Mar. 23rd, 2009

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i want to say that i didn't do much this weekend.
i want to say i did too much this weekend.
friday susan and i went to the gym and then went out to olive garden with ross and watched conan the barbarian...
saturday i had my spinning group...and then a knitting group. and then i came home, tore out the progress i made on my shawl and began it again without the mistake.... this is a picture before i ripped it out, but also before i knit about 3x as much as i had here. :( still, you can see the yarn is gorgeous.
i'm very pleased with the choice.

saturday ryan came over and i made pork roast and the guys put together ryan's new computer.
then we watched BSG. LOVE the ending.
also think they could have made more interesting choices in a few places, but i'm not going to give spoilers here.

i can normally cram so much more into a weekend than this. i don't feel like i did that much, and yet i'm exhausted as if i have.
i just haven't been able to shake the feelings of stress i've been having lately. even though there is nothing apparent for me to be stressing over. it's possible i'm just absorbing ross's stress over all the crazy union meetings they've been having, or the on-coming tech for carolina or change...but it's more like i'm forgetting something.
the bright side of this is that it's making me go through things in my head and get things done. the down side is that doing these things is not making me feel better.


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