May. 7th, 2009 09:11 am
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i saw caroline, or change last night at the guthrie.
it was a FANTASTIC show.
better than anything i've seen in a long time.
tony kushner himself has said that the guthrie's show is closer to his vision than the broadway debut. the only other tony kushner production i've seen is angels in america, which is a powerful show. yet i have to say that there are moments in caroline, or change that are more powerful, in large part due to the talented greta oglesby who plays the title role. she is a woman who really knows how to express herself. but a lot of what i liked best about this show was how kushner holds ideas against each other in ways that make the audience think, and his use of wordplay to highlight ideas.
the title is appropriate, it is largely about change. i need more change in my own life, and more drive to seek it out. it is my opinion that the best theater productions reflect back to the audience and make them think about their own lives. this one does it.
the music is also bloody fantastic.
even the child-actors do a great job, and if they don't hit the notes perfectly every time, they understand their roles and show it.
my only complaint against the whole show was that sometimes when several voices were singing different lyrics at the same time, i could only understand one of them, or sometimes none of them at all.
overall a fantastic show that i highly recommend.

also i got a nap yesterday, which meant i could stay awake for the show.

today will be busy.
i have to:
pick up the comforter at the laundramat
take my car to get the oil changed
send of mom's mother's day gift
get my fanny over to heather's for knit night.

it doesn't sound like that much but i pretty much have to do all of that by 6pm, which is going to feel rushed.
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the show last night was excellent if somewhat different from the movie.
i missed seeing all of the facial expressions up close, and some of the subtlety was lost due to it, but there was very nice juxtaposition of the shadowlands story with the story in "the magician's nephew". the actor playing cs lewis actually reminded me a good deal of [ profile] kurosawa2005in his affect and mannerisms.

i am leaving for virginia on MONDAY!!!!5 more days and i will be there for almost 2 whole weeks! i am really looking forward to vacation.
dana has asked me if i want to go to new york for new years....the answer is that i'm not sure. i would love to see her more and go to a big party and see allan piper. BUT it is right before i fly home and i'm not sure i want all the craziness and i'm not really sure what my options are for new years in dc/va.

i had terrible dreams last night. ross was doing heroine and slept with one of my best friends. i was SO worried about him and angry with him. i woke up thinking about how i could take care of myself if he went nuts and out of control. luckily he woke up too and a minute or two of connecting with the real ross as opposed to the creepy one in my dream did me a world of good.

i continue to love my job. my boss tells me she sleeps better at night because i am there and i am unofficially in charge of one of my co-workers even though we are technically on the same level. i am definitely the kind of employee who thrives on praise. the more credit i am given, the more i will bust ass to excel. my boss supports my decisions and gives me responsibility and i just love it. and the whole group of us laugh together with the exception of A who is just a sourpuss all the time even when i try to include her.

i also got the last of my packages mailed out! i feel truly accomplished. i actually won't have to worry if they will get there on time or not.
the only family not bought for are my in-laws and they are ross's responsibility.
i keep feeling like i've forgotten to do something though. stress has shadowed me so constantly that when it's suddenly not there it comes as a shock.

things left to do:
drug store for prescription refills and candy canes for work
grocery store to stock up on cat litter before going out of town
buy membership at community center gym
helping ross with whatever he decides with his parents.
get the guest room ready for andrea

i actually have time to do all this!
then there is the "if i get to it list"
extra knitting projects
dry clean the spare comforter
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-9 degrees and snowing in the frigid north today. not nearly as cold as it was yesterday.
the snow is actually quite lovely.
today i will get packages out(what hasn't gone out already, anyway), and go see shadowlands at the guthrie with heather kieweg. it will be good to see her.
then i will have to take care of my yarn swap person this week and work on whatever "fun stuff" i want to get done for people who aren't on the " i MUST give something to this person!!!" list. and my xmas cards, which aren't even begun yet.

i did get the tree up, and get ross and my dad and the nonsense gifts for the extended family even though it was bloody cold out yesterday.
and i got the remains of the extension cord out of our snow-blower, which apparently eats extention cords.

