Mar. 19th, 2009

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l (coworker): oh yes, we have a cat. she is such a sweetie. her name is swannie. and you know we just moved back into our house. we moved out so that we could fix it up and we just moved back. we left her there while we were gone. there's a barn there and we keep a cat door there for her. she's a good hunter and keeps all the mice away. sometimes she scares the neighbors though. she had frostbite on her ears so she's just got little nubs of ears left. and we have a dog. he just loves her. he picks her up by the neck and shakes her. and you'd think she'd smack him, but she just takes it. they have kind of a weird relationship. only she has kittens every year and one time when she was pregnant she got up on the tractor and got away from him. we have coyotes and such in the area so the kitties don't normally last long.
me: you know it's really bad for her to have kittens every year. it takes a lot of nutrients out of the mama's body and can really wear her out.
l: well we like to keep a kitty or two.
me: yes, but you want to keep HER, don't you? having kittens every year will kill her. ask your vet if you don't believe me. it will do the same to us. i know a guy who's grandmother had 14 kids and she wound up in a wheelchair and eventually died because the nutrition had been leeched out of her body. the babies always come first.
l: well our vet, he's not really a cat person.
me: well maybe you ought to get a vet who is a cat person

i just feel sick hearing this kind of thing and i hear it ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!

is there a special hell for people who don't care for their pets? please God let people FEEL the abuse and/or neglect they inflict on their animals and learn from it before they can come into your glory.
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fucking. awesome.
judy dench's character is creepy as hell and the best frickin' basis for a malkavian i've ever seen.


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