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→ Open your itunes / winamp.
→ Put to shuffle mode.
→ Find pictures of the first 15 artists. If repeated, skip it.
→ Have your friendslist guess the 15 artists.
bands )
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happy st. patty's day!!!

it is a very good day in heatherland.
despite the annoying co-workers trying to get me to wear a nametag.
i HATE nametags. they make me feel naked.

gaelic storm ROCKED last night.
it was a really great concert. last year ross went out drinking with the band after the concert. i will have to wait til this afternoon to find out if he got to do that again this year. susan and i enjoyed it tremendously and i awoke with "me and the moon" stuck in my head. lovely.

additionally i GOT MY YARN!!!!!
i am pretty much in a permanant state of yarngasm over this.

i will be winding this into a center-pull ball, which is easier on the yarn, but as it stands i still have to reach into my bag to pet the yarn every so often.

the weekend was pretty good.
first off the weather was gorgeous. it got into the 50's for the first time since november. yesterday it was 62. LOVELY. supposedly this coming weekend we can expect 70 degrees!
we had dinner with jerad and rachel and laughed very hard with them over the surreality of relatives. they are good people. we also got my old college dorm fridge back from them. i loaned it to jerad while we were in seminary, and then i just never got it back from him...ah well.
then of all the weird things we got a new tv.
this bears some story-telling. our friends anne and russ got a brand new 40" LCD flat panel samsung. with a minor cosmetic defect. i mean MINOR. ya know the place where the plastic meets the screen? there is about 5" of light discoloration on the plastic ridge near the screen. it is not even visible unless you are standing over it. but they called the mfg and let them know. the mfg sent them a new tv. they did not ask for the old one back.
they offered it to us for half price!
so as a result we have an awesome new tv! the picture is so clear and the depth in the picture is amazing! the old is going to a friend who has done us MIGHTY favors looking after our cats for free. it is a behemoth and i will be glad to get it out of the house, but it is a perfectly nice tv with a good quality picture.

saturday we programmed the tv. and ross picked up his car - we still don't know what's wrong with it. i got lots of knitting done and sent out my trade yarn to the lovely person who sent me the silk. i finished a hat for charity.
sunday john and darla came over and we had pork barbeque and johnny jump-ups and played games. it was all very good.
today we have tentative plans to hang out with ryan and adele with drinking and cornbeef and cabbage for them and ???.not exactly sure what for me. i will have to bring something.
tomorrow corrin is coming over for bsg. thursday i think we are seeing the truits and friday susan and guiness are coming over.
it will be a busy week.
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today truly is a happy friday.
first it is the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] kurusawa2005 and [livejournal.com profile] ventrueahole

second. it's friday. what's not to love about friday.
third. we are going to jerad and rachel's for dinner and games tonight. it will be good to see them.
forth. SOMEONE on ravelry MADE MY MONTH yesterday. remember i was drooling over that lace pattern and lusting after mahogany over marmalade (orange brown) silk lace that i can never afford ravelry link here? someone on ravelry heard my woe and offered to trade me for two skeins of sock yarn and $20 over paypal. my world is complete! i'm going to actually GET my silky buttery exquisiteness! ~raptures~ 1000 yards!!!! i'm going to roll in it. this means i've got the makings for 2, possibly 3 incredible lace shawls. no one should be THIS happy about yarn. but i am. i have a day full of happy fiber fantasies ahead of me.
those of you who are knitters will understand. for the sake of those of you who are not, i will continue on about other things.
fifth. our friends anne and russ got a big-ass lcd tv that is way better and bigger than ours. it had a factory defect. a small place at the bottom of the screen is incompletely covered by one of the layers of coating. anne didn't even notice it, but russ did. they called the company, who sent them a new one and didn't ask for the old one back. they are therefore selling it to us for a STEAL. finally we can get rid of the monstrosity that ross and i can barely lift together and that takes ridiculous space and leaves permanant impressions on our carpet!!! and it will do all kinds of technical things that will make ross happy. i like it when ross is happy.

i went to the gym yesterday, so i feel great today, if a bit sore. i went to spinning class, which i had been missing for a while. i need new gym shoes.
the ones i have are weird in the toes and gradually cut off my circulation during my workout. it changes a little depending on how much time i spend on my toes during my workout. yesterday's was good. the instructor worked us harder than she has in the past. the only thing that sucked is the endless techno. now i don't mind electronic music. i've occasionally been known to listen to it on purpose. but not a whole 45 minutes worth with only 3 tracks! i depend on change of music during my work out to distract my brain from the pain of the workout. and this stuff was just NOT interesting enough. i mentioned it to the instructor as a suggestion? and she (who is maybe 18) talked to me like i was an imbecile who knows nothing about music, telling me it is an "aquired taste" like enjoying music that never changes and has no lyrics makes her a better person. i find sentiments like this disgusting.

