Mar. 5th, 2009

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i dreamed i was a superhero last night.
well....sorta. i was part of a team of people with special gifts that was perfectly mirrored in an opposing group with the same gifts - except for me. and the teams were made up of people i know and tv personalities. my team was lead by hugh laurie (who stayed behind) and on it were the guy who plays chase on house, shawn isenhart (a real life friend), boomer from battlestar galactica, and a big handsome black man who i didn't recognize.
opposing them were the asian guy from the matrix who guards the oracle, nana eddadotir (a friend from real life), another copy of boomer, and shane from the twin cities vampire larp. there may have been more people than this, but they weren't important enough for me to remember. the two sharons could stop, slow or speed up time.  shawn and nana were tricksters and quite random in what they could do. the asian guy and chase could run REALLY fast - couldn't quite catch a car, but certainly faster than any human, and the big black man and shane were really, really strong. i'm not sure what i could do, but everyone seemed to think it was really valuable. and the objective was that we were both after the same prize. it might have been a baby, but i'm not sure. and we chased each other all over the place and used cars and boats, and each side used different means to spy on the other....i wish i remembered more.

i have been reading the wings of wrath by c.s. freidman. enjoying it so far, but i wish i'd reread the first book before beginning. it's been too long and while i remember the main plot, i have forgotten most of the sub plots. 

i went to the gym yesterday and then to the local knitting group. really this is the first one i've been to that i really don't care for. everyone is very nice, but i find myself feeling like a snob because some of the people feel low-class to me (which doesn't particularly bother me) and constantly draw attention to themselves (which does bother me) and/or don't have anything interesting to say (which bothers me more). there are one or two people who i like perfectly well, but the tone is set by the ones who bother me. and i wind up feeling like an ass because i am bothered. i think i will probably not go back to that group. i just don't want to set myself up to feel that way.


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