Feb. 6th, 2009

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it's friday!!!!

and i finally got to the gym last night for spinning class. i feel SO good. good enough that i woke before my alarm and increased to 100 crunches this morning. my sets are 20, so increasing by one set seems to work for me. we'll see if it lasts. the thing is that even if it isn't true, i FEEL skinnier after i work out.
love those endorphins. then i came home and didn't have to cook! eggplant parmesan is better the second day anyway. all i did was make salad.

i have made a new friend at work. her name is kate. we have talked via e-mail for about two weeks and i am hoping to set up a coffee date to meet her in person. she grew up on a hobby farm in virginia(near richmond), likes to carve wood, read science fiction and fantasy, and game. she sounds awesome.

my computer at home is officially kaput. the hard drive blew out again. i am seriously thinking there is something wrong with the computer that keeps eating hard drives. goddamn zombie computer eating its own brains...

tonight christa will either come over or we will work on the mantle.
tomorrow we will game with shawn and thistle and john and tessa and tim wheatly and adam cerling and maybe some other people. then susan will come over for dinner and we will see her for the first time in literally months. sunday we will go to montevideo to see ross's grandparents. it will be a very busy weekend. if i'm lucky i will squeeze in some knitting.


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