ross is still fighting off a migraine from yesterday. i came home and he was sick on the couch, poor guy. i therefore had to make him spaghetti and meatsauce and garlic bread and rub his neck. i so rarely get the opportunity to really take care of him and go the extra mile (like an extra trip out for garlic bread), that i treasure times like this. i am not happy that he hurts, but i am happy that i get to show him how i love him, not just tell him.

we watched crash last night. man what a star-studded cast!
crash movie review )

at somepoint this weekend i still hope to see watchmen. i don't expect to like it. i do expect to get a better feel for the story, and movies made from non-traditional comics. we also plan to get together with darla and john and play board games at some point. these things will be good.

i wish everyone as awesome a friday as i am having. :)
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this weekend was a blast.
good in all kinds of ways.
friday i went out to dinner with a couple of co-workers at a vietnamese bistro. i almost never get vietnamese food and this was wonderful. then we went out to the jonathan coulton concert at the history theater.
oh my god it was awesome!.

concerty goodness )
saturday i got to sleep in and read , which was blissful. and then susan and i went x-country skiing, which was terrific. it was a little cold, but the sky was so clear and blue and amazing and the snow was deep and soft and new (being only about 2 days old - we got 6 inches on thursday). i'm pretty sure next time susan will bring her dog, guiness. he's a very good dog and we are slowly using him to aclaimate the kittens to the presence of dogs. he has done quite well with madeleine, who seems to think he is her personal toy. susan and i got dinner and then we all hung out at our place and watched batman and went in the hot tub, which was sorely needed.

sunday we were supposed to get together with ryan, but ne never called. ross and i hung out and watched movies and i knit and he worked on computer stuff. then we went out to dinner with ann and russ, who we haven't seen in an age. it was very satisfying. i feel sore in all the good ways from x-country skiing and it makes me feel like i earned my laziness on sunday. :)

ross and i continue to be very happy with the current lay-out of our living room, despite the crowd. the energy flow is just very nice. it feels good in that room. it makes me curious to find out what we have in all the corners according to feng shui. one of my girlfriends is a serious amateur with that stuff, i should probably consult her. i'm hoping we can do as well in the basement.

i signed up for those classes to get certified for teaching adult literacy as a volunteer and i'm feeling pretty good about it. i am beginning to feel like myself again. it is a good thing.

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damnitstupidwhoeveryouare listeningtoxmasmusicbeforethanksgivingandmakingmelistentoo!!!

there are days when i think headphones should be required at work.

and i think it is one of the managers....sigh
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once again gaelic storm will be playing at the guthrie on st. pattie's day.
this time i will be there.
there will be drinking. oh yes, there will be drinking.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:17 am
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last night was the best concert i've been to all year.
including seeing boiled in lead on st. patty's day and including the really awesome GBS concert.
shawn mullins opened for dar, which i wasn't expecting. he's kinda so-so for me as an artist, but i really liked his stories. i also like that he puts his rhymes in the middle of his sentances. you also get to talk to artists after the show at a lot of guthrie concerts. he told me he rhymes that way because he's inspired by chris christopherson.
his performance was good.
but dar? she shown. she glowed up there on stage. i knew i liked her before the concert (although the christians and the pagans makes me mad on a semantic level - i realize that it is a song that the world needs - i feel that it perpetuates some false comparisons). i like her SO much more now. i got a whole different sense of her songs at the concert...but also i got a sense of HER and where her songs come from. and she talks about beauty and the way she sees things in a way that moves me deeply. she also tells great stories and is very funny. i am so glad i went.
also she reminds me of my friend katelyn.

i also picked up a new (large) scratching post, moved the small one we had into the guest room for the kitten (which will help her get used to madeliene's smell).
and i returned that book. i picked up a copy of storm front by jim butcher instead (in paperback, so i got some $$ back as well). all ya'll have been talking him up so much i figuree it's about time i checked him out.

