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i saw caroline, or change last night at the guthrie.
it was a FANTASTIC show.
better than anything i've seen in a long time.
tony kushner himself has said that the guthrie's show is closer to his vision than the broadway debut. the only other tony kushner production i've seen is angels in america, which is a powerful show. yet i have to say that there are moments in caroline, or change that are more powerful, in large part due to the talented greta oglesby who plays the title role. she is a woman who really knows how to express herself. but a lot of what i liked best about this show was how kushner holds ideas against each other in ways that make the audience think, and his use of wordplay to highlight ideas.
the title is appropriate, it is largely about change. i need more change in my own life, and more drive to seek it out. it is my opinion that the best theater productions reflect back to the audience and make them think about their own lives. this one does it.
the music is also bloody fantastic.
even the child-actors do a great job, and if they don't hit the notes perfectly every time, they understand their roles and show it.
my only complaint against the whole show was that sometimes when several voices were singing different lyrics at the same time, i could only understand one of them, or sometimes none of them at all.
overall a fantastic show that i highly recommend.

also i got a nap yesterday, which meant i could stay awake for the show.

today will be busy.
i have to:
pick up the comforter at the laundramat
take my car to get the oil changed
send of mom's mother's day gift
get my fanny over to heather's for knit night.

it doesn't sound like that much but i pretty much have to do all of that by 6pm, which is going to feel rushed.

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