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for anyone who hasn't been paying attention, this is what i am doing this weekend.
i am PSYCHED about this. it is going to be amazing.
this is what i anticipate.

my lace-spinning class on sunday
getting a mini-comb as my late xmas gift from ross
meeting up with other ravelers at noon both days near building A.
looking at baskets with tensioned lazy-kates, brilliantly beautiful fleeces from local farms,
finding a source/sources for yarn that is LOCAL
checking out the felting demonstrations and the full-sized yurt!
checking out the peruvian fiber exhibit
petting the bunnies and alpacas and goats
sitting and spinning/knitting with friends(i already know plenty who will be there)
trying not to spend too much money

and probably a million other joys i won't be able to guess about until after i'm there.
you can expect a full report here afterward.
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it is our second dreary day in a row here, but the rain is much needed. mn has been in a state of drought so far this spring.
i am looking forward to the burning ban being lifted. our woodpile is huge.
also i need to get going planting seedlings.
the MIL has started bell peppers and tomatoes for me, which is quite excellent. i am looking forward to upside-down tomatoes again.
somehow it just feels geekier to me to grow them that way and i appreciated that as well as the wonderful fresh tomatoes.

susan moved out while i was gone without telling a soul. actually that is pretty understandable since i was at a funeral and ross is always working these days. i think she feels more comfortable at her parent's place given that she doesn't currently have a steady job. and with me not around, the house must have seemed very lonely.

i slept almost all of friday. the vicodin (hydrocodone)hits me so hard and so fast. it's funny, i was on it when i was in college and had my wisdom teeth out, but it never put me to sleep. it just made my head so foggy i couldn't think straight in class. ross says it makes me snore. he's lucky i only took it the one night. :)
after something like 18 hours of sleep i went to my spinning group sat. morning. i didn't bring my wheel though. it's only 15 lbs, but i didn't want to take any real risks. i did buy a drop spindle though, from elise's husband john, who hand turns them on his lathe. he does excellent work. the spindle i got is made with a maple shaft (also hand-turned) and cocobolo wood, which is a lovely rich red with black grain marks. i should have taken a picture of it, but i didn't. still, this is a good example of the grain.

then i met up with corrin and her mom at the textile center. they were having their annual garage sale. i got a bunch of scraps of cordoroy and velvet for $1, that i am fantasizing about making into patchwork pants. we'll see.

sunday i went to the knitting group at knitter's palette in lakeville. it's a hike for me, but the people are always SO nice there. i try to get there at least a couple times a year.i got some exquisite roving from ashland bay and a skein of red and brown trekking hand art to make this hat out of. i think it will be awesome.

pictures of fiber stuff )

susan came and hung out with me and worked on a paper for school. i know she is wanting company so she doesn't feel lonely with the break-up, but_I_ appreciate it because it keeps me from feeling lonely too. and i'm relaxed enough around her that i don't feel like i always have to be the gracious hostess. i am alternating a lot between relishing my down-time and celebrating my ability to plan whatever the hell i want with whoever is available. it will wear off in a week and i will just miss ross, but it's kind of nice for now.
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i want to say that i didn't do much this weekend.
i want to say i did too much this weekend.
friday susan and i went to the gym and then went out to olive garden with ross and watched conan the barbarian...
saturday i had my spinning group...and then a knitting group. and then i came home, tore out the progress i made on my shawl and began it again without the mistake.... this is a picture before i ripped it out, but also before i knit about 3x as much as i had here. :( still, you can see the yarn is gorgeous.
i'm very pleased with the choice.

saturday ryan came over and i made pork roast and the guys put together ryan's new computer.
then we watched BSG. LOVE the ending.
also think they could have made more interesting choices in a few places, but i'm not going to give spoilers here.

