Mar. 25th, 2009

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it is snowing in minnesota, but not for long. it will shortly be too warm for snow and we will just have dreariness.
i should get some seeds put out in my barrel-halves.

i just feel like i'm constantly doing too much.
and instead of building myself up to do cool things i'm struggling to keep up with my life. i used to have solid weeks of one or two evening things and lots of down-time in between. errands count as an evening thing. so do chores that take more than 5 minutes (so vaccumming and dusting count, but taking the trash out, or emptying the dishwasher does not). the pile-up of my life has left it's excrement all over my desk. i need to spend a weekend organizing, but i don't have a weekend to spend on it.
wah wah wah.
yes i would like some cheese.
honestly things seem pretty good. i'm just irritated and stressed and i can't put my finger on why and that bothers me.
i went to the gym yesterday and had a nice workout. i figured out what i did to mess up my ipod and fixed it.
i have increased the size of my aeolian shawl by a factor of 8 - but it is still small.
i had a lovely evening at the library and got some books and worked on ross's hat at met up wit him and ross and adele at washington square while they had dinner.
i have no reason to complain really. it's just creepy to feel so unsettled.

i heard part of barak obama's press conference on the way to the bar last night. i was struck with the shock of having the president come on the air without my dreading it and changing the station. it would be enough for me simply not to be embarrassed by the man who represents our country. i would have settled for that. but to actually be impressed by him when he speaks? i'm still not over it.


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