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 in a long time.
even with all i have to do.
even with all that is less than perfect in my life.
it is mostly true that if my primary relationship is doing well, i can manage everything else.
and i actually got to see my husband for a while yesterday. and it was very good.
i got to see him a bit saturday too, but he was mostly asleep for that. sunday was the good day for ross time. and it's a good thing too, because he is working to day on his designated day off because [livejournal.com profile] magikayand [livejournal.com profile] lada93had their baby!! congratulations guys!!!

i have had a lovely couple of days.
last week i had long talks with [livejournal.com profile] illusionstarand ceci and my parents. my world is more complete with them in it. i want to maintain
the peace of mind i need to keep in active touch with them.

friday i hung out with [personal profile] selkie_band her husband and had a fantastic time! it was the first time i'd really TALKED to dave and i'm really glad. it's not often i meet couples who are balanced in coolness. definitely looking forward to getting to know them better.
and figuring out WHAT i want to sew....which is difficult because right now most of the things i can think of i a)don't want to make until i loose a couple pants sizes or b)won't teach me the things i want to know because they are too simple.

saturday i cleaned and then christa came over and we had serious girl time.
we went SHOPPING which is something i hardly ever do. and picked up some yarn for her so she could learn to knit! i gave her some lessons and she picked it up really fast! i also made a lot of progress on my twilight mitts and actually got one of them finished on sunday!

the cats are out of dry food and are not happy about having been on a wet food diet until i can get to the petfood store today after work. but i just couldn't bring myself to leave the house yesterday. it was raining terrificly and it was so cozy in the house. so instead i finished my mitt, finished a book (unlundun by china mieville, which was pretty good), and hennaed my hair (dark brown) and laughed when it made my hair darker and shinier, but didn't cover any of the grey!
ross and i played lots of computer games online and just in general had a nice time. all's well.

as to what i have left to do: )
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my back continues to cause me less pain for greater amounts of time. i am completely off the heavy drugs. i am mostly off the alleve.
even went to the gym yesterday and did a half-hour on the elliptical, cool down around the track and some short time with the weight machines. mostly i'm just avoiding twisting motions or heavy lifting.
good stuff.

it is a beautiful day today in the twin cities. it is predicted that today will be the first day reaching 80 degrees since last september. i really wanted to ride my bike to work today...but i need to take the time to fill my tires and get a bike lock that can handle the super-thick locking options i have at 3m. also i didn't get up early enough.
also savil needed some serious butt-trimming this morning(yuck). she didn't let me finish, but she is much less matted & stinky than previously. i think i'm going to need someone to hold her for me to finish.

the routine of working the same daily hours has been good for me to get back to. having a schedule stabilizes me a lot. i'm taking the down-time i need, but i've also been making a point of getting at least SOME chores done around the house every day. it is going a long way toward keeping me sane and keeping the house clean. especially since ross isn't around to help much.

he woke me at 4am this morning to tell me he had a great night at work and everything was coming together and he missed me. and bless him, i WANT him to wake me to tell me things like that. but i could NOT get back to sleep afterward, and i wasn't sleeping well BEFORE he woke me, so i'm feeling it today.

i had a long talk with ceci last night and then my parents.
it was good to re-connect with all of them. i have been so run-down by trying to do too much, and i have been neglecting the people i try to keep in contact with by phone. i miss ross, and i miss doing things with him, but i also feel like his being at work so much is giving me a chance to breathe. i think i need to figure out how to stop sacrificing my down-time so much, especially since he really doesn't need me to (he has said so). the distance gives me time to reflect. it just seems funny that i should need so badly to reflect on such basic things.
it isn't that i'm not being social though. returning long distance phone calls counts as social for me.
also i've been seeing lots of susan lately, which is lovely, going to knitting/spinning groups and today i am getting together with victoria, who i'm not sure i've mentioned before here. she's way cool. i met her on the knitting camping trip last fall. she just had her NINTH baby! most of her pregnancies happened while she was on birth control and there was one set of twins, so don't judge her as another octomom. also she's married and stable.
she's also very funny and creative and cool to be with. i quite like her.
tomorrow is getting together with marie for spinning/knitting whatever and saturday i will be hanging out with christa and ross before he has to go to work in the evening.