i can normally cram so much more into a weekend than this. i don't feel like i did that much, and yet i'm exhausted as if i have.
i just haven't been able to shake the feelings of stress i've been having lately. even though there is nothing apparent for me to be stressing over. it's possible i'm just absorbing ross's stress over all the crazy union meetings they've been having, or the on-coming tech for carolina or change...but it's more like i'm forgetting something.
the bright side of this is that it's making me go through things in my head and get things done. the down side is that doing these things is not making me feel better.
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the sheer beauty of this shawl has decided the fact that i must learn to bead.
and spin lace.

i NEED one.
and i have a %30 off coupon at the yarnery. :)
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that was my weekend.
all of the predicted people came over, and that went well. we entertained scott and heidi and the girls and went in the hot tub, and everyone liked the lasagna, which is awesome for 9-year-olds who don't normally like vegies.
saturday amy came over in the evening and i taught her to knit. we will see how much she remembers the next time i see her.
i got a GREAT deal of spinning done. 2 more skeins worth.
it is all slubby as desired. but i'm not at all sure of my consistancy.
which means that i can swatch all i want, i will still not be sure that the skeins will match up. the ruler test might help.
i am still pleased to have accomplished so much, and i may even have enough spun for one more skein, which would put me at 7 total. i got a spinning t-shirt at the gym when i was there last week. it is brown and blue and just says "spinning" on it. and i know that it means the kind you do on a bicycle, but i take great pleasure in the fact that i can mean it two ways.
i also made significant progress on my clapotis, which is very soft and blue and will go with lots of things. there is a part of me that wishes i had made it in a heavier yarn - say, worsted weight. but i suppose i can always make another one and give this one away if i feel it suits someone else better.

sunday ryan came over and...is doing terrible, but not bad for someone who is grieving. i am worried about him.

ross and i are trying to decide what to do with our tax return. a new microwave is definitely in the plans since the one we have is tempermental about when it wants to work. and getting the dishwasher fixed. but i am in favor of hanging onto it and just getting it repaired rather than replacing it so that we can make some more progress on the basement. we will also be getting a water softener for our shower. i am hoping this will be a big improvement.

work today is good in that i can pretty much zone out with my ipod and do busywork. but i'm already annoyed at one of my co-workers. she asks me how to do things and then goes and asks other people and does the easy thing rather than the right thing. i feel very impatient with that. if she doesn't want to do what i tell her, she shouldn't waste my time asking me.

we are supposed to get more snow this week. i'm not sure how much. i expect we will have several more snowfalls before spring is here for good. at least it is warmer.
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this weekend was deeply good for me.
like going to a spa without actually going to a spa.

friday night ross and i watched some sopranos from netflix. ross got our new media server up and running and we can both vnc into it from our computers to use it in an environment where the mouse is easier to use. best of all - i can use it to run my ipod. i actually have a working ipod for the first time in about 5 months!!! anyone out there with a podcast, let me know what it is!!!
...then we got into this really long complicated conversation about our relationship...and it was much needed, but i had been dreading it. and then when we talked i found it was nothing to dread. we are getting better and better at this kind of communication. less and less often do our differences become something i would call a fight and he would call an argument. more and more we are a team. i wish i didn't have so many resistances to thinking anyone could honestly be out for my best interest....but damn it all if ross doesn't keep proving it. and slowly. i open.
which is funny. i mean, i really thought of myself as open...but marriage is teaching me that it's untrue. i've been open only in the ways i want to be. only in the ways it is comfortable, or that make me look good to myself. real openness includes all the things you hate about yourself....and i feel like i keep discovering those - the places i didn't know i was hiding.
i am very in love with ross anderson.

then saturday i got up and went to my spinning group, which was delightful, even if it was a bit hard to leave the house in the cold. i came home, made mac n' cheese with bison hotdogs for lunch and then went to the gym and spent a half hour on the eliptical machine. it was the first time i'd used one and i really enjoyed it. especially since i could use my ipod.
i got home, showered, and then christa came over and joined us for dinner, a little gaming and some batman. she's a nice lady. i also finished my slippery socks(pictures to come) while she was over and began my new clapotis. it will be interesting to see how long it takes me to make one now that i have a pretty good idea of how the pattern works. so far it seems to be going pretty fast. i think the deep blue color will be gorgeous when it is finished.
i am really hoping the slippery blue socks do not felt. arucania ranco has a bit of a reputation, and i put way too much work into these for them to felt on me.

