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i'm SO glad it is today instead.
yesterday i was SO tired and cranky and miserable.
no fun for anyone really.
but i came home and took a nap for about an hour and woke up less liable to eat people's brains.
(it is a little-known fact that zombies are more likely to sit quietly without eating brains if they have recently had a nap. Now GETTING them to actually take a nap...that's the tricky part)
i have so much more energy to face my day today. i'm less bitchy. it's really better for everyone if i nap. and shower. and eat regularly. ;)

john and darla came over again to help yesterday. they are godsends.
we got the whole basement primed. it looks great! there are some runny parts where ross sprayed too thick, but they can be sanded down. pictures to come. it was too wet to take any last night and we had to plastic the cats off from the basement.
today will be the big clean up. and putting electrical covers on the outlets and such, and framing up the fireplace and cutting concrete board and maybe some red oak for the facing. i think it's going to look really sharp when it's done. the inspector has been pushed back to thursday. this is very good.

i also need to call and schedule my tire replacement. i need 2 new ones in back and a new thermostat because the one i have isn't heating the car promptly enough. i know so little about cars that i would probably just put up with the extra 10 minutes it takes for the car to heat, but ross informs me that this is very bad for the car, as it can cause the workings of the car to heat at different speeds and increase wear and tear as a result. regardless i need to get the whole thing fixed before going to chicago.

i believe we are going to leave the basement white for a while. just breathe for a month or so and re-assess our finances before deciding how much further we are going to go. it would REALLY help if we had our tax returns back....but volt sucks and is not sendingout W2's until the 30th, which, btw, is illegal in minnesota.

i am hoping to get to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a week and a half. corrin was going to go with me, but she cancelled. it is probably for the best. it will allow me to go earlier and then have the evening to help with whatever at home.

i have been snagging small moments to knit my slippery blue socks. i am VERY pleased with how they are turning out so far.

i'm still expecting these to take a long time. i don't have much time to work on them.
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lessons from last night's dreams:

do not sleep in the same room with restrained zombies or allow your cats access to them.
do not get in ross's way when he is killing dragons.
do not drive boats down very polluted and crowded waterways.
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because it was too damn funny not to re-post.

shimmergreen said:
I hate zombies.

They dig around my yarn, lookin fer brains, and drop bits of rotted flesh into my stash.

Their breath freakin STINKS and is very annoying when I’m trying to knit/crochet and they’re looking over my shoulder – in search of brains, no doubt.

I’ve tried to use zombies as a swift when I’m winding yarn on my ghetto nostepinne (a size 35 plastic knitting needle), but they don’t have a very long attention span and start shambling around in search of brains, tangling my yarn.

My cat hates zombies, too. She has a sensitive nose.

If they can’t find any brains in my house, why oh why don’t they GO AWAY and look somewhere else?

Dang zombies.

diastelo responded with:
Well, I heard if you leave out a little bowl with some beer in it, the zombies will climb into it and drown. Or was that slugs? I don’t remember, so the distinction can’t be that important.

Whatever you do, be strong and resist the urge to mail away for pirates or ninjas to drive away the zombie infestation. I know the ads make it sound like the perfect solution, but they multiply like crazy, and soon you’ll be worse off than before.

Some solutions you might try:

Join Mensa and offer to host the next meeting of the local chapter at your house. Plenty of brains for everyone! The sated zombies should be easy to dislodge.
If the zombies have already split into rival factions, drive a wedge between them with some quiet asides and the occasional rumor that can’t be traced back to you. With any luck, they’ll eat each other’s pitiful excuses for brains. Unfortunately, there will probably be at least one survivor, but he should be far easier to handle. For one thing, he’ll probably have put on a few pounds around the middle, making him far more sluggish.
Hire an exterminator. Try to be vague on the phone. I’ve noticed that many of these so-called professionals won’t show up for the free quote if they understand the scope of the problem. It’s shameful, really. No pride in the profession anymore.
Call up your local vampire hunter chapter and ask if anyone’s been sidelining in zombie beheading. If they don’t have someone on hand, they may be able to give you a referral.


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