Mar. 17th, 2009

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happy st. patty's day!!!

it is a very good day in heatherland.
despite the annoying co-workers trying to get me to wear a nametag.
i HATE nametags. they make me feel naked.

gaelic storm ROCKED last night.
it was a really great concert. last year ross went out drinking with the band after the concert. i will have to wait til this afternoon to find out if he got to do that again this year. susan and i enjoyed it tremendously and i awoke with "me and the moon" stuck in my head. lovely.

additionally i GOT MY YARN!!!!!
i am pretty much in a permanant state of yarngasm over this.

i will be winding this into a center-pull ball, which is easier on the yarn, but as it stands i still have to reach into my bag to pet the yarn every so often.

the weekend was pretty good.
first off the weather was gorgeous. it got into the 50's for the first time since november. yesterday it was 62. LOVELY. supposedly this coming weekend we can expect 70 degrees!
we had dinner with jerad and rachel and laughed very hard with them over the surreality of relatives. they are good people. we also got my old college dorm fridge back from them. i loaned it to jerad while we were in seminary, and then i just never got it back from him...ah well.
then of all the weird things we got a new tv.
this bears some story-telling. our friends anne and russ got a brand new 40" LCD flat panel samsung. with a minor cosmetic defect. i mean MINOR. ya know the place where the plastic meets the screen? there is about 5" of light discoloration on the plastic ridge near the screen. it is not even visible unless you are standing over it. but they called the mfg and let them know. the mfg sent them a new tv. they did not ask for the old one back.
they offered it to us for half price!
so as a result we have an awesome new tv! the picture is so clear and the depth in the picture is amazing! the old is going to a friend who has done us MIGHTY favors looking after our cats for free. it is a behemoth and i will be glad to get it out of the house, but it is a perfectly nice tv with a good quality picture.

saturday we programmed the tv. and ross picked up his car - we still don't know what's wrong with it. i got lots of knitting done and sent out my trade yarn to the lovely person who sent me the silk. i finished a hat for charity.
sunday john and darla came over and we had pork barbeque and johnny jump-ups and played games. it was all very good.
today we have tentative plans to hang out with ryan and adele with drinking and cornbeef and cabbage for them and ???.not exactly sure what for me. i will have to bring something.
tomorrow corrin is coming over for bsg. thursday i think we are seeing the truits and friday susan and guiness are coming over.
it will be a busy week.
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dear leto.

what is it with the feet?
my feet will not pet you.
my feet will not feed you.
my feet will most certainly not play with you.
my feet? really they are not interested in you at all.
in fact they regularly trip over you and kick you by accident as a result of your swooning all over them.
wtf cat?

your confused mom.


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