sunday ross and i got up early and headed out to montevideo to see his family. we had lunch with his grandparents and set dates for our september vaction with them. at this point the plan is to take a week and a half and go to yellowstone and the grand titons. i am hoping things will not be ridiculously crowded since we are going after labor day. the idea is that we will do breakfast and lunch with his grandparents and then spend the day doing whatever we want in the area - biking, hiking, horse-back riding, sitting in the natural springs....i've never been to that part of the country before and i am pretty excited about it. the boss has already given me a tentative yes - which i was pretty much counting on with more than six months notice. of course...we will have to see if i'm even in the same job at that point. 3M has extended all it's contract workers contracts for a year, but now that my computer is working again (thanks to ross), i am going to be looking.
i have also decided to sign up here to do some volunteering with adult literacy. it's $30 or so for the training, but i've about accepted that i'm not going to be in my feild for a while. so if i'm going to give back to my community i need to find a different way to do it for now. and i think i would enjoy this.

we have been using our fireplace a LOT. i turn it on for a few minutes in the morning while i do my sit-ups and feel good that i can be warm without heating up the whole house. then we often wind up using in the evenings.
and since my computer is working again - voila! you get a picture.
here it is, fully stained, tile in place, with mantle mounted. we are thinking maybe a big plant should go on top, although the cats feel it should be their private domain. we will see who wins. i'm not sure who's paw that is in the corner.

today it is cold, but it will be getting up to 37 by wednesday. i'm not ready for spring yet, but i can feel its approach.
our friend ryan's mother died a week ago of cancer and stroke. it was sudden and she was only 58. we are hoping to see him this week and i'm going to put together some goodies for him after he gets back from denver (on work). if you can keep him and his family in your prayers/meditations/whatever, i would be grateful.

also i have yarn. lots of yarn. mainly gotten for free at the knit out. i don't normally use acrylic or buy it. some acrylic is very nice, but i don't want to perpetrate use of something that doesn't really biodegrade....but i didn't buy this stuff, and some of it will be very good for charity knitting.
pictures for those of you who care )
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last night i dreamed that i flew to va and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and extended family and came up with food ideas for the holiday coming up...only i wasn't there for the holidays yet. i had to fly back. and i ripped the butt out of my jeans. so mom too me to the mall to this custom jeans maker and it took forever. and i missed my flight.
it was a pretty rotten dream.

but the preceding weekend was mostly good.
i went to the mall before going to drunken knit night on friday, in hopes of finding shoes. i had no luck on the shoes, but did get some piercing studs, which revealed that my earring holes have NOT all closed up after my surgery (when i had to take the earrings out and couldn't put them back in again). everything is open in my right ear and the left ear is more open that i had thought. all very good. also picked up some stocking stuffers for ross. then i stopped at borealis. that is always dangerous.
damage beneath the cut )

heather and deborah both cancelled for drunken knitting night, but that was probably good because it was PACKED. i did get to hang out with renae. there must have been more than 30 people there. there were also bagpipes. it was a good time. i realised that "thumb gusset" sounds like a dirty thing to call someone.

saturday morning was spinning group and heather keiweg came and it was totally enjoyable. i haven't gotten to spin for a while now because i've been so focused on getting xmas knitting done. )
anyway, i almost filled my bobbin. i believe i have gotten my mother of all tightened down enough that ross may stop making suggestions about dado-ing my spinning wheel as well. that would be very good because i think putting a dado in would drastically reduce flexibility if i wound up getting a different flyer.

then corrin came over and we made jelly. two different kinds, habanero cranbery raspbery and pomegranate raspberry. both are completely made of awesome, especially the pomegranate raspberry on ice cream.mmmm... we canned a little over a dozen jars and i got my hands all full of habanero oils and had to wash my hands about 50 times and even then my hands burned just a little bit because the steam from the canner was hot. but it was mostly a good kind of burn. we had to do part of the cooking of the habanero jelly outside because the habaneros are so potent.

