Jan. 28th, 2009

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things are coming together nicely after so much hard work.
last night was spent cleaning the basement/stairs/kitchen and making dinner(me) and framing up the fireplace (ross and john).
the covers need to go on the outlets, but that's a nothing-job. the dust is gone!*dances* the guys did a great job with the framing, which looks really solid. the inspector comes tomorrow.
i have arranged to have new tires put on my rear tires and a new thermostat installed, so we will drop off my car tonight after my work-out. ross will work from home tomorrow, so i will take his car.
i have arranged to stay with [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson this weekend while seeing my ill grandpa (bless you guys, you are awesome!). they are very kind given the short notice.
i have e-mailed my harried aunt to find out what i can do to take work off her hands this weekend.
my gym bag is packed and in the car so i can go directly after work.
lunch for the week in the form of leftovers is already in the fridge as a result of 5 days of cooking for 4...
really all the hard work is paying off.
it feels good.

now i just have to get my ipod organized and decide what knitting to take this weekend.
definitely the slippery socks...but what else?
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calling all johnnies!

have you heard of this book yet?
a college president(of another liberal arts school) enrolls at sjca as a freshman.
i'm about half-way through and i have mixed feelings about this book.
on one hand, i love it that sjc is getting the press from it. i love it that he sticks up for the program (albeit not as well as he might). i love reading about all the tutors i had when i was there and remembering life on the campus. that part is very good.
on the other hand, he isn't REALLY getting the freshman experience. it BOTHERS me that the only class he seems to be enrolled in is seminar. seminar may be where the bulk of the program is processed, but martin makes a point of how sjc teaches how ideas cross boundaries between disciplines - while it seems like he is avoiding that experience himself. it feels intolerable to me to claim to be pursuing the freshman experience, and then only take one class. that is NOT the freshman experience. even if you are also participating in crew and learning to sing.
additionally, while he admits to being and old guy (not really that old, imho) and makes fun of his lack of success "trying to be cool," his general naivete really bothers me. i have trouble relating to him and wind up feeling...scornful of him. this is very uncomfortable for me and also ties into my previous point about not really experiencing what he claims to be experiencing. if i didn't care deeply about the things he is talking about it probably wouldn't bother me so much.
i remain undecided about this book.


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