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so....i've been complaining a lot about work being slow.
not this week.
sure, my req count is still low. but the minute the people who help me get things done are on vacation? yeah, that's when the shit hits the fan. LOTS of complicated projects. not that i don't know how to fix them, but they actually take brain-power, unlike most of my job.

it figures.

anyway, i am crazy-busy.
i get tonight to spend a little time with ross, do laundry, volunteer thursday, start packing for the weekend....and i really want to go take my motorcycle permit test. which has to happen during business hours. i need to pick a day. the smart thing is probably to pick one next week, which would give me the airplane ride to study.
but i know i won't study while i'm there and in all likelihood, i won't study on the plane either.
i'm chomping at the bit a little.
still, i might find some time between now and next week...and it would be a bit more considerate to give my boss a bit more notice.

this summer has just started feeling stupidly busy all of a sudden. and i'm tired. i really just kinda want a nap all the time. probably because i'm more stressed than i need to be over having too much to do. if i DO some of it, i will feel much less stressed.
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that when i mistype dreamwidth it often comes out "dramwidth".
oh dramwidth.
how i long for your measure at this moment.
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there was a lot of sleeping.
a lot of work on my aeolian shawl.
dusty and val came down, but had to leave too soon because their dog dug out of the yard.
i hung out with kerry and had tibetan food.
i finally met maggie and her man, and we got indian and talked about language and folk music and fiber.
i finished re-reading lord of light.
it was pretty excellent.
but over too soon and my day feels surreal.


May. 12th, 2009 12:49 pm
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dreamwidth account activated.


May. 7th, 2009 09:11 am
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i saw caroline, or change last night at the guthrie.
it was a FANTASTIC show.
better than anything i've seen in a long time.
tony kushner himself has said that the guthrie's show is closer to his vision than the broadway debut. the only other tony kushner production i've seen is angels in america, which is a powerful show. yet i have to say that there are moments in caroline, or change that are more powerful, in large part due to the talented greta oglesby who plays the title role. she is a woman who really knows how to express herself. but a lot of what i liked best about this show was how kushner holds ideas against each other in ways that make the audience think, and his use of wordplay to highlight ideas.
the title is appropriate, it is largely about change. i need more change in my own life, and more drive to seek it out. it is my opinion that the best theater productions reflect back to the audience and make them think about their own lives. this one does it.
the music is also bloody fantastic.
even the child-actors do a great job, and if they don't hit the notes perfectly every time, they understand their roles and show it.
my only complaint against the whole show was that sometimes when several voices were singing different lyrics at the same time, i could only understand one of them, or sometimes none of them at all.
overall a fantastic show that i highly recommend.

also i got a nap yesterday, which meant i could stay awake for the show.

today will be busy.
i have to:
pick up the comforter at the laundramat
take my car to get the oil changed
send of mom's mother's day gift
get my fanny over to heather's for knit night.

it doesn't sound like that much but i pretty much have to do all of that by 6pm, which is going to feel rushed.

update meme

May. 7th, 2009 07:07 am
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those things i've done are in bold.

knitting meme update )
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for anyone who hasn't been paying attention, this is what i am doing this weekend.
i am PSYCHED about this. it is going to be amazing.
this is what i anticipate.

my lace-spinning class on sunday
getting a mini-comb as my late xmas gift from ross
meeting up with other ravelers at noon both days near building A.
looking at baskets with tensioned lazy-kates, brilliantly beautiful fleeces from local farms,
finding a source/sources for yarn that is LOCAL
checking out the felting demonstrations and the full-sized yurt!
checking out the peruvian fiber exhibit
petting the bunnies and alpacas and goats
sitting and spinning/knitting with friends(i already know plenty who will be there)
trying not to spend too much money

and probably a million other joys i won't be able to guess about until after i'm there.
you can expect a full report here afterward.
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→ Open your itunes / winamp.
→ Put to shuffle mode.
→ Find pictures of the first 15 artists. If repeated, skip it.
→ Have your friendslist guess the 15 artists.
bands )
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as of yesterday we are officially working toward getting me a motorcycle.
specifically a honda nighthawk. this is because [livejournal.com profile] magikay and [livejournal.com profile] lada93 are made of awesome.