it is raining softly outside and looks to continue for the rest of the day.
it is a good day for hot coffee.
it is a good day for a kitten.
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these are my plans for my time after work this week.
today - return the book i bought/read this weekend. dar williams concert.
tomorrow - set up guest room with litterbox and scratching post. go get kitten. take pictures. snuggle kitten. make vet appointment for new kitten
wednesday - go see neil gaiman's promotion of a new book with darla. snuggle kitten.
thursday - snuggle kitten. perhaps introduce kitten to madeleine
friday - snuggle kitten
there will probably be a trip to the vet in there somewhere too. madeliene and the kitten should not meet until the kitten has had a check-up by my vet to verify the cat lady's (although the kitten will be getting tested for flv on monday, so is seeing the vet already. i'm sure it will be fine).
at some point, i'm sure the kitten will also get named. i am very impatient for this.

this weekend was good. friday corrin came over and we knit/spun. dinner was late, but very good when it happened.
saturday i went to the spinning group at como park. Read more... )

i also managed to figure out that i have made a mistake in my fawkes socks. i am still trying to figure out where it is, but that i made it SOMEWHERE is indubitable. so frustrating.

went shopping saturday afternoon, mainly for ross. he now has flannels...one of which i might have to take back...and some other stuff he really needed. i'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes, but i like doing it for other people better than i like doing it for myself. shopping for clothes for me always makes me feel fat. i prefer to shop for more fun things. i got myself a book. the same one i have to take back. maybe i will get knit kimono instead...i have been wanting that for a LONG time.

ross and i spent the evening watching mutiny on the bounty and eating indian food. i have decided i like mango chutney. i might have to make some. i've got a recipe, so it shouldn't be that hard, but i will need to get some half-pint jars. i should also learn to make naan. i've probably got a recipe for that as well, and it's probably twice as hard as it needs to be.
mutiny on the bounty was interesting - and very long. marlon brando kinda weirds me out as a blonde. i almost didn't recognize him. i like watching classics, despite the warbly score and the formality of the speaking. rambly thoughts on social change in movies )

yesterday ross and i had a long heart-to-heart about some mental struggles i'm working through. everytime i realize how he loves me despite my flaws it is an amazement to me....an honor. i am truly blessed to have such a partner.
we had a relaxing afternoon and then had dinner in stillwater with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneymy dinner was not very good, but they took half the price off the ticket and it was a lovely evening. after dinner we went walking along the river and got some ice cream. time with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneyis always lovely.

review of hawkspar by holly lilse. it was good, but not good enough to read again, and not nearly as good as i wanted it to be. unbelieveable character development (in a bad way), unreasoned deductions, failure to carry on the excellent mysticism and power present at the start of the book. worse yet, it was another story of a girl who pays no attention to her friends after she finds romance...blech. BOR-ING. this book could have been AWESOME with better development of side characters and more character development in the main one.
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friday was great big sea.
and they were fantastic. well worth the 2 hours i sat in traffic and scrambled to find parking
to get the tickets. the scrim was ugly. the lighting was terrible. the sound guy had no clue
what he was doing and you could barely hear the harmonies.
they did a lot of stuff off their new album, fortune's favor, that i frankly think is crap.
the only whiskey being sold was jack.
and it was still a fantastic show.
it says a lot when a band can do that.
also one of the new t-shirts for them has a big octopus on it. tentacles FTW!

ross didn't have as good a time as i did, cuz he wasn't feeling very well. but i think he was
glad he went.
susan and her friend will and salsa and another feste we knew(but who's name i can't
recall) were there as well.

mostly it was a relaxing weekend for me. not-so-much for ross, as he was working on setting up
a triple-boot on his new work-laptop.
we picked up my car (new front tires, front-end alignment) from the shop. i need new brakes
and my rotors checked, but as it rained pretty much all weekend, that wasn't about to happen.

i talked to the cat lady on friday and found out that they are getting their last shots this coming saturday. i can pick up our kitten monday!!!

i also made ketchup.
from scratch.
it was terribly fun. )

ross fixed my computer in addition to his laptop, and set me up with a new install of ubuntu, which
neither of us have ever used before. so far i am very pleased. i am going to be able to finish my letter
for my dad now. it's fast. and there are programs for
everything (typicaly linux). and there are even some podcasts out there to help me learn to use it.