sunday ross and i went to see the new bond film, which neither one of us was impressed with. bond was good, m was good, but nothing else about the movie really hung together or was compelling. i don't expect depth from a bond film, but i do expect a good story.
then we went home and watched the spiderwick chronicles and that was very good. i got a lot of knitting done on the cabled scarf i'm making for my brother. i will likely finish it this week. the cabling looks awesome but the scarf badly needs to be blocked.

yesterday i stayed home from work because my neck was all wrapped up in muscle cramps to the point where i was fairly useless. hot showers, extra sleep, heating pads and lots of alleve seem to have calmed it down enough for me to be at work today, but it still hurts. i don't know if it cramped up because i slept on it funny or because of the sudden lack of stress in my life. either way i wish it would go way.

tomorrow i'm getting the oil changed on my car and today i am going to the butcher and we are having friends over for dinner. at some point i need to get my xmas candy done. it is going to be a busy week.
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friday night: drunken knit night 1-year anniversary. i will have at least 3 friends there, which will be awesome. last time i went there i didn't know anyone.

saturday morning: spinning gathering at como park.
saturday afternoon: xmas candy and cranberry habanero jelly and maybe cookies with corrin and possibly heather kieweg. my goal is to have all my xmas candy made and ready to ship out by the end of the month so that i don't have to worry about people getting it on time.
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man did i have a GREAT time this weekend.
after about 30 false starts, i finally got down to the campsite around 6:30 and set up my tent and bought some firewood and met my site mate, renae. she's pretty awesome. there were 3 different sites full of people there for knitting, spinning and dying. the folks running the campsite got a big kick out of us coming to their place to do it, and even put out flyers for a couple of knitting machines they had for sale.
it was just south of the cities...maybe 45 minutes from my house. a beautiful campsite, with very private sites as long as you didn't need full hook-up for an RV.

we didn't get much done the first night, but MAN did we get a lot done saturday. renae dyes. i mean REALLY dyes.
so we had dye pots out pretty early...and it seemed like everyone brought something except me.
renae talked me into dying some of my crapwool, which turned out great. and i also wound up getting some undyed roving (split with renae) and yarn for xmas gifts...some of which turned out awesome and some of which really needs to be over-dyed because renae took one of them out too early by mistake, and the other just didn't end up how i wanted it to.

the first night was numbingly cold and i hardly slept, even in a goose-down bag until the sun began to come up. we had frost advisory - so it probably got down to 35 degrees or so. there was frost on the bath house (which was beautiful, clean and HEATED. very important.
the second night, renae invited me to crash in her pop-up camper. SO nice of her. i woke with a crick in my neck, but otherwise well-rested.
it started raining at around 4am and we had to go rescue all the yarn and roving hanging on the line to dry. this morning was spent cleaning our wet campsite and going to perkins for breakfast, as we were out of propane for the stove and all our firewood was wet.
we had a giant potluck saturday night and wound up with about 12 people at our site and all kinds of good food. i loved making new friends.

anyway, pictures here )
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yesterday's phone status report was premature.
it's dead again.
it seems to be going back and forth. i think the battery is dying. it won't hold a charge.

i'm going camping tomorrow after work!!!! with knitters!!!
i'm very excited.
ross is going to stay home and play bachelor and kitty-sit, and i'm going south of the cities to hang out with knitters and spinners!
today after work:
yarn store
pet store (the kittens need more food)
grocery for ice and hot dog buns (i got these awesome bison hot dogs!)and eggs, and oranges and cider and such!
then home
and corrin is coming over to hang with the kitties (not to see me of course :)
then packing.
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we have decided on names for the little beasties.
kitten update within )

i got some spinning and plying done this weekend and wound up with 2 more skeins of handspun. i'd like to get 7 of them before i start my sweater...but i really should weigh them. the pattern calls for 2.2 lbs, but doesn't give any yardage.
also got some work done on the fawkes socks. it seems like every sock pattern i knit has a different heel and i don't know the names for any of them except that the wrap n' turn heel is one version of a short-row heel. i would like very much to have names to keep them all separate in my mind. i definitely like the short-rows. my feet are wide, but my heels are narrow, and i like the snug fit around them.