EDIT: i have been informed that this is incorrect. the bike is actually a rebel 450...which i like even better! woot!

i will be scouting out the options for weekend-long saftey courses.
and some chaps and other protective gear.
this may make me less of a badass, but is also indicative of being smarter than the average bear.

yes, [livejournal.com profile] sunmother, i know you hate it. you are free this does not change my decision or my happiness about it.

my main question now is: where are we going to put it? per haps we build a shed this summer?


Apr. 29th, 2009 11:24 am
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new discovery.
i LOVE jerusalem artichokes, aka. sunchokes.
i MUST grow some.
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 in a long time.
even with all i have to do.
even with all that is less than perfect in my life.
it is mostly true that if my primary relationship is doing well, i can manage everything else.
and i actually got to see my husband for a while yesterday. and it was very good.
i got to see him a bit saturday too, but he was mostly asleep for that. sunday was the good day for ross time. and it's a good thing too, because he is working to day on his designated day off because [livejournal.com profile] magikayand [livejournal.com profile] lada93had their baby!! congratulations guys!!!

i have had a lovely couple of days.
last week i had long talks with [livejournal.com profile] illusionstarand ceci and my parents. my world is more complete with them in it. i want to maintain
the peace of mind i need to keep in active touch with them.

friday i hung out with [personal profile] selkie_band her husband and had a fantastic time! it was the first time i'd really TALKED to dave and i'm really glad. it's not often i meet couples who are balanced in coolness. definitely looking forward to getting to know them better.
and figuring out WHAT i want to sew....which is difficult because right now most of the things i can think of i a)don't want to make until i loose a couple pants sizes or b)won't teach me the things i want to know because they are too simple.

saturday i cleaned and then christa came over and we had serious girl time.
we went SHOPPING which is something i hardly ever do. and picked up some yarn for her so she could learn to knit! i gave her some lessons and she picked it up really fast! i also made a lot of progress on my twilight mitts and actually got one of them finished on sunday!

the cats are out of dry food and are not happy about having been on a wet food diet until i can get to the petfood store today after work. but i just couldn't bring myself to leave the house yesterday. it was raining terrificly and it was so cozy in the house. so instead i finished my mitt, finished a book (unlundun by china mieville, which was pretty good), and hennaed my hair (dark brown) and laughed when it made my hair darker and shinier, but didn't cover any of the grey!
ross and i played lots of computer games online and just in general had a nice time. all's well.

as to what i have left to do: )
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my back continues to cause me less pain for greater amounts of time. i am completely off the heavy drugs. i am mostly off the alleve.
even went to the gym yesterday and did a half-hour on the elliptical, cool down around the track and some short time with the weight machines. mostly i'm just avoiding twisting motions or heavy lifting.
good stuff.

it is a beautiful day today in the twin cities. it is predicted that today will be the first day reaching 80 degrees since last september. i really wanted to ride my bike to work today...but i need to take the time to fill my tires and get a bike lock that can handle the super-thick locking options i have at 3m. also i didn't get up early enough.
also savil needed some serious butt-trimming this morning(yuck). she didn't let me finish, but she is much less matted & stinky than previously. i think i'm going to need someone to hold her for me to finish.

the routine of working the same daily hours has been good for me to get back to. having a schedule stabilizes me a lot. i'm taking the down-time i need, but i've also been making a point of getting at least SOME chores done around the house every day. it is going a long way toward keeping me sane and keeping the house clean. especially since ross isn't around to help much.