i am still enjoying gregory frost - i'm on his second shadowbridge book now, lord tophet. i continue to be pleased with this new find. they have some of the feel of neil gaiman's neverwhere - without neil's darkness. we'll see if this one ends better than the last one.

also i still have not seen watchmen and am put out about it. i was going to see it with ross, but he has no time now and every one else has already seen it.
i have been re-watching the 10th kingdom. the logical result of this is that i have THE TROLL version of saturday night fever going around in my head endlessly. i am simultaneously amused and annoyed.
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i had the WEIRDEST dream last night.
nonsense dream )

i got a LOT done yesterday.
i scrubbed the counters and cleaned the stove and took out the trash and the recycling and cleaned the cat boxes and made phone calls and cleaned up hair balls and made dinner and got a shower all the while felt kind of dazed and half-asleep. i am still not sleeping well (though i did get enough last night).
i also finished shadowbridge before i came to bed. it is a REALLY good book. it blends cultures in really interesting ways and leaves me wanting more. my only real gripe with it is that it doesn't really end. there is no reason for the author to end the book where he does and no signal to the reader that some major event has concluded the story. okay there is a major event, but you know so little about it that it doesn't feel conclusive in the slightest. it isn't just a cliff-hanger. it feels like a chapter ending, not a book ending. i WILL go read the next book.

ranting here )
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but the dream didn't quite make it to reality. i also dreamed about work. figures.
actually, i kinda slept for shit last night in general.
i will pay for that today, but so far the caffeine is sustaining me nicely.

mostly ross and i had a quiet weekend of bashing heads with diablo ii and some online friends. beat the game and are talking about going back for the nightmare level. it should be interesting.
amy came over for a while saturday, and then we wound up going to hell's kitchen sunday in celebration of her birthday and afterward hitting the macy's flower show. it wasn't anything as spectacular as the philadelphia flower show - this is something put on for free by a corporate headquarters. still it smelled good and there were many hyacinths. we have yet to have anything really blooming here yet (and actually had a dusting of snow sunday morning), so seeing all the color was really nice.
hell's kitchen, as always, is spectacular. how can you go wrong with bloody marys and bison sausage? it was the first time we've been to their new location and i had 2 cups of coffee, not realizing how late it was - hence the sleeping for shit last night.

i finished peony in love by lisa see. it is WAY more fanciful than snow flower and the secret fan, but it had a similar feel. if you liked the one, you will probably like the other.
i am currently working on a book called shadowbridge by gregory frost. i am loving the premise. we'll see if it stays good. if it's all as good as the beginning however, i may have to read everything this guy has written.

it is official that i will be attending the nuptuals one [livejournal.com profile] kfringe to the beautiful and brilliant [livejournal.com profile] crowyhead. i'm not going to croquet and i'm not going to estes. i'm damned if i'm also missing this! i am terribly excited to finally meet her in person as well as some of the rest of the philly knitting/lj/book-reading crowd that seems to surround her. but it also sounds like there will also be many johnnies attending. also they are getting married in a bar. only [livejournal.com profile] kfringe. admittedly it is sounding like a damn good time. hopefully ross will be able to come with me and will not have another musical.

i still have not seen watchmen. this needs to happen.

also cirque du soliel will be in town the weekend of july 3rd - which is AFTER ross's show and means he will be able to go. and might be while my folks are here - they have not confirmed if they are coming this summer or not. i would really like to get a big group of people together to go to this. [livejournal.com profile] patchhat?, [livejournal.com profile] sidhebear?, [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart and [livejournal.com profile] eltanin?, [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourney? any of you guys interested? any of you people i didn't mention?

