Jan. 15th, 2009

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so ross had touch-up surgery on his eye today and it went very smoothly. the procedure was pushed back a bit because the other dr.'s office didn't fax over the paperwork...but it went through and was quick and painless for ross and now he is under dr.'s orders to take a nap. and i am back at work. i took a few hours off to drive him there, most of which i already made up earlier in the week. i will have to work a bit late today, but i've had a nice break as well as a nice lunch from byerly's while he was in the waiting room.
mmmm...sushi and italian bean salad.

we have mainly put touches on the drywall the past few days.
ross is gradually putting corners on the edges and mudding the edges and popping some scrap pieces into place where appropriate. i am slowly getting better with a screwgun although i still suck with anything taller than me.
it just keeps looking better a little bit at a time. also he went out and got me a putty knife so that i can get just as messy as the guys this weekend. :)
i love how thorough he is. he has thought out all the reasons for doing everything...like putting the fireplace upstairs instead of downstairs even though heat rises...and what we can do to warm up the basement so that i can enjoy it more..there is always a good reason and it feels good to count on him that way and that he is always willing to work with my concerns. it makes doing this kind of work and decision making so much more fun.

we watched monster last night with charlize theron. i really value that movie. i can't say i love it because it left me too upset and unsettled. but the acting was brilliant and the story well-told and the make up job was... everybit as impressive as the borg queen but way more realistic. it is a disturbing movie...that drives home how easy it is for ignorance and wishful thinking to take us down the wrong path. how hard it is to listen to good advice when it has a touch of hate in it. how our motives become distorted and how bad actions really do make a bad person no matter how sympathetic and good the intentions can be. how control really is an illusion. it is hard movie to take and i needed the comfort of ross and star trek and a good book afterward...but i'm really glad i saw it.

speaking of good books. mom mailed me her copy of snow flower and the secret fan, a book i've been wanting to read for over a year. i am REALLY enjoying it so far.

it's still bloody cold outside. -47 below windchill this morning and -27 degrees without it.....up to about -4 degrees right now, which feels balmy in comparison. i'm REALLY glad books and movies and drywalling and working out at my gym can all be done indoors.


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