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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Hmmm. Describing myself here is probably not very useful. I believe that we are what we do, but that is always so much more than a short bio or any at all bio can say. For the purpose of an introduction, I am a transplanted southern girl and just completed a masters degree in theology with emphasis in ethics and systematics. My thesis is a stewardship argument on freedom, free will and poverty in the US. I am interested in finding work in human rights/social justice work, but am paying the bills in the meantime. I enjoy morbid humor, bagpiping and languages(although I don't claim talent). I read voraciously, including the back of pill bottles if i am desperate. I have an unreasonable love of monsters (including the small felines in my house).

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities. ~Dr. Seuss

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abigail adams, accents, acid foods, air, angus oblong, anime, aristotle, asking annoying questions, avoiding a minnesota accent, bagpiping, barth, battlestar gallactica, beer, bees, big words, biking, board games, boats, books, bpal, brown, c.s. friedman, camille, camping, candles, card games, carol berg, celtic history, celtic music, china mieville, christianity, cirque du soleil, citrus, clubbing, coffee, cohen brothers, computer games, contact juggling, cooking, crafting, cross-country skiing, dancing, dar williams, defusing reality, dorothy parker, dr. seuss, earth, edgar allen poe, eleanor roosevelt, equal gender rights, escape pod, exercise without pain, ezra pound, faith, fantastic beasts, fantasy, fedrico abuele, fiber, fire, firefly, flook, flying, frank herbert, frustrating fundamentalists, gadfli hebrew, herb gardening, hiking, history, imogen heap, indian food, inner change, interfaith dialog making people laugh, interfaith dialogue, invader zim, jacek yerka, james dickey, james dicky, john wesley, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, keats, kelly eskridge, knitting, languages, laughing, lily tomlin, literature, love, madeleine l'engle, madeliene l'engle, madrigals, maine coons, making faces, making people laugh, making soap, meditation, megan lindholm, monsters, movies, moxy fruvous, music, my cats, my crockpot, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, overcoming stereotypes, pacifism, passion, patrick rothfus, philosophy, photography, playing in the sink, poetry, procrastination, pumpkins, questionable content, ravelry, reading, religion, resilience, robin hobb, role play, salty-crunchy food, science fiction, soap, soap-making, social justice, spinning, st. john's college, story-telling, survival skills, sushi, tea, tentacles, theater, theology, thought-provoking art, tom waits, torpedo fish, ursula k. leguin, using english correctly, vienna teng, vinegar, water, wine, wittgenstein, world-building, yarn, yeats
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