this week is my last week of literacy training classes. i am REALLY looking forward to them being over. i want to be working with people, not sitting in a classroom feeling like my time is being wasted.

also my winter twilight mitts are starting to show how awesome they are going to be. i love the bright contrast of the colors. these are a very personal project. the cashmere was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law from the farm where my nephew works, hand-dyed and knit by me. lots of meaning compact into a little thing.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 09:10 am
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i was out sick yesterday.
laryngitis. better today, but still itchy throat-low energy.
still, it's amazing how a day of rest can clear your head.

and of course there is a crisis while i'm out. one of our aquisitions is throwing a tantrum because they're out of product because they didn't set up their items correctly. and of course they blame the buyer. grrr.
luckily my boss is awesome and recognizes that THEY are the problem. and AP backs her conclusion.

susan and guiness crashed again last night. i'm glad we are friends and that she trusts us and that she is slowly acclamating our cats to the presence of a dog.

i finished busman's honeymoon yesterday by dorothy sayers. i have been craving mystery lately and this was exactly what i needed. it was delightful. i will definitely read more of her books. i especially love that she challenges my french. even if she gets french chansons stuck in my head.

i decided to try to duplicate the mushroom barley soup from the cafeteria. it's that good.
i think i got pretty close.

1 smaller can of diced tomatoes
2 lbs of baby bella mushrooms sliced and stems removed
1 onion diced
2 carrots sliced small
1 turnip sliced small
1 celery stalk sliced (or in a pinch 1 Tbs celery seed)
2 bay leaves
2 Tbs thyme
1 cup fresh chopped parsley
1 cup pearl barley
1 quart vegetable broth
2 Tbs tamari
1 Tbs worcester
1/4 cup sherry
1 quart water
2 Tbs olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

in a deep saucepan, fry onions in olive oil. add carrots, turnip and celery and cook until soft. add mushrooms water, broth and tomatoes. bring to a boil and add sherry, tamari, worcester, barley, bay and thyme. cook for at least one half hour. add parsley, salt, pepper and more tamari if desired. serves 10.

also i have made some progress on the shawl
click for pictures )
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this weekend:

tonight - dinner with scott and heidi and the girls
tomorrow - amy is coming over and i will teach her to knit and hopefully we will cheer her up.
sunday - maybe watchmen? i will admit to blasphemy. i didn't much care for the comic. i am hoping the movie will be better. i liked v for vendetta better than i liked the comic.

hopefully there will also be time to finish my book.
wings of wrath by c.s. freidman rocks. i am really enjoying it so far.
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i dreamed i was a superhero last night.
well....sorta. i was part of a team of people with special gifts that was perfectly mirrored in an opposing group with the same gifts - except for me. and the teams were made up of people i know and tv personalities. my team was lead by hugh laurie (who stayed behind) and on it were the guy who plays chase on house, shawn isenhart (a real life friend), boomer from battlestar galactica, and a big handsome black man who i didn't recognize.
opposing them were the asian guy from the matrix who guards the oracle, nana eddadotir (a friend from real life), another copy of boomer, and shane from the twin cities vampire larp. there may have been more people than this, but they weren't important enough for me to remember. the two sharons could stop, slow or speed up time.  shawn and nana were tricksters and quite random in what they could do. the asian guy and chase could run REALLY fast - couldn't quite catch a car, but certainly faster than any human, and the big black man and shane were really, really strong. i'm not sure what i could do, but everyone seemed to think it was really valuable. and the objective was that we were both after the same prize. it might have been a baby, but i'm not sure. and we chased each other all over the place and used cars and boats, and each side used different means to spy on the other....i wish i remembered more.

i have been reading the wings of wrath by c.s. freidman. enjoying it so far, but i wish i'd reread the first book before beginning. it's been too long and while i remember the main plot, i have forgotten most of the sub plots. 

