Jan. 7th, 2009

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meatloaf, hanging out with jerad and rachel, hot-tubbing and cleaning were all successes yesterday.
it also left me very tired.
and the rest of the week looks worse(and better at the same time).
the way it is shaping up makes me fantasize about monday as a day of sleep as soon as i get home from work.
i dread the exhaustion i expect to feel.

today i will be using my community center membership for the first time. i stopped by yesterday and got scheduling for all the free classes. there is also a tai chi demonstration that is free tonight - but the classes that follow will not be free if i decide to sign up. i expect to get a work out, and then check out the demonstration and make decisions from there.
tomorrow we will have dinner with darla and john at there place
friday corrin is coming over to make soup and potentially stay the night.
saturday....is where the fun stuff begins.

i believe i mentioned the potential fireplace.
here's the thing. )
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please fix your grammar.
orientated is not a word(unless you are british). learn the word oriented.
variated is not a word. the past tense for vary is varied.
commentated applies to commentators, not commentors. someone who has made a statement has COMMENTED, not commentated.
anymore is not a substitute for the word yet or still. something can still happen, or continue to happen, but "that happens anymore" makes no sense. anymore is only used that way in the negative, as in, "that doesn't happen anymore."
it is impossible to borrow something TO someone else. USE and LOVE the word LEND.

you people make me want to scream and tear my hair out. you perpetuate incorrect usage of language and words until half the people don't know it's wrong anymore(and the other half want to murder you slowly and painfully)!




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