a lovely evening with john and darla last night over at their place. they are great people. or at least it was great until ross's brakes locked up and i had to go get him and then remembered that the sink was still full of dirty dishes and came home to find out that one of the cats threw up on the carpet. sigh.

i'm supposed to get together with renee today, but i just don't think it is going to work.


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