i went to the gym yesterday and then to the local knitting group. really this is the first one i've been to that i really don't care for. everyone is very nice, but i find myself feeling like a snob because some of the people feel low-class to me (which doesn't particularly bother me) and constantly draw attention to themselves (which does bother me) and/or don't have anything interesting to say (which bothers me more). there are one or two people who i like perfectly well, but the tone is set by the ones who bother me. and i wind up feeling like an ass because i am bothered. i think i will probably not go back to that group. i just don't want to set myself up to feel that way.
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calling all johnnies!

have you heard of this book yet?
a college president(of another liberal arts school) enrolls at sjca as a freshman.
i'm about half-way through and i have mixed feelings about this book.
on one hand, i love it that sjc is getting the press from it. i love it that he sticks up for the program (albeit not as well as he might). i love reading about all the tutors i had when i was there and remembering life on the campus. that part is very good.
on the other hand, he isn't REALLY getting the freshman experience. it BOTHERS me that the only class he seems to be enrolled in is seminar. seminar may be where the bulk of the program is processed, but martin makes a point of how sjc teaches how ideas cross boundaries between disciplines - while it seems like he is avoiding that experience himself. it feels intolerable to me to claim to be pursuing the freshman experience, and then only take one class. that is NOT the freshman experience. even if you are also participating in crew and learning to sing.
additionally, while he admits to being and old guy (not really that old, imho) and makes fun of his lack of success "trying to be cool," his general naivete really bothers me. i have trouble relating to him and wind up feeling...scornful of him. this is very uncomfortable for me and also ties into my previous point about not really experiencing what he claims to be experiencing. if i didn't care deeply about the things he is talking about it probably wouldn't bother me so much.
i remain undecided about this book.
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so ross had touch-up surgery on his eye today and it went very smoothly. the procedure was pushed back a bit because the other dr.'s office didn't fax over the paperwork...but it went through and was quick and painless for ross and now he is under dr.'s orders to take a nap. and i am back at work. i took a few hours off to drive him there, most of which i already made up earlier in the week. i will have to work a bit late today, but i've had a nice break as well as a nice lunch from byerly's while he was in the waiting room.
mmmm...sushi and italian bean salad.

we have mainly put touches on the drywall the past few days.
ross is gradually putting corners on the edges and mudding the edges and popping some scrap pieces into place where appropriate. i am slowly getting better with a screwgun although i still suck with anything taller than me.
it just keeps looking better a little bit at a time. also he went out and got me a putty knife so that i can get just as messy as the guys this weekend. :)
i love how thorough he is. he has thought out all the reasons for doing everything...like putting the fireplace upstairs instead of downstairs even though heat rises...and what we can do to warm up the basement so that i can enjoy it more..there is always a good reason and it feels good to count on him that way and that he is always willing to work with my concerns. it makes doing this kind of work and decision making so much more fun.

we watched monster last night with charlize theron. i really value that movie. i can't say i love it because it left me too upset and unsettled. but the acting was brilliant and the story well-told and the make up job was... everybit as impressive as the borg queen but way more realistic. it is a disturbing movie...that drives home how easy it is for ignorance and wishful thinking to take us down the wrong path. how hard it is to listen to good advice when it has a touch of hate in it. how our motives become distorted and how bad actions really do make a bad person no matter how sympathetic and good the intentions can be. how control really is an illusion. it is hard movie to take and i needed the comfort of ross and star trek and a good book afterward...but i'm really glad i saw it.

speaking of good books. mom mailed me her copy of snow flower and the secret fan, a book i've been wanting to read for over a year. i am REALLY enjoying it so far.

it's still bloody cold outside. -47 below windchill this morning and -27 degrees without it.....up to about -4 degrees right now, which feels balmy in comparison. i'm REALLY glad books and movies and drywalling and working out at my gym can all be done indoors.
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so i went to a stitch n' bitch last night.
at the mall, which i hate unless i have something specific i want to buy.
and no one was there but me.
And they were playing xmas music before thanksgiving.
and it got stuck in my head (briefly).

