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it was very warm this weekend and lovely and sunny. we didn't have to heat the house at all and had to leave the windows open for most of it.
ross was out of town on business, but i kept busy so that i didn't get too lonely.
friday night renae came over and we made soap and over-dyed the skeins i was unhappy with. i also hand-painted a skein of undyed trekking pro natura that i picked up. VERY pleased with the results.
saturday i went to a sheep-shearing out in maple plain, got some icelandic lamb's wool cloud for spinning, and in general had a lovely time.
i was VERY impressed with the shearer. first that she was a woman. second with how fast she went and 3rd with how she didn't nick a single sheep! she was really good.
i stopped at an orchard on the way back and got some fresh prairie spy apples. they are very hard and tart and lovely. great with cheese. it makes me feel so good to get things locally from the original producer without a middleman involved. i like feeling like i am supporting the local farmers, and not wasting gas money for things to be trucked in from out of state. minnesota is a great state for fresh apples. i also got a bunch of jonathans (my favorite). maybe i will try to make pie filling out of them. i bet they would make an awesome tart pie.
ross came home saturday afternoon and i ran errands, made beef stew and fresh bread and christa came over for dinner. i also got a much needed nap. sunday we watched serenety/firefly and i worked on gift-knitting with great success. it was very pleasant weekend all around. i feel like i caught up on a little of the rest i've been missing out on.

dye results below
2eclipse: (knitting)
since the gracious [livejournal.com profile] plsurkity  has been so good as to give me instructions for posting images without a paid account, i am able to provide pictures here-to-fore unavailable.
clicky for the pictures )


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