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the show last night was excellent if somewhat different from the movie.
i missed seeing all of the facial expressions up close, and some of the subtlety was lost due to it, but there was very nice juxtaposition of the shadowlands story with the story in "the magician's nephew". the actor playing cs lewis actually reminded me a good deal of [livejournal.com profile] kurosawa2005in his affect and mannerisms.

i am leaving for virginia on MONDAY!!!!5 more days and i will be there for almost 2 whole weeks! i am really looking forward to vacation.
dana has asked me if i want to go to new york for new years....the answer is that i'm not sure. i would love to see her more and go to a big party and see allan piper. BUT it is right before i fly home and i'm not sure i want all the craziness and i'm not really sure what my options are for new years in dc/va.

i had terrible dreams last night. ross was doing heroine and slept with one of my best friends. i was SO worried about him and angry with him. i woke up thinking about how i could take care of myself if he went nuts and out of control. luckily he woke up too and a minute or two of connecting with the real ross as opposed to the creepy one in my dream did me a world of good.

i continue to love my job. my boss tells me she sleeps better at night because i am there and i am unofficially in charge of one of my co-workers even though we are technically on the same level. i am definitely the kind of employee who thrives on praise. the more credit i am given, the more i will bust ass to excel. my boss supports my decisions and gives me responsibility and i just love it. and the whole group of us laugh together with the exception of A who is just a sourpuss all the time even when i try to include her.

i also got the last of my packages mailed out! i feel truly accomplished. i actually won't have to worry if they will get there on time or not.
the only family not bought for are my in-laws and they are ross's responsibility.
i keep feeling like i've forgotten to do something though. stress has shadowed me so constantly that when it's suddenly not there it comes as a shock.

things left to do:
drug store for prescription refills and candy canes for work
grocery store to stock up on cat litter before going out of town
buy membership at community center gym
helping ross with whatever he decides with his parents.
get the guest room ready for andrea

i actually have time to do all this!
then there is the "if i get to it list"
extra knitting projects
dry clean the spare comforter
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-9 degrees and snowing in the frigid north today. not nearly as cold as it was yesterday.
the snow is actually quite lovely.
today i will get packages out(what hasn't gone out already, anyway), and go see shadowlands at the guthrie with heather kieweg. it will be good to see her.
then i will have to take care of my yarn swap person this week and work on whatever "fun stuff" i want to get done for people who aren't on the " i MUST give something to this person!!!" list. and my xmas cards, which aren't even begun yet.

i did get the tree up, and get ross and my dad and the nonsense gifts for the extended family even though it was bloody cold out yesterday.
and i got the remains of the extension cord out of our snow-blower, which apparently eats extention cords.

i love this time of year, craziness and all.i CHOOSE the sacrifices i am choosing...but i feel like i have no depth to me. i don't have time to think deeply about things and i get mad at anyone who even suggests i might have a deep thought - from my perspective they are just asking for too much from me. i can feel things deeply right now and advent is not entirely lost on me, but not think deeply. i will begin to think about meaning again once i am on vacation. not before. i can only be so awesome at any given time. sorry.
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dreamed last night about being sick.
lo and behold! i wake up with a sorethroat.
time for the dayquil!

and the high today is -5 degrees. the low is -16. EDIT: i just found out that this is not including wind chill, which is around -28 today.
i'm just sayin'.

and after work today i have to go xmas shopping. on the list
hopefully a bunch of james bond dvd's for dad (i have a coupon!)
2 less than $15 gifts for ross's family
whatever i see for ross that inspires me. he has made it difficult this year by telling me he doesn't want clothes from me. i already got him some of those...but he needed them right away and therefore got them already. hence i need to think again.
a little $ to stick in with the handmade gifts for the niece/nephews
come up with a small combination of hand made things for cam.
wrap everything and send it out.
putting up the damn xmas tree!~!

items that are done:
ordering mom's gift
ordering ross's grandparents gift
shipping out xmas candy
making gifts for mark, robin, ty, bren & rachael
various stocking items for ross.


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