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i got an a-.
pretty damn good.

this week

Apr. 6th, 2007 01:27 pm
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has been busy...and stressful without having a good reason.
i haven't been sleeping well. i toss and turn and am alternately too hot and too cold. i am stuffy with the change in weather.
this means that i'm tired and nap-prone during the day.
i am gradually trying to get up earlier and be on a normal-person schedule as opposed to a college student schedule. this morning i got up at 9. this was an improvement.

mostly good news this week.
wednesday afternoon my advisor called and praised me up and down for about 10 minutes about the draft i sent her. she answered my questions and relieved some of my fears about how platable/unpalatable the paper is. she said i could go ahead and send it in. she said i should be very proud of the work i've done, the quality of the completed paper and that i should stay in touch. it was very nice.
so i took it to kinkos, made some bound copies and got them sent out this afternoon.

the germans have been in town and left. i had fun helping ross entertain them and meeting the new stagetech employee in the US. he is south african and was glad to talk about johannesburg.

i also heard back from a couple different jobs. one just wanted me to fill out their EOE form, but another kinda raved about my qualifications and wanted to make sure i knew it was a part-time job. which i did. i hope she doesn't decide that i'm over-qualified, because even though it is a part time position, it is one of the few project management positions that doesn't require experience in areas i don't have. it would be a really good challenge for me and an opportunity to learn things that i can't yet put on my resume. and i would be managing a food closet. i can feel completely good about that.

on the less happy side of things a friend wrote me this week and basically gave me a face full of shit for not calling her or getting together with her enough.....and while i HAVE neglected her, i'm also kinda pissed off. because i've neglected everyone including ross and my mother. i've been focused on my work. i feel like i am only just getting my social life back this week and the germans were in town. to add to that we are poor. i don't have a job and until i do, ross and i can't be blowing lots of money on going out. i feel like she doesn't call me back just as often as i don't call her back and it is frustrating to feel like that makes me the bad guy.

i am going back to game tonight. i have shelved sarnait for the time-being. i've been playing her for 3 years and i need a break. so i will be starting a new character tonight. a toreador. this should be fun.
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just watched the season finale of BSG.
so good
i <3 hendrix in space.
big fan. i want a copy (but not with dialogue, thanks amanda).  wasn't helen declared a cylon in the first few episodes where baltar's cylon detector found sharon?
anyway. i liked last season's season finale better, but this one was truly amazing. ross still likes the star trek "i am locutus of borg" season finale better, but last season of BSG has my vote.

in other news, i have completed my rewrite of my intro on the paper, have applied for about 10 new jobs in the last 24 hours and ross is teaching me to rollerblade. i went out over the weekend with him and DIDN'T HIT ONE PARKED CAR!!! or fall down. but not hitting cars is the big surprise.:)
i called the place i interviewed a couple weeks ago and found out that they haven't just written me off. they had to reschedule 2 of their interviews and the last one is today. according to the HR lady, it is between me and the guy interviewing today....and the question is seeming to hinge on who has more theology? anyway, cross your fingers for me.
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just got off the phone with my adviser. she has finished reading the paper and was immensely supportive. she thinks this will be a strong paper
she also thinks i need to rewrite my introduction (in the form of adding to it) and state from the beginning my theological foundation in the imago dei. she says i've done a good job with the "what" and "how", now i need to work on my "why".
i also need to narrow my focus at the end of the paper. i have said what specific actions need to be changed and how, but i haven't said what the theological implications of those actions are.
the good news is that the bulk of the paper is in good shape - i just need to fix the beginning and the end.

she is a sharp lady. the second of those two things will be easy to fix. the first one....writing introductions is always difficult for me. creatio ex nihilo n' all that. in this case though, i'm not starting from nothing. that should make it somewhat easier.