linux podcast woes )

the rest of the weekend was mostly spent relaxing, staying up too late reading, and watching sopranos episodes
with ross (while he worked on his laptop and i knit or spun).
i have started a new pair of fawkes socks (named for dumbledore's phoenix). they have been waiting to be knit
for a while. the yarn (fleece artist *swoons*) has been sitting in my yarn basket....and moreover, the maple
leave socks are giving me fits.
i frogged them out once because they were too big and started them again at a reasonable size...but ultimately
the problem is that this yarn just doesn't work witht his pattern.
the maple leaves are so cute and i want them to pop out visually. this yarn isn't doing it. i will frog them and
make something else with it and find some other yarn to knit the maple leaves with. i might even do it in a solid
and then hand-paint the leaves so they stand out. some people on ravelry have done that and it looks great.
i also finished heads and bodies for 2 knithulhus this weekend. i need to make the wings, stuff them and put them
together and they will be finished. i could probably finish both of them AND the one that just needs wings tonight.
but i have other things to do like getting cat food and picking up a package from UPS while they are still open.
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a very happy birthday to my sister, cam.
who doesn't have or read lj.
but who deserves a happy birthday anyway.

i am thoroughly disgusted with ticketmaster and it's crazy pricing. i am SO happy to give good musicians for providing me with stimulation and enjoyment, but $30 of added charges onto $25/ea tickets adds up to $80/ticket. ridiculous and unreasonable. they are shooting their own industry in the foot. i am driving down to state theater to pick up my tickets for GBS today (and get my free cd!). it makes me angry out exploitative and opportunistic our capitalistic system can be. i'm in favor of capitalism. i think it's the best system we've come up with so far. but "what the market will bear" gets a bit out of control sometimes and i wish we had more balance.

my dad is turnin 80 in november. that's kind of a big deal. and something nice is that i'm not the only one who thinks so. all of us kids and my mom are planning a surprise party for him. he didn't even ASK any of us to come, because we are all coming for xmas roughly 2 months later. all he wants from us is a letter.
i am posting about this here in part to remark on my father's incredible humility and selflessness - while he, himself is the most generous man i've ever known - but also because this is a great idea for a gift that is inexpensive, personal and meaningful.
the letter he wants is about why/how we love him.
my sister is going to scrapbook all the letters into a book for him.
and then we are all going to show up the weekend before his birthday to surprise him. :)
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great big sea.
in minneapolis
friday night.
with the wrench

i'm so there.
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this weekend was full of good things.
friday night i went out to merlin's rest for drunken knit night. details )
also i had a good long talk with my wonderful ceci, who is now MARRIED to ben closs (CONGRATULATIONS!!!). my dad married them quick in my parents family room so that they could get arrangements made for being a military family on base when they move out to san fran. the "real" wedding will be out there.

saturday was the irish fair. i sorted and culled my knitting stash early in the morning, and stopped by jory and simona's before heading down and had a really nice couple of hours with them. i don't see enough of them. jory gave me a ride down to the fair, which was quite nice of him.
the best thing ever was finding out that my name in irish is "froach." this isn't exciting until you understand that it is pronounced "freak!" i can't stop laughing about that. i got a flask i've been wanting forever, but mostly i listened to music (the tannahill weavers and mcinnis' kitchen impressed me a lot)and talked to people i didn't know. i hung out with ryan a bit and he introduced me to some gamers i hadn't met before. they seemed very cool, and like they might liven up the game quite a bit. i might have to go check it out to see.
i got a call from ross saying he was going to be home for a bit so i ran home to catch some time with him. we had dinner together and then i went back to the guthrie with him to see the show. more details )

sunday i went and checked out a new church. ross pointed out a umc church that is even closer to me than the one i was going to and dissatisfied with. i could probably bike there if i wanted to end up at church all gross and sweaty. i am so glad i went. it is a mostly older crowd, but there was a baptism and a youth scholarship presentation, so it's not all old. the people were super-friendly and welcoming and came and introduced themselves, but not in a you're-new-we'll-put-you-in-the-spotlight kind of way. the pastor is a big teddy-bear of a man and made an appointment to meet with me and show me around the church and such in the future. i had a nice chat with him.
most of all. they need me. a woman went out of her way to come sit by me and tell me how much they need someone to help with the youth. she said she had been praying about it and when i showed up (a younger person with a christian education)she took the opportunity to tell me all about it in case i'm willing. she also practically invited me to join her bluegrass band without an audition(which was quite flattering, although i haven't heard them yet either)...i'm not sure how much i can help. i'm really hoping to get a job that might take my time on sundays and wednesday nights. but i can't read the future and maybe i'll get a different job instead. what i do know is that people seemed ready to use my skills and be my friend at this church. something i was missing at the other place. i will definitely go back. this place feels like a answer to what i have been praying for in a lot of ways. i just need to feel it out a little bit (in order to believe it is what it seems), and do some discernment work to figure out what i can give them.

i got to talk with [livejournal.com profile] xerotic for a good long while and catch up (and threaten to steal his booty since he threatened to deny me booty in the first place - it's only fair). it is always awesome to talk with the surma.
and i got a message from the cat lady. she is hoping we can come out tonight to see if we want one of her kittens!!!! that would be so awesome in every way.
it seems like way more happened this weekend than could possibly fit into a weekend. i am back at my morning crunches again (although only 60 this morning), but so far that is the only thing good about the weekend being over. i would like another 2 days, please.


