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it is snowing in minnesota, but not for long. it will shortly be too warm for snow and we will just have dreariness.
i should get some seeds put out in my barrel-halves.

i just feel like i'm constantly doing too much.
and instead of building myself up to do cool things i'm struggling to keep up with my life. i used to have solid weeks of one or two evening things and lots of down-time in between. errands count as an evening thing. so do chores that take more than 5 minutes (so vaccumming and dusting count, but taking the trash out, or emptying the dishwasher does not). the pile-up of my life has left it's excrement all over my desk. i need to spend a weekend organizing, but i don't have a weekend to spend on it.
wah wah wah.
yes i would like some cheese.
honestly things seem pretty good. i'm just irritated and stressed and i can't put my finger on why and that bothers me.
i went to the gym yesterday and had a nice workout. i figured out what i did to mess up my ipod and fixed it.
i have increased the size of my aeolian shawl by a factor of 8 - but it is still small.
i had a lovely evening at the library and got some books and worked on ross's hat at met up wit him and ross and adele at washington square while they had dinner.
i have no reason to complain really. it's just creepy to feel so unsettled.

i heard part of barak obama's press conference on the way to the bar last night. i was struck with the shock of having the president come on the air without my dreading it and changing the station. it would be enough for me simply not to be embarrassed by the man who represents our country. i would have settled for that. but to actually be impressed by him when he speaks? i'm still not over it.
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i have to say that obama was not a perfect candidate for me.
i did vote for him, but with a grain of salt in my sugar.

despite this i am infected by the surge of hope i am feeling from the country today.
and part of me wishes i was in dc today among my fellow citizens to join in the celebration of a man who represents change and hope for so many of us.
i love the blow that his inaugeration deals to racism, putting racsists squarely in the minority. this does not end racism, but it does mark progress. i love feeling national support for green energy and more sustainable life practices. i don't really believe we're going to change all that much...but after 8 years of action or inaction that has made us low in the ranks of countries with green policies, i am hopeful that we will at least START to move in that direction. i hope for better healthcare for the poor. i hope for sustaining jobs for people who want to be working. i hope for the respect of other countries again.
i hope.
i hope.
i hope.
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naomi wolf?
i was listening to npr in the dc area while i was home and a lady was making comparisons between the bush administration and dictatorships around the world! what's worse, she was very convincing!  especially with ideas like how when conquorers are forced to leave a territory to the original inhabitants, the pattern shows that they raid the treasury first - much like the bail out packages do for the bush administration so that when obama goes into office, all the "yes we cans" in terms of healthcare for every american and green power become "no we can't" because we don't have any money.......so i think i've found the link to the story below. and i was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this person and can tell me whether she is  an extremist blow-hard or a serious voice that needs to be taken seriously? i hate what she is saying, but i'm afraid it's true.

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but instead he is determined to keep making an idiot of himself with his poor grasp of the english language until his VERY LAST DAY IN OFFICE!

taken today from yahoo news.
``I regret saying some things I shouldn't have said,'' Bush said.

sigh....oh the redundance.
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my dad - who is an 80 year old minister who grew up in the bible belt during the depression - said something to me when i was in college. he said. "i don't believe it can be wrong to be gay because i don't believe a loving God would put a bunch of people on this earth and condemn them to be lonely."

i don't think that's necessarily true. i think God does put people on this earth in circumstances which prevent them from ever having a satisfying romantic relationship(some forms of retardation or other disability for example, can, but do not necessarily prevent romance, and some conditions kill before ever allowing someone to hit puberty) - and some people like catholic monks are called to a life of celebacy (usually including free from romance).
but something about what my dad said struck a cord of truth for me. i do believe in a LOVING God, not a persecuting God. i don't think it is okay for humans to persecute one another and i do think that's what the mormon church did with their money. hiring someone to do it instead of doing it yourself doesn't make it christian.
and it is also an issue of skewed priorities. even if homosexuality is wrong (i remain unconvinced), there is very little in the bible against it. where as there is a LOT about hate, and poverty and kindness to one another. why aren't we spending our money on that? i am pretty much appalled by what the LDS church did.
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but i have a lot to say.
first and foremost a very happy 80th birthday today to my father, jim hall, who in many ways is the cornerstone of who i am. many happy returns dad.