all in all, that was pretty terrible, although my xmas gift for my brother is progressing VERY nicely. i have completed the pattern repeat twice now. it's almost like a big cable-y snowflake. but not quite.

anyway, in order to get to the coffeeshop at the mall, i parked (you guessed it) outside barnes and noble. in part because i am addicted, but also in part because i have a membership card there, so the prices are more reasonable than they could be, and because it is a good place for me to scope gifts for people and the season is coming.
which meant i had to go BACK through there when i left. (oh the horror!)
which means of course, that i succumed to my weakness and left with 2 books, both of which are way more of a participation in fad than i usually involve myself with.
that being said, sunshine by robin mckinley is shaping up to be one of the best vampire books i've ever read. up there with fevre dream and that book i can't remember the name of that dana loaned me in high school. the jury is still out. i'm only 1/3 of the way through. but this book is awesome so far. i particularly love it that the vampires are terrifying and ugly and smell funny and are compelling but NOT sexy.

[livejournal.com profile] chestervhe, have you read this one?
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needs to read this NOW!

Edit: with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wanderingbastet for corrections on the epic screw-up. :P
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so i found out today that one of my friends at work has been let go. a permanent employee, not contract like me.
and it is his position that i'm going to be filling for at least the next 2 weeks.
and that feels sketchy. i liked this guy. we went and got tea together almost every day for a while. i feel bad that i couldnt' say goodbye.
but i also found out that he was being a real creep to others in NOT OKAY ways.
i don't know how to feel about my good fortune being at his expense.

good fortune being another 2 weeks paychecks, and the immense goodwill of my co-workers/supervisors, etc.
my agency called me and told me they had been told how grateful 3M is for my positive attitude. that feels good and i earned it. it just feels weird to replace a friend.

i took leto in to be fixed last night. the breeder decided she didn't want to use him as a stud, so there was no real reason to keep him whole.  the vet called this morning and said everything went really well this morning, but he kept kicking the anaesthesia needle out of his leg, so he mostly had gas and might be awake enough for me to take home this afternoon instead of tomorrow. that would be very good.

i am re-reading the foundation trilogy by isaac asimov and am enjoying it tremendously. i normally don't care for books that aren't character driven, but this is a notable exception. i don't fall in love with asimov's characters, because it isn't who they are that is important. what is important is what they think. his characters come up with ideas that no one else in the story has and that the forward progress of the story depends on. they are idea-driven rather than character driven or even plot driven and it is very exciting. i love the underlying believe that it is ideas that make people great. i don't believe it is the only thing that can make someone great, but what a wonderful thing when it happens! i have never read anything like asimov's work, although vernor vinge's work is clearly influenced by it.

it snowed all morning here but nothing stuck. we expect more snow tomorrow. it is so beautiful and exciting at the beginning of winter.  i feel energized by it. i have always associated "over the river and through the woods" with thanksgiving, rather than xmas, so it feels right to have snow this time of year to me.
tonight susan is coming over. we haven't seen her in about 2 months because she's been so busy with school.
tomorrow i expect to be canning with corrin, knitting, drinking cider/cocoa and weather permitting - playing vampire tag. it is looking like a good weekend.

neil gaiman

Oct. 9th, 2008 11:04 am
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so i went to go see neil gaiman's graveyard book tour last night with corrin and darla. it was held at a church instead of a bookstore and i think it really added a lot to the atmosphere, even though the acustics were a bit of a problem.
neil read from his book and that was pretty neat. and we got to see film footage for the new movie being made of coraline.
and he says he's working on a film script for anansi boys.
and he read blueberry girl to us - a picture book he wrote for tori amos's daughter.