Aug. 5th, 2008 01:01 pm
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great big sea is playing at the state theater september 12th.

and TMBG is playing at 1st ave september 12th.

you see my problem.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:02 pm
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Friday September 12th
Minneapolis, MN at First Ave -- AGES 18+
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one of the things that makes me nuts is when people just randomly post song lyrics.
i don't mind lyrics, but they have to MEAN something for me to feel like they are worth my time without the music behind them.
so i'm going to tell you about some that are meaning something to me today.

vienna teng continues to be one of my favorite artists. i think [livejournal.com profile] spiralshell especially should listen to her. she had GREAT lyric phrases like, "a little flock of boxes and i, surrounded by a painted white unknown" about a new apartment. also she's a kickass pianist who can play bongos and piano at the same time (i've seen her do it, though she doesn't do it on this song), and ACTUALLY nice enough to go out in the crowd and talk to people after her show.
she doesn't write about puppy love although love is a factor in some of her songs. she writes about corporate corruption and gay marriage and religion (although i think she's an atheist) and deciding not to have an abortion and how hard it is to move into a new apartment and lullabies for frightened children...she writes about things all of us go through or know someone who has gone through. she writes about the things she thinks about.
more importantly to me, she writes about things _i_ think about.
her song "soon, love, soon" has been in my head today. it is a song that is full of hope for the future. [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and i have had discussions in the past about one difference between her generation(boomers) and mine being our cynicism vs. their hope. they are a generation prefers and identifies with the roadrunner, whereas we almost universally see ourselves in the coyote (this is from a survey/book, i'm not making it up). when i think about this difference, i think yes, this is because my generation is being saddled with SO much in the way of corruption and global warming and national debt that previous generations wracked up for us....and then i think about how little we are doing to change things and feel ill to my stomach.
but that doesn't mean that my generation is without hope. it means that we can't buy into hope that isn't grounded in something...we don't like hope for the sake of hope. we like hope for the sake of...something else. what that something else is varies, depending on the individual.
and what do we hope for? all kinds of things. i hope for the things in this song. i hope for peace and unity without the loss of self-hood. i hope for the understanding that allows for compromise and wisdom. i hope for it to come soon. i don't expect it to be soon, but i hope for it. and my hope is grounded in God, but it is also grounded in the brilliance and the initiative and creativity and kindness of the friends who have supported me in this life and who i continue to meet and be inspired by. it is grounded in the people who i see around me determined to throw their lives against the current in life even when there is no hope they will succeed because of the faith that they can make a difference in this world even if they never see it in their lifetime. this song embodies that hope for me. it also has a pacing and a tone of bittersweet sadness that suggest that it will not come without work. it will not come easily. it will not come in the way that fits our expectations exactly. it will not come without a price. and really, what in life that is worthwhile comes easily? this song holds a hope i can believe in.
it also has kickass backing vocals that suggest something tribal and primitive. that change will not only happen for our intellect and spirituality, but at the deep core of what we are. they bring the kind of passion that comes from the gut and set it square at the heart of the song.
so yeah. everyone should know and love vienna teng.
and these are her lyrics.

lyrics here )
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...and also like harry potter

i went in search of "the death eater song," acclaimed by [livejournal.com profile] tyratae.

i did not find a song about death eaters that is to the tune of 99 luftballons.
i DID find:

a myspace page that plays a dark lord version of the 12 days of xmas

a list of ENTIRELY too many death eater songs put to familiar tunes

and some freak who is cleverly trying to put together a death eater musical!~

...i'm just sayin'.
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with 7 songs. Then tag 7 people to see what they're listening to:

re: your brains - jonathan coulton
tower - vienna teng
congradulations - sweet colleens
getting scared - imogen heap
rhythm section want ad - TMBG
endgame - REM
zephyr song - red hot chili peppers

tagged: [livejournal.com profile] vale797, [livejournal.com profile] xerotic, [livejournal.com profile] silvertongue1, [livejournal.com profile] zankoku_zen, [livejournal.com profile] pixiecup, [livejournal.com profile] sidhebear
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