Feb. 9th, 2009

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...and going to see coraline in the theaters. which was wonderful.
i recommend it.

but last night i dreamt i was going to rescue my best friend.
my best friend had been kidnapped by one of many alien races and was on a planet where only they and their slaves were permitted.
the aliens were caste divided.
i went to the spaceport to meet my teacher and depart. i got (affectionately) attacked by 3 snufflepigs....kinda like big hairy dogs with pig noses. my teacher shooed them off - and was an alien version of patrick stewart. he had 5 eyes and 5 sub-eyes. all different colors. all used for different kinds of communication.
i would be having a third eye and 2 sub-eyes implanted on the trip and he was going to teach me how to use them so that i could pass as one of the castes of aliens and rescue my friend.
it was completely neat.

the weekend turned out much less stressful/full than i anticipated.
for one thing i got the gaming weekend mixed up - that's next weekend.
for another ross and i woke up with headaches on sunday morning and ross decided not to go visit his family. we still had susan over for dinner. and saturday instead of gaming we got the mantle piece up, and i learned about drilling holes in concrete, which is pretty exhausting, but not nearly as hard as i'd imagined. the mantle looks great and there will be pictures once my computer is working again. zombiecomputer is low on the priority list when i can borrow ross's at home and we've got so much else to do. in the meantime, pictures will have to wait.

ross got our taxes done last week and we look forward to getting a substantial return this year. in large part because some of it is going to go to our media server and some of it is going to go to finishing the basement. yes i know we got the walls done. but there is still the ceiling and the carpeting and walling off the washer/dryer and furnace.

sunday was all about errands and going to see coraline and going out for breakfast. all of which was lovely.
it felt good not to be so hectic....i just still feel so tired. hollow inside. like i'm getting rested on the outside, but not on the inside....and ross doesn't seem tired at all. i don't know how he does it.
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