[livejournal.com profile] sunmother sent me some great revisions along with a section of questions that bothers me because i ask them too - but which i think belong in a separate paper. i have started incorporating her suggestions into the paper and most of them are vast improvements. i hope to get my friend corrin's editing back this week and send something close to final to dr. mitchell this weekend.
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still not done.
today was a productive day though. about six pages done.
i am at 40 pages and 11,386 words. that's right folks, i'm actually going to have a paper that is over the minimum required limit!
i'm actually a bit disturbed by how much i still have to cover. i am just about done explaining how freedom impacts our understanding of poverty (pretty central to the argument). i stil have a very big objection to handle(theodicy), the benefits of seeing the imago dei in one another, and probably some other things i'm forgetting before i can write my conclusion.
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30 very full pages and about 8500 words.
i am officially 2/3 done.
once again i am stuck on free will. which means i'm going to have to spend tomorrow morning reading barth and sanders and my old class notes.
i will also need to prepare for my interview wednesday morning.
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my argument is looking more solid.
i have re-written my introduction yet again and created the rudimentary sections that will form the table of contents (how pretentious is that! table of fucking contents! but it is required and so i will make one).
the weekend's progress brings me to 25 full pages.
6,935 words. i am officially over half-way there.
i still have to talk about the prosperity theology as an inadequate argument for selfishness, wesley's interpretation of the use of money, trust in God and the role of faith in understanding freedom, the transformative power of the gospel, independence as idolotry, theodicy as related to free will, the power of forgiveness and the creation of heaven on earth. and then i have to write a conclusion. that ought to keep me busy for another twenty pages or so.:)
i will talk to my advisor again today.
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made less progress than i might like today.
only about 4 more pages done (which puts me at 18 and about 4700 words).
i also need to rewrite my introduction again.
i am, however, beginning to have hope that i won't have quite the problem filling up space that i imagined, considering that i'm almost half-way there.
i talk to beverly again on monday.
she wants me to look at augustine and i HATE the way that man handles dialogue. everything is so repetitious and nothing is good for quoting in papers, only referencing. also he bases his arguments on things that i disagree with, like the superiority of the soul to the body.
so greek!
i like the way barth handles free will better. it's better for quoting AND it makes me feel less manipulated.
i don't like feeling manipulated. even by God.
i would be so excited if this paper gets even ONE person to be nicer to poor people.
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Got to page 15 tonight (roughly 3800 words).
Which means I am roughly 1/3 of the way there.
I am stuck at the part where we have a choice between God controlling our lives or sin controlling our lives and free will being a very real thing, but more about choosing what master we serve rather than every choice being completely our own and influenced by nobody.
every action we take is potentially a habit. we get into a habit of doing what is good for ourselves and others or we get into a habit of doing what hurts ourselves and others.
no actions are uninfluenced. we just choose who influences us.

i'm going to bed now.
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nine pages (roughly 2500 words)
bibliography = half done
3 cups of coffee.
i'm taking a break now.
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as part of my research for my thesis, i have been looking through my old systematics notes. i have found things from four or five different classes that pertain to my paper.
but reading them, i am struck all over again by the beauty of the gospel. it is so elegant and complex, like euclid's proposition 1:47 (his proof of the pythagorean theorem). kendal did such a good job presenting the complexity and mystery of scripture that i was close to tears several times at the library today.
i don't like kendal. i think he is socially lousy; distant and cold and too wrapped up in ideas to care adequately about people. i think he likes rules and his own thoughts too much to be adequately gracious. but he is one hell of a teacher.
i need to read theology more when i don't have to.

i also need a t-shirt that says "spiritually disorderly."*

*a reference to kendal's expression of john wesley's views on original sin...that it does not make us so much depraved as spiritually disorderly.
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had some ideas two nights ago for what i will do with my thesis.
dr. mitchell asked me what ideas was i struggling with in the area and i said i was really only struggling with the practical questions about how to get a job.....
well, i realized that's not really true.
I have a bit of a precis/proposal.
Read more... )
if everything goes well, i am thinking of calling it My Brother's Keeper: Free-will and Poverty in America.
my cynicism thinks it is more likely that kendal soulen will make me re-write my topic all over again.

on the other side of things, jory interviewed for my position today. i told him it was okay to apply even though i don't think he'd be any happier there than i am. he might actually have a long-term future there as a salesman, whereas i'm pretty sure they will not hire me due to my conflict with physical inventory.


Sep. 25th, 2005 05:46 pm
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finished my thesis proposal. everything is progressing on schedule.
also finished ripping my entire cd collection onto our server.
now i just need to find my damn passport.
one of those important things.
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...then you aren't paying attention

this is truly chilling.


met with my thesis adviser today. got some very good ideas for starting my thesis. the topic is due in two weeks. i need to get crackin'. also need to apply to granulate into pure cane sugar this may.


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