as far as the job situation goes, i go back and forth between acceptance of my situation and shock. i'm supposed to be training my replacement this week, but i haven't met her yet, and i'm not eager to do so. i'm doing it because i care about my co-workers and don't want them left to clean up her mess - not because i'm an altruist.
and i think about what i'm going to do next. i sent in an updated resume to the contracting company and applied for one position online yesterday. also found a couple of others that look alright.
the thing is that i've never found a job i like. and i went to seminary partly because i thought if i couldn't do something i liked, at least i could do something meaningful...but i'm starting to wonder, what if that's not enough. what if meaning isn't enough? what if i need to actually like what i do to find satisfaction at work?
i have kind a "grit your teeth and bear it" attitude about the parts of my job i dont' like. i get through it, but i don't like it and i have this crazy idea that i shouldn't have to hate what i do...or even a large part of what i do. and i can't help but wonder if this isn't part of why i haven't had more luck getting a job i want....because i'm never sure that it's going to be something i love - because i haven't done it before - and because part of what i hate is selling myself.
how do ya'll handle this when you are in that position? do you like what you do?

finances are a concern with me being laid off and i feel a lot of pressure to get a job NOW. the kittens were expensive. getting them fixed will be expensive. the medical bills from this summer and fixing ross's motorcycle and my car was expensive. plane tickets to dc are expensive. xmas is expensive.
and this morning my phone wouldn't turn on. i have asked ross to look at it while i'm gone today because he's amazing. if you have called me and i don't call you back - it is because it still won't turn on. i am trying not to worry about any of this and just not spend anything.
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these are my plans for my time after work this week.
today - return the book i bought/read this weekend. dar williams concert.
tomorrow - set up guest room with litterbox and scratching post. go get kitten. take pictures. snuggle kitten. make vet appointment for new kitten
wednesday - go see neil gaiman's promotion of a new book with darla. snuggle kitten.
thursday - snuggle kitten. perhaps introduce kitten to madeleine
friday - snuggle kitten
there will probably be a trip to the vet in there somewhere too. madeliene and the kitten should not meet until the kitten has had a check-up by my vet to verify the cat lady's (although the kitten will be getting tested for flv on monday, so is seeing the vet already. i'm sure it will be fine).
at some point, i'm sure the kitten will also get named. i am very impatient for this.

this weekend was good. friday corrin came over and we knit/spun. dinner was late, but very good when it happened.
saturday i went to the spinning group at como park. Read more... )

i also managed to figure out that i have made a mistake in my fawkes socks. i am still trying to figure out where it is, but that i made it SOMEWHERE is indubitable. so frustrating.

went shopping saturday afternoon, mainly for ross. he now has flannels...one of which i might have to take back...and some other stuff he really needed. i'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes, but i like doing it for other people better than i like doing it for myself. shopping for clothes for me always makes me feel fat. i prefer to shop for more fun things. i got myself a book. the same one i have to take back. maybe i will get knit kimono instead...i have been wanting that for a LONG time.

ross and i spent the evening watching mutiny on the bounty and eating indian food. i have decided i like mango chutney. i might have to make some. i've got a recipe, so it shouldn't be that hard, but i will need to get some half-pint jars. i should also learn to make naan. i've probably got a recipe for that as well, and it's probably twice as hard as it needs to be.
mutiny on the bounty was interesting - and very long. marlon brando kinda weirds me out as a blonde. i almost didn't recognize him. i like watching classics, despite the warbly score and the formality of the speaking. rambly thoughts on social change in movies )

yesterday ross and i had a long heart-to-heart about some mental struggles i'm working through. everytime i realize how he loves me despite my flaws it is an amazement to me....an honor. i am truly blessed to have such a partner.
we had a relaxing afternoon and then had dinner in stillwater with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneymy dinner was not very good, but they took half the price off the ticket and it was a lovely evening. after dinner we went walking along the river and got some ice cream. time with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneyis always lovely.