he woke me at 4am this morning to tell me he had a great night at work and everything was coming together and he missed me. and bless him, i WANT him to wake me to tell me things like that. but i could NOT get back to sleep afterward, and i wasn't sleeping well BEFORE he woke me, so i'm feeling it today.

i had a long talk with ceci last night and then my parents.
it was good to re-connect with all of them. i have been so run-down by trying to do too much, and i have been neglecting the people i try to keep in contact with by phone. i miss ross, and i miss doing things with him, but i also feel like his being at work so much is giving me a chance to breathe. i think i need to figure out how to stop sacrificing my down-time so much, especially since he really doesn't need me to (he has said so). the distance gives me time to reflect. it just seems funny that i should need so badly to reflect on such basic things.
it isn't that i'm not being social though. returning long distance phone calls counts as social for me.
also i've been seeing lots of susan lately, which is lovely, going to knitting/spinning groups and today i am getting together with victoria, who i'm not sure i've mentioned before here. she's way cool. i met her on the knitting camping trip last fall. she just had her NINTH baby! most of her pregnancies happened while she was on birth control and there was one set of twins, so don't judge her as another octomom. also she's married and stable.
she's also very funny and creative and cool to be with. i quite like her.
tomorrow is getting together with marie for spinning/knitting whatever and saturday i will be hanging out with christa and ross before he has to go to work in the evening.

i am still enjoying gregory frost - i'm on his second shadowbridge book now, lord tophet. i continue to be pleased with this new find. they have some of the feel of neil gaiman's neverwhere - without neil's darkness. we'll see if this one ends better than the last one.

also i still have not seen watchmen and am put out about it. i was going to see it with ross, but he has no time now and every one else has already seen it.
i have been re-watching the 10th kingdom. the logical result of this is that i have THE TROLL version of saturday night fever going around in my head endlessly. i am simultaneously amused and annoyed.
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it is our second dreary day in a row here, but the rain is much needed. mn has been in a state of drought so far this spring.
i am looking forward to the burning ban being lifted. our woodpile is huge.
also i need to get going planting seedlings.
the MIL has started bell peppers and tomatoes for me, which is quite excellent. i am looking forward to upside-down tomatoes again.
somehow it just feels geekier to me to grow them that way and i appreciated that as well as the wonderful fresh tomatoes.

susan moved out while i was gone without telling a soul. actually that is pretty understandable since i was at a funeral and ross is always working these days. i think she feels more comfortable at her parent's place given that she doesn't currently have a steady job. and with me not around, the house must have seemed very lonely.

i slept almost all of friday. the vicodin (hydrocodone)hits me so hard and so fast. it's funny, i was on it when i was in college and had my wisdom teeth out, but it never put me to sleep. it just made my head so foggy i couldn't think straight in class. ross says it makes me snore. he's lucky i only took it the one night. :)
after something like 18 hours of sleep i went to my spinning group sat. morning. i didn't bring my wheel though. it's only 15 lbs, but i didn't want to take any real risks. i did buy a drop spindle though, from elise's husband john, who hand turns them on his lathe. he does excellent work. the spindle i got is made with a maple shaft (also hand-turned) and cocobolo wood, which is a lovely rich red with black grain marks. i should have taken a picture of it, but i didn't. still, this is a good example of the grain.

then i met up with corrin and her mom at the textile center. they were having their annual garage sale. i got a bunch of scraps of cordoroy and velvet for $1, that i am fantasizing about making into patchwork pants. we'll see.

sunday i went to the knitting group at knitter's palette in lakeville. it's a hike for me, but the people are always SO nice there. i try to get there at least a couple times a year.i got some exquisite roving from ashland bay and a skein of red and brown trekking hand art to make this hat out of. i think it will be awesome.