but the best part of the evening was the Q&A.
these are the answers i remember- both are paraphrased. )

also i got a signed copy of the graveyard book.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:17 am
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last night was the best concert i've been to all year.
including seeing boiled in lead on st. patty's day and including the really awesome GBS concert.
shawn mullins opened for dar, which i wasn't expecting. he's kinda so-so for me as an artist, but i really liked his stories. i also like that he puts his rhymes in the middle of his sentances. you also get to talk to artists after the show at a lot of guthrie concerts. he told me he rhymes that way because he's inspired by chris christopherson.
his performance was good.
but dar? she shown. she glowed up there on stage. i knew i liked her before the concert (although the christians and the pagans makes me mad on a semantic level - i realize that it is a song that the world needs - i feel that it perpetuates some false comparisons). i like her SO much more now. i got a whole different sense of her songs at the concert...but also i got a sense of HER and where her songs come from. and she talks about beauty and the way she sees things in a way that moves me deeply. she also tells great stories and is very funny. i am so glad i went.
also she reminds me of my friend katelyn.

i also picked up a new (large) scratching post, moved the small one we had into the guest room for the kitten (which will help her get used to madeliene's smell).
and i returned that book. i picked up a copy of storm front by jim butcher instead (in paperback, so i got some $$ back as well). all ya'll have been talking him up so much i figuree it's about time i checked him out.

it is raining softly outside and looks to continue for the rest of the day.
it is a good day for hot coffee.
it is a good day for a kitten.
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these are my plans for my time after work this week.
today - return the book i bought/read this weekend. dar williams concert.
tomorrow - set up guest room with litterbox and scratching post. go get kitten. take pictures. snuggle kitten. make vet appointment for new kitten
wednesday - go see neil gaiman's promotion of a new book with darla. snuggle kitten.
thursday - snuggle kitten. perhaps introduce kitten to madeleine
friday - snuggle kitten
there will probably be a trip to the vet in there somewhere too. madeliene and the kitten should not meet until the kitten has had a check-up by my vet to verify the cat lady's (although the kitten will be getting tested for flv on monday, so is seeing the vet already. i'm sure it will be fine).
at some point, i'm sure the kitten will also get named. i am very impatient for this.

this weekend was good. friday corrin came over and we knit/spun. dinner was late, but very good when it happened.
saturday i went to the spinning group at como park. Read more... )

i also managed to figure out that i have made a mistake in my fawkes socks. i am still trying to figure out where it is, but that i made it SOMEWHERE is indubitable. so frustrating.

went shopping saturday afternoon, mainly for ross. he now has flannels...one of which i might have to take back...and some other stuff he really needed. i'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes, but i like doing it for other people better than i like doing it for myself. shopping for clothes for me always makes me feel fat. i prefer to shop for more fun things. i got myself a book. the same one i have to take back. maybe i will get knit kimono instead...i have been wanting that for a LONG time.

ross and i spent the evening watching mutiny on the bounty and eating indian food. i have decided i like mango chutney. i might have to make some. i've got a recipe, so it shouldn't be that hard, but i will need to get some half-pint jars. i should also learn to make naan. i've probably got a recipe for that as well, and it's probably twice as hard as it needs to be.
mutiny on the bounty was interesting - and very long. marlon brando kinda weirds me out as a blonde. i almost didn't recognize him. i like watching classics, despite the warbly score and the formality of the speaking. rambly thoughts on social change in movies )

yesterday ross and i had a long heart-to-heart about some mental struggles i'm working through. everytime i realize how he loves me despite my flaws it is an amazement to me....an honor. i am truly blessed to have such a partner.
we had a relaxing afternoon and then had dinner in stillwater with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneymy dinner was not very good, but they took half the price off the ticket and it was a lovely evening. after dinner we went walking along the river and got some ice cream. time with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneyis always lovely.