i love this time of year, craziness and all.i CHOOSE the sacrifices i am choosing...but i feel like i have no depth to me. i don't have time to think deeply about things and i get mad at anyone who even suggests i might have a deep thought - from my perspective they are just asking for too much from me. i can feel things deeply right now and advent is not entirely lost on me, but not think deeply. i will begin to think about meaning again once i am on vacation. not before. i can only be so awesome at any given time. sorry.
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this weekend was full of good things.
friday night i went out to merlin's rest for drunken knit night. details )
also i had a good long talk with my wonderful ceci, who is now MARRIED to ben closs (CONGRATULATIONS!!!). my dad married them quick in my parents family room so that they could get arrangements made for being a military family on base when they move out to san fran. the "real" wedding will be out there.

saturday was the irish fair. i sorted and culled my knitting stash early in the morning, and stopped by jory and simona's before heading down and had a really nice couple of hours with them. i don't see enough of them. jory gave me a ride down to the fair, which was quite nice of him.
the best thing ever was finding out that my name in irish is "froach." this isn't exciting until you understand that it is pronounced "freak!" i can't stop laughing about that. i got a flask i've been wanting forever, but mostly i listened to music (the tannahill weavers and mcinnis' kitchen impressed me a lot)and talked to people i didn't know. i hung out with ryan a bit and he introduced me to some gamers i hadn't met before. they seemed very cool, and like they might liven up the game quite a bit. i might have to go check it out to see.
i got a call from ross saying he was going to be home for a bit so i ran home to catch some time with him. we had dinner together and then i went back to the guthrie with him to see the show. more details )

sunday i went and checked out a new church. ross pointed out a umc church that is even closer to me than the one i was going to and dissatisfied with. i could probably bike there if i wanted to end up at church all gross and sweaty. i am so glad i went. it is a mostly older crowd, but there was a baptism and a youth scholarship presentation, so it's not all old. the people were super-friendly and welcoming and came and introduced themselves, but not in a you're-new-we'll-put-you-in-the-spotlight kind of way. the pastor is a big teddy-bear of a man and made an appointment to meet with me and show me around the church and such in the future. i had a nice chat with him.
most of all. they need me. a woman went out of her way to come sit by me and tell me how much they need someone to help with the youth. she said she had been praying about it and when i showed up (a younger person with a christian education)she took the opportunity to tell me all about it in case i'm willing. she also practically invited me to join her bluegrass band without an audition(which was quite flattering, although i haven't heard them yet either)...i'm not sure how much i can help. i'm really hoping to get a job that might take my time on sundays and wednesday nights. but i can't read the future and maybe i'll get a different job instead. what i do know is that people seemed ready to use my skills and be my friend at this church. something i was missing at the other place. i will definitely go back. this place feels like a answer to what i have been praying for in a lot of ways. i just need to feel it out a little bit (in order to believe it is what it seems), and do some discernment work to figure out what i can give them.

i got to talk with [ profile] xerotic for a good long while and catch up (and threaten to steal his booty since he threatened to deny me booty in the first place - it's only fair). it is always awesome to talk with the surma.
and i got a message from the cat lady. she is hoping we can come out tonight to see if we want one of her kittens!!!! that would be so awesome in every way.
it seems like way more happened this weekend than could possibly fit into a weekend. i am back at my morning crunches again (although only 60 this morning), but so far that is the only thing good about the weekend being over. i would like another 2 days, please.
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yesterday was great if somewhat tiring.
i slept a lot. A LOT.
got confident with knitting socks on circs, went cross country skiing (not far because i started to get sore pretty quickly, but i got a good workout), went grocery shopping(badly needed), put everything away, showered, helped ross load a mitre saw into my backseat for scott to borrow, and went out with ross, scott, heidi and the girls to see peer gynt at the guthrie.
i liked the show. it was a lot like eating overcooked squid. not entirely pleasant, but extremely interesting, and so chewy that you have to work at it til it's digestable before you can swallow it. some parts were really funny, and it certainly wasn't a doll's house....but ibsen did something i'm beginning to recognize as typical of him. he feeds you a lot of seemingly meaningless frivolity and then turns around and deepens the meaning so thick it takes a while to understand it all in the last 10 minutes of the show. i need to look up the last words of the play, because i missed about half of what the actor said and i think it would add even further to my perceptions what ibsen was trying to say about women completing men and it's impact on our final reckoning.
i got to breifly see [ profile] planetjake during the intermission, which was great. i wanted to go out for drinks, but i'm still feeling so tired from being ill....that and i really need a lot more b vitamins in my diet.

anyway,heres some knitting stuff for those who are interested. )


Jul. 18th, 2007 08:20 am
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it's official.

my absolutely FAVORITE thing about my new job is that i e-mail back and forth with people who address me as "anderson san."

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