review of hawkspar by holly lilse. it was good, but not good enough to read again, and not nearly as good as i wanted it to be. unbelieveable character development (in a bad way), unreasoned deductions, failure to carry on the excellent mysticism and power present at the start of the book. worse yet, it was another story of a girl who pays no attention to her friends after she finds romance...blech. BOR-ING. this book could have been AWESOME with better development of side characters and more character development in the main one.
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this week has been SO extra busy.
i got everything done on my to do list except rolling in the llama fiber (it was nasty) and then added some more.
isn't it amazing how the more you have to do, the more you get done?
i started co-moderating a group for liberal xians on ravelry and some really awesome conversation is happening over there. pretty awesome to be part of it.
and we have over 70 members already, which is also pretty cool. i moderate on a couple of other groups as well, but that one is the most exciting for me.
i still have a lot to learn about that site.
i switched cars with ross in case he has a chance to look at my brakes today and oops!@ forgot my badge again. SUCH a pain in the behind. i will have to make sure to stuff it in my bag tomorrow.
i have been contacted by many old friends online this week, including darin chambers and carrie allan (ex-boyfriend and girl i had a crush on in high school/college). it is very cool to be back in touch with them.
i also had a long talk with my long lost eileen! it was fabulous to be back in touch with her. we laugh so hard when we talk, and it is like we were never out of touch.
i got the okay from my boss to have the day off before my dad's 80th birthday, which is awesome. now we just need to get plane tickets!
and i am planning a camping trip with a bunch of other ravelry knitters the weekend of the 3rd. it is going to be SO much fun! i am sharing a campsite to reduce expenses, which is very good.
ross is working the show this week so that one of his co-workers can have a break, but now there has been an issue and he might have to stay on longer than he expected....it is hard to plan things together with him working, but i am getting a lot done in his absense, so i don't miss him too much because i'm so busy...and i do get to see him briefly when i get home sometimes....but i am worried about him running himself ragged again when he hasn't had time yet to recover from august.

for the record. bison bratwurst is phenomenally good.

i picked up my llama yesterday!!!!! woot!
just llama fiber and not the whole llama ([livejournal.com profile] ashoe)
here's a llama, there's a llama... )

i have been spinning - but still on the crapwool. i don't feel i am ready for my really nice fiber yet, and i also am not sure what weight i want to be spinning at since i don't have a project in mind with the other fibers i have yet.
knitting is going slowly. i've been too involved with chores and my computer to get much done except during my lunch break at work.
still, you can see the beginnings of my fawkessocks(named for dumbledore's phoenix) below.
holy crap that's bright! )

my new OS, ubuntu, is fast and free and entertaining to learn from. downloading new programs for it is a breeze. knowing which programs to download? not so much.
[livejournal.com profile] kfringe was my hero for yesterday because he clued me onto the programs i needed to work with my ipod.
unfortunately i am still having trouble. i did a restore on my ipod and that allowed ubuntu to see it again. i found and loaded all my favorite podcasts! filled it up with all kinds of good stuff....and then this morning? crashed and wiped clean again...and now it won't factory restore. on the web i find that all kinds of people are having similar problems with this program and their ipods...so at least i know it's not me...but i think it's time to try the other program....sigh...another day with no music at work. i shoulda quit while i was ahead.
everything else seems to be working well though, and overall, i am pleased with the system.
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i didn' t get to do most of the things i wanted to do for my birthday.
the tattoo didn't happen because they said it would only last 3 weeks and they would charge me double. that didn't seem like a very good deal.
the problem is, i don't think there's any other place i want one.

we then went to go to the tepanyaki place....and called ahead to make sure it wasn't a problem.
once we got there it was a problem. and they were very rude to us.
our business went elsewhere.