review of hawkspar by holly lilse. it was good, but not good enough to read again, and not nearly as good as i wanted it to be. unbelieveable character development (in a bad way), unreasoned deductions, failure to carry on the excellent mysticism and power present at the start of the book. worse yet, it was another story of a girl who pays no attention to her friends after she finds romance...blech. BOR-ING. this book could have been AWESOME with better development of side characters and more character development in the main one.
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i went solo for most of the weekend as ross was mostly at work prepping for little house. friday was pretty uneventful, but saturday was SERIOUSLY eventful. in a good way mostly.
first i went to detta's spindle and ordered *da da-da-DA!* my spinning wheel. details )

then i stopped at a produce stand and picked up fresh locally grown strawberries, local potatoes (cuz we needed them) and fresh(but unfortunately not local because that's impossible here) nectarines - and headed over to shawn and thistle's place. i REALLY enjoyed myself over there. i hadn't seen them in an age due to the birth of their new-ish son, phoenix, my travel this spring and ross and my surgeries. phoenix is a beautiful, easy-going baby and cedar is actually protective of him, which is cute. he is also talking like mad (though half-unintelligably to me - it took a while for me to realize that when he says "eh-er" he's talking about me). thistle and i talked about politics and family and she says she has a friend who has some wool they are looking to get rid of for free. oh-oh-oh pick me! she is going to look into getting it to me rather than to the trash. i WIN!
game stuff )
in between shawn and i took cedar out to burn off endless energy after his nap and actually got to talk about real life and books and movies. i think he is going to come with us to go see dark knight next week, but i have to run times by him. that should be fun. i like it when i'm the only person visiting them, or one of two, because i actually get real time with both of them. the gaming and more general stuff is fun too, but shawn and thistle are people i genuinely like and want contact with, even if i am not the most communicative friend to them sometimes. they were also kind enough to loan me lois mcmaster bujold's curse of chalion series and watchmen, which i've been wanting to read for ages. i've already finished the first book and really enjoyed it. much more complex and deep and satisfying than the other things i've read by her (sharing knife). i look forward to the others. i have started watchmen...but i'm still at the very beginning and am not sure what to think yet.
the downside of all this is that cedar is a 2 year old. and 2 year olds demand MUCH in the way of talking. i really strained my voice and hurt myself. i had to go sleep upstairs after ross came home because i was tossing and turning, and wound up doing nothing except reading and sleeping sunday - which really sucked because scott gave ross the afternoon off and he was actually home for me to be with...of course, he really slept most of the time too, poor guy. still i felt like a very unattentive wife. i wish i'd known he was going to be around. i would have come home earlier the night before. i DID start doing some laundry for him after he left, but it isn't the same.
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i had a really nice weekend.
friday ross and i had susan over. we watched some old house episodes and had italian food. watching house with susan is really funny. everything bothers her from a medical perspective – but it doesn’t make her hate the show. it just makes her yell diagnosis at the characters…which are sometimes right, but not often. i love it.
saturday i got up early – just on my own, and headed over to the stitch n’ bitch at como park. there were a bunch of spinners there – including one who offered me lessons, but since i have a source for free lessons and hers are not free, i will not be taking her up on that. they were all very encouraging. i have discovered that my clapotis is off on my stitch count, so i am having to frog it back to where it makes sense again.
the good news is that afterward, i met up with rebecca – a lady from the knitter’s pallete group – and she helped me figure out what i am doing wrong with ross’s brioche hat. progress is being made.

ross and i went for a bike ride. really saturday was lovely.
and yesterday was a whole lot of relaxing. sometimes i feel like i should be going to a museum or something with my weekend…but it really is nice to be able to just relax too.

i am reading the bostonians by henry james….and i hate it. but i am tremendously enjoying figuring out why i hate it. so far i’ve got two reasons. the first has to do with the 1st person narrative. the narrator is not a character in this book – he’s just present and he’s present in an extremely annoying way, inserting opinions of what is going on without ever introducing himself or establishing the validity of his presence. it pisses me off. i like frame stories, but there has to be a REASON for the outside perspective to engage me and make it worth it to me to put up with a stupid, distracting, peanut gallery. i like forming my own opinions, thank you.
the second thing that bothers me about james is that it is full of naval gazing. james is a master of suggesting things and allowing psychology to create tension…but nothing HAPPENS. it’s all just what’s going on in these characters brains ad nauseum. and i really like knowing a character’s motivations, but i do not enjoy listening to characters mentally masturbate. it’s boring. he does it very well. but it’s still boring.

