Apr. 1st, 2009

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it is snowing in minnesota.
it snowed yesterday breifly as well.
it is starting to feel like the time where there should not be snow (to me). but i definitely also have enough sweaters to take care of any of my problems with the cold, which is good because we are supposed to get still more snow this week.
i pity the poor people living on the red river valley.

i had my first class for literacy tutoring monday night. it was okay, i guess. i think i will like tutoring better than i like the class. that being said, i didn't expect there to be math involved. HEY. i signed up to teach LITERACY. not math.
but it looks like a fair componant of this training revolves around the GED. hence the math. i can choose where i volunteer, so i won't have to tutor for the GED, but they train us in that anyway. so i got a few good ideas and became thoroughly convinced that i have forgotten any math i ever knew. seriously? i don't remember what a medium is, or how to calculate the circumference of a circle. pretty basic stuff - but i never use it, so of course it doesn't stay in my brain. it probably doesn't help that i don't like it to begin with. volunteers for literacy have to take 12 hours of training in order for the minnesota literacy council to get federal funding. this is annoying to me, because while the book they gave us is helpful, i think i could probably get everything i need from say, an hour and a half of class plus the book. it's not horrible, but i feel like my time could be better spent actually helping people. also the class is twice a week, and while i'm glad to get it done, i have SO much to do in my "real life" that i don't appreciate the time drain. maybe i shouldn't be so cynical. the next classes may be better. 3 more to go. next one is tonight.

i am still really feeling it that i stayed up til 2 am playing computer games with ross and co saturday night. i think i needed more nap time this week.
also i'm getting next to no knitting done.

yesterday i went to the gym, got in a great workout and renewed my membership for the next 3 months. i find that i am more motivated to work out if there is money involved. granted, i have yet to go 3x in a week. but there have been several where i've gone 2x. and this is still better than just the morning sit-ups.
i also got one of the cat boxes clean (need more cat litter for the 2nd) and played more games with ross. poor ross. one of the servers at the guthrie went down last night and he didn't come to bed until 6:15 this morning. i am guessing he was up most of the night working on fixing it. the effect of this on me is that the cats get rowdy and think it is time for them to be fed if there is activity in the bedroom any time between 5:30 and 6:30 - which effectively robs me of sleep. we will need to find a solution to this. like kicking them out earlier if he is coming to bed that late.

i need to schedule in some down-time. i have had next to no time to read or knit. gaming is nice and i have a good time, but it doesn't feel like down time to me. it feels like being social.
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need to remember this link for recipes.


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