pictures of fiber stuff )

susan came and hung out with me and worked on a paper for school. i know she is wanting company so she doesn't feel lonely with the break-up, but_I_ appreciate it because it keeps me from feeling lonely too. and i'm relaxed enough around her that i don't feel like i always have to be the gracious hostess. i am alternating a lot between relishing my down-time and celebrating my ability to plan whatever the hell i want with whoever is available. it will wear off in a week and i will just miss ross, but it's kind of nice for now.
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so apparently i have localized muscle spasms in my back.
the bad news: they hurt like a little mini-explosion in my shoulder blade.
i-forget-to-breathe kind of hurting.
the good news: it's not terribly serious. it should go away in a few days.
also the doctor set me up with the good drugs.
i can take alleve as an anti-inflamatory and minor pain relief so that i can work and do things.
and then i've got hydrocodone for pain and a muscle relaxant so i can sleep.
i just can't take those and then drive.

the crazy news:
i got full perscriptions for TWO seriously strong pain drugs AND a card for my mother for mother's day for $13 - but my BIRTH CONTROL costs me $35 every month.
some world. it's no wonder the poor have so many babies.

i'm back

Apr. 17th, 2009 09:06 am
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in minnesota again.
with not a whole lot more resolution than when i left. dealing with the family was not as difficult as i feared, my one aunt mostly behaved herself. i got some good time to talk to my folks and my cousin michael, who i haven't seen since i was 12 and with whom i have much in common. also got to chat a lot with my second cousin cynthia who is vagely nuts, but in a completely delightful sort of way. and she's an anthropologist, so of course she's interesting.

the service itself was questionable. i had theological reservations about the pastor, who made a few good points and tried very hard, but clearly had not kept up with the latest in exciting methodist theology. the siblings had squabbled over how they were going to put together what they were going to say and who was going to say what, but it seemed to work out alright. my cousin skyler spoke with great poise and dignity about his love for our grandpa.

i also got to meet the resident crazy in our family - a "christian" preacher so fundamentatlist that the fundamentalists hate him who runs a sort of cult of personality and has gained notariety for his willingness to stand behind ideas which he has no ability to back up scripturally(to say nothing of rationally). for those of you who really want to be scared by his ridiculousness, abandon all hope ye who enter here.
i actually spoke to him. i couldn't resist. for me, fundamentalist baiting is a bit like bear-baiting. and i BEHAVED myself! didn't bring up gay rights or abortion or feminism or any of the things for which i am surely going to hell. he offensively told me about the book he gave to my father (who is pretty scornful of it) and that my father could EXPLAIN it to me (and by the way that's some GALL to be passing crap like that out at my grandpa's funeral)!!!! at which point i told him i had MY OWN seminary degree. after which i was peppered with all manner of questions regarding my faith - which apparently i passed with flying colors. he actually APPROVED of me!! it was very amusing to me but also doubt that i am any kind of good xian if i could get along with him in a room for 5 minutes. in my ideal universe my mom and i are God's answer to people like him and beat them down with dildos when they try to beat people with faith instead of letting them make their own choices and find God gracefully in their own way.

today i am tired.
and i managed to stretch my back in a way that made a crunching sound this morning and which now sends shooting pain along my spine, temporariliy disabling my ability to breath every time i move my head or arms the "wrong way. suck.
i'm very glad it's friday. i was going to go to a cabaret with susan tonight, but i think i will cancel in light of back pain.

my grandpa

Apr. 12th, 2009 06:42 pm
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died at 10am today.
the funeral will be wednesday we think.
i don't feel like i know what this means.
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i went to the st. paul cathedral for service this morning.
it was very reverent and the quality of everything done was impeccable.
that said, i would expect more emphasis on the resurrection instead of the crucifixion on EASTER of all days, even in a catholic church.
still glad i went.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:20 am
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is in the hospital again.
he had a GI bleed and fell out of bed. the doctors are saying that he's got six months maximum to live. looks like i will be going to chicago again.
he is my last grandparent. i don't want him to suffer, but i do want him to live. we don't always get what we want in life. but those are words of wisdom that i can't bring myself to care about right now.

prayers, good vibes, etc. much appreciated.


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