my family all gathered in va last friday from our various parts of the country, minnesota, north carolina and connecticut in order to celebrate this important birthday. we surprised him. :)
my father is the kind of man who ALWAYS underestimates how important he is to others. he would NEVER have asked us to come together to celebrate him, a  mere 2 months before we will see one another for xmas. all he asked for from us was a letter. but we all wanted to do it. and we all did it. and my sister scrap-booked the letters, and she did a great job.
if you have parents you love/get along with, my advice is to tell them now, while they are still around. it feels good to them and to you. i am blessed beyond words to have the relationships i have with my parents.

in other news, this is (finally) my last week at 3M. there is a piece of me that is looking forward to change even though i'm anxious about being jobless. at least one of my co-workers wants to take me out for lunch on friday.  it has been mostly a good experience working here, and adds a lot to my understanding of how businesses work. we'll see where it gets me. next week i expect to drive out to montevideo to help my father in law assemble stills that he has to ship out to the US embassy in mexico by the end of december. it is a huge order and he needs the help, and we borrowed some money from him back when i had my car accident and needed a new car. so maybe i can work off our debt to him. it does mean that i will not have much access to lj next week. i have still not heard back from the u of m, but there are other jobs i've applied for, both there and elsewhere.

i am very proud of the way my country, and my county voted yesterday. obama is not my perfect president. but keeping a fundamentalist (sarah palin) out of the white house was a priority for me, and i believe obama will do a good job. i am pleased that there will be a re-count on norm coleman's win. i am pleased that betty mccullom continues as my district's representative. i am proud that my county voted strongly to put greater protections on our water resources. i doubt the democrats will keep their lead in congress. i think the anti-bush trend had a huge impact on this election and the powerful force against continuing his policies was a drag on mccain/palin.  i don't think we will see this kind of momentum in 4 years. but i am glad we see it now.
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just for clarification.....my understanding is that this proposition bans gay marriage....does it also ban the civil unions which are currently allowed under california law?
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my boss told me to go vote.
that 3M would pay for the time.

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this is funny - and very inaccurate.
it didn't ask questions about even a quarter of the issues where i have conservative views.

You are a

Social Liberal
(76% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(10% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
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homophobic, censoring sara palin?

i have previously expressed my feelings about censorship and gay rights.
this article speaks for itself.

EDIT: per the kind notification of my readers and snopes, sara palin did not actually censor books. someone else did. she's still fundamentalist enough to have no problems pushing her views on other people in a way that scares me, but this particular incident was created by rumor, not truth.


Sep. 4th, 2008 08:54 am
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what i've been hearing on the radio - and i agree with - is that the fundamentalists love her because of her pro-life stance. but many conservatives are turned off by the choice because they see it as insulting. it looks to them like mccain is pandering to women, and that he has the very wrong idea that ANY woman will draw women to his ticket.
it isn't that sara palin isn't smart that is the problem. and it isn't even that she was a beauty queen. it's the idea that she's the MOST qualified out of all the female politicians out there, and the best for the job.
mccain has said this election isn't about the issues, it's about personality. well he is consistant. he picked a good speaker with a lot of intelligence and charisma who will be a refreshing change from bush in that department, and someone who is not ruled by the party line - like mccain himself. mccain put his money where his mouth is, and i respect him for it, along with many other things.
the problem is that i think he's wrong. this election IS about issues.
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i don't post political stuff all that often, but i have just finished listening to fresh air and i'm extremely concerned. please check out this NPR story for details.
it is an interview with a pulitzer prize winning journalist who has written a new book called the way of the world detailing how the executive branch of our government has used the CIA to run a mis-information campaign against the american people in order to get us to back war in iraq on false premises. the long and the short? they new that there were no weapons of mass destruction before we went to iraq and deliberately deceived the american people. this is an impeachable offense, and there is a law SPECIFICALLY against the CIA running misinformation against the american people. the journalist has recordings to back up the claims of his books.
i have to admit, i have believed this all along, and been against the war all along, so this doesn't come as a big surprise to me or to many of you. what concerns me is that maybe we have become blase about the whole thing. how will bush/cheney ever be brought to justice if there is no public momentum for impeachment? dennis kucinich has brought up impeaching the president several times and the proposal keeps being cast aside. i am going to write letters to my representative. if any of you care about this issue and feel the same way, i hope you will as well.
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nice day.
slept in.
did some studying over coffee w/simona, burnt some cd's....now all i've got to do is find the shampoo so i can bathe the cat.

spoof thing [livejournal.com profile] sunmother sent me:
Official Announcement

The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.


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