the birthday was pretty awesome anyway. we went to the dock, a restaurant in stillwater. the food was amazing and i had a really nice time with susan, corrin and ross. we then went back to our place (with a stop at the liquor store) and watched "the witches" based on the rald dahl book. it was very cute. not as good as i'd been lead to believe, but enjoyable.
the weekend was lovely.
i canned with thistle and shawn and john and tessa on sunday and had dinner out with ross, where we met a really awesome couple. the weather was beautiful, if hot. i got a LOT of spinning done and my first two skeins are complete!

i am quite pleased with the results. there is a sweater in issue 18 of the wheel that calls for bumply, slubby yarn that will be perfect for this.

and we are going to look at kittens tonight!!!!!!
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yesterday i cut out of work early and drove out to lake minnetonka to meet ross and crew. lots of people i haven't seen in a while there, though notably missing were heidi (scott's wife), brandon and [livejournal.com profile] planetjake. they were missed.
i normally have trouble swimming in minnesota lakes. they are just too cold for me. yesterday it was 90 degrees out and it just felt fabulous to be in the water. unfortunately the lake-weed thought so too and so did the little fishes that kept nibbling on me and tickling my feet. still it was great to have an afternoon at the lake.
ross and i had mary mitchel over for dinner and chilling afterward. she is truly a delightful and fascinating lady. i'm glad i had the chance to meet her. she had a lot to say about faith and starting her own non-profit and working in new york. i wish i could introduce her to [livejournal.com profile] vale797. i think they would be fast friends. she is the only person i've ever met who's life is as weird and random as his.

i have been thinking a lot about survivalism recently; talking about it with [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and finding a whole group of like-minded paranoids over on ravelry, appropriately called the chicken littles. does anyone else here have apocalyptic nightmares?
productive paranoia? - be warned this is very rambly )
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this weekend was full of good things and cleaning and reading.
but not much reading.
i am making mad progress on the clapotis that i am knitting for my sister in law. i was surprised at how soon you start dropping the stitches! that has been fun. it's also nice that i can watch movies while i knit because the pattern repeat is so easy to memorize/do.

saturday i met heather and a bunch of other spinners at black bear crossing cafe for spinning group. there was a couple practicing frank sinatra songs on the stage. selkieb thought she recognized the guy as a lounge singer from deep space nine. i never watched the show enough to have any memory of him. it could be.

then i went over to shawn and thistle's with canning supplies....and was there on the wrong day. so i went home and read and knit and was invited back later to hang out and have dinner with them. we wrangled the children and phoenix had some of what i suspect were early teething issues. thistle and shawn seemed to think i was helping, but i don't recall helping.
sunday was the actual canning day. canning )
shawn loaned me about 5 comic books so i am going to have a lot to keep me busy this week.
today is awesome because i am at work early and i will leave early and go play with ross and the rest of the sound department out on the lake. it doesn't really feel like a monday in a bad way because i know i'm checking out early. good stuff.
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ain't it pretty? :)i am THRILLED with how the red in the wood shows through the stain. and very proud that i did it myself. :)

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the weekend continued wonderfully.
slept in sunday - which means getting up at 9am. stained and finished my spinning wheel. made breakfast for ross and i. talked to my folks. managed to get very sunburnt. there is something about physical projects when i am not in a rush that puts me into an almost meditative state. the process of doing has it's own meaning when you know what you are doing and don't have to interrupt your work to ask directions or read them.
i am sore all over from so much stretching and bending and reaching. it is probably very good for me.
susan came over and we went to the fabric store. i spent 2 dollars and got a liner and a zipper for my knitted dice bag. then we went to half-price books and i got a vegetarian cookbook that i think will be a BIG blessing come february.
we made spaghetti and watched hero and put the last oil coat on the wheel. i wiped off a little excess this morning. i am REALLY hoping it will be dry when i come home this afternoon and ready for me to put together. some of the pieces were already dry this morning, but it needs to be more uniformly dry before assembly.
susan also brought me some stuff from her folks, a pair of hand-carders and the aldan amos book on spinning that i've been wanting to read forever. the book has to be returned when i'm done, but the carders are mine to keep. that's pretty nice.


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