Jan. 20th, 2009

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i have good news!
the drywalling is done....well. the hanging part is done. john rehorst came over yesterday and worked with ross and they are made of awesome. darla came over and i made 2 different kinds of dinner because the first one SMELLED burnt even if it tasted fine. therefore people got options.
the entry way looks great.
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we still have a lot of work to do. mudding and taping and primer all have to happen before next monday when the inspector comes. still, this is a lot of progress. i have trouble imagining how tired and sore ross must be. i didn't even help yesterday (busy at work and making dinner for company)and i am tired and sore.
today i have to go to the grocery store after work and i would really much rather have a nap. tomorrow i need to go to the gym. both days i will need to help ross when i get home. friday we are going to hang out with shaun and thistle.
cedar has been asking for us, which is absolutely adorable.

in other news i got to open my package from the bubbo's pants swap on ravelry!! my pants-partner, stargrrl, was absolutely amazing! there was a $20 cap on this(+ shipping), but look at all the loot! i especially love the "paint" container and the hand-made magnets. awesome stuff! i have no idea if the person who was my partner liked her package or not. i sent it a long time ago and i know she got it, but she didn't have internet access yesterday. :(
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i have to say that obama was not a perfect candidate for me.
i did vote for him, but with a grain of salt in my sugar.

despite this i am infected by the surge of hope i am feeling from the country today.
and part of me wishes i was in dc today among my fellow citizens to join in the celebration of a man who represents change and hope for so many of us.
i love the blow that his inaugeration deals to racism, putting racsists squarely in the minority. this does not end racism, but it does mark progress. i love feeling national support for green energy and more sustainable life practices. i don't really believe we're going to change all that much...but after 8 years of action or inaction that has made us low in the ranks of countries with green policies, i am hopeful that we will at least START to move in that direction. i hope for better healthcare for the poor. i hope for sustaining jobs for people who want to be working. i hope for the respect of other countries again.
i hope.
i hope.
i hope.


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