today i will be going to the grocery after work today and picking up stuff in preparation for ross’s surgery on wednesday and for myself the wednesday after. we need a humidifier. and baby oil. and popsicles and ice cream and gatorade.
also i am still at 100 crunches. go me!
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my contract got renewed at work.
and we are expecting thunderstorms EVERY DAY for the next week and a half.
i love thunderstorms.
and i biked 7 miles yesterday, which is not a lot, but i booked it the whole way and had jelly-legs after and i was in a better mood (feeling less like killing people) afterward.
and i increased to 60 crunches this morning
and i have managed to stick with doing crunches every work day and that makes me proud.
and i finished imajica. it was weird. i'm glad i read it, but i'm still not sure how i feel about it.
and i'm almost done with knithulhu #4.
and ross made me dinner last night
and we are seeing jory and simona tonight and corrin and susan tomorrow night.
and my seedlings are coming up which means soon i will have HERBS.
and i think i am going to be very happy with my brother amos socks when they are done.
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i haven't been on lj much lately.
i'm not dead. but my computer is and work just put a policy out about internet use...my contract is up for renewal this month so i'd better pay attention to such things. ross ordered me a new video card yesterday, but it hasn't come yet. amounting to me having to dart in and use the computer when he's not.
and he's a computer geek.
you get the picture.

i did, however, have a lovely weekend. finish my cotton socks - which i like, but i'll be looking for organic fiber next time - i didn't realize all the NASTY stuff that goes into processing and growing cotton. it is NOT eco-friendly. hmmm..maybe i should pay attention to that when i buy clothes too. somehow i hadn't made the connection there.
yeah, anyway the socks are lovely and the ribbing holds them up nicely without any added elastic and they MATCH. which is very cool.

seeing a lot of susan and corrin and biking and walking whenever it's not raining. but it's raining a lot. i don't mind, because our plants need it, but it means we don't get out as much as we could.

also i LOVED iron man.
and i am enjoying imagica (my first full length clive barker book). but it's weird. kinda reminds me of neverwhere.
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thursday evening ross changed the breakpads on his car (and i helped a little).
somewhere in that process he managed to hurt himself badly or aggrivate a previous hurt.
at first we thought it was just heartburn - at which point i went to bed - but ross wound up going to the ER and they diagnosed him with a pleural effusion. a pleural effusion is a pinch or a bubble in the membrane lining the chest cavity. and apparently it sucks because they put ross on the good drugs and told him he's on restriction re: physical activity. it is supposed to work itself out in a few days. he is doing much better than he was last week.

but it definitely changed our plans for the weekend. we had been talking about getting the boat ready to go out and getting my breakpads changed and he wanted to work on his harley....none of that was realistic.
so we went and saw prince caspian.

ross and i hung out, went for a walk, went to barley john's with susan and [profile] patchhat, filled my growler (refillable beer jug), giggled a LOT (it happens when you hang out with [profile] patchhat, watched house episodes (again) and had john and darla over sunday evening for dinner. i got to make soap base and go run out and take advantage of borealis's yarn sale to get more yarn for knithulhu's (i'm on #4) and some cherry tree hill to make a gift for my sister in law for xmas. it was a good weekend.
i also got a lot of reading done.
books )

susan is made of awesome. and i have new stuff to read. i also got a bread machine book and breath and bone by carol berg at barnes and noble because they sent me an awesome coupon in addition to my membership discount. i am VERY book happy right now. i have read cryptonomicon and this alien shore before.
imagica is turning out to be pretty awesome though.

 the knitting is going very well.
i finished a knithulhu and have started another. also i am almost done with a cotton sock. i figure it is a good idea to make some socks i can actually not overheat in for the summer. these are VERY simple compared to my other current sock projects, but they self-stripe (sockina) so they will be pretty enough without complicated lacework. we'll just have to see how well they stay up. cotton is not very elastic.


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