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fucking. awesome.
judy dench's character is creepy as hell and the best frickin' basis for a malkavian i've ever seen.
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today truly is a happy friday.
first it is the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] kurusawa2005 and [livejournal.com profile] ventrueahole

second. it's friday. what's not to love about friday.
third. we are going to jerad and rachel's for dinner and games tonight. it will be good to see them.
forth. SOMEONE on ravelry MADE MY MONTH yesterday. remember i was drooling over that lace pattern and lusting after mahogany over marmalade (orange brown) silk lace that i can never afford ravelry link here? someone on ravelry heard my woe and offered to trade me for two skeins of sock yarn and $20 over paypal. my world is complete! i'm going to actually GET my silky buttery exquisiteness! ~raptures~ 1000 yards!!!! i'm going to roll in it. this means i've got the makings for 2, possibly 3 incredible lace shawls. no one should be THIS happy about yarn. but i am. i have a day full of happy fiber fantasies ahead of me.
those of you who are knitters will understand. for the sake of those of you who are not, i will continue on about other things.
fifth. our friends anne and russ got a big-ass lcd tv that is way better and bigger than ours. it had a factory defect. a small place at the bottom of the screen is incompletely covered by one of the layers of coating. anne didn't even notice it, but russ did. they called the company, who sent them a new one and didn't ask for the old one back. they are therefore selling it to us for a STEAL. finally we can get rid of the monstrosity that ross and i can barely lift together and that takes ridiculous space and leaves permanant impressions on our carpet!!! and it will do all kinds of technical things that will make ross happy. i like it when ross is happy.

i went to the gym yesterday, so i feel great today, if a bit sore. i went to spinning class, which i had been missing for a while. i need new gym shoes.
the ones i have are weird in the toes and gradually cut off my circulation during my workout. it changes a little depending on how much time i spend on my toes during my workout. yesterday's was good. the instructor worked us harder than she has in the past. the only thing that sucked is the endless techno. now i don't mind electronic music. i've occasionally been known to listen to it on purpose. but not a whole 45 minutes worth with only 3 tracks! i depend on change of music during my work out to distract my brain from the pain of the workout. and this stuff was just NOT interesting enough. i mentioned it to the instructor as a suggestion? and she (who is maybe 18) talked to me like i was an imbecile who knows nothing about music, telling me it is an "aquired taste" like enjoying music that never changes and has no lyrics makes her a better person. i find sentiments like this disgusting.

ross is still fighting off a migraine from yesterday. i came home and he was sick on the couch, poor guy. i therefore had to make him spaghetti and meatsauce and garlic bread and rub his neck. i so rarely get the opportunity to really take care of him and go the extra mile (like an extra trip out for garlic bread), that i treasure times like this. i am not happy that he hurts, but i am happy that i get to show him how i love him, not just tell him.

we watched crash last night. man what a star-studded cast!
crash movie review )

at somepoint this weekend i still hope to see watchmen. i don't expect to like it. i do expect to get a better feel for the story, and movies made from non-traditional comics. we also plan to get together with darla and john and play board games at some point. these things will be good.

i wish everyone as awesome a friday as i am having. :)
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this weekend:

tonight - dinner with scott and heidi and the girls
tomorrow - amy is coming over and i will teach her to knit and hopefully we will cheer her up.
sunday - maybe watchmen? i will admit to blasphemy. i didn't much care for the comic. i am hoping the movie will be better. i liked v for vendetta better than i liked the comic.

hopefully there will also be time to finish my book.
wings of wrath by c.s. freidman rocks. i am really enjoying it so far.
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Oscar best picture nominees with the ones I've seen bolded. Like [livejournal.com profile] wanderingbastet , from whom I stole the meme, I only bolded the ones I'm sure about.

1980. Ordinary People, Coal Miner's Daughter, The Elephant Man, Raging Bull, Tess
1981. Chariots of Fire, Reds, Atlantic City, On Golden Pond, Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982. Gandhi, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Missing, Tootsie, The Verdict
1983. Terms of Endearment, The Big Chill, The Dresser, The Right Stuff, Tender Mercies
1984. Amadeus, The Killing Fields, A Passage to India, Places in the Heart, A Soldier's Story
1985. Out of Africa, The Color Purple, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Prizzi's Honor, Witness
1986. Platoon, Children of a Lesser God, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Mission, A Room with a View
1987. The Last Emperor, Broadcast News, Fatal Attraction, Hope and Glory, Moonstruck
1988. Rain Man, The Accidental Tourist, Dangerous Liaisons, Mississippi Burning, Working Girl
1989. Driving Miss Daisy, Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Poets Society, Field of Dreams, My Left Foot
1990. Dances with Wolves, Awakenings, Ghost, The Godfather Part III
1991. The Silence of the Lambs, Beauty and the Beast, Bugsy, JFK, The Prince of Tides
1992. Unforgiven, The Crying Game, A Few Good Men, Howards End, Scent of a Woman
1993. Schindler's List, The Fugitive, In the Name of the Father, The Piano, The Remains of the Day
1994. Forrest Gump, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, The Shawshank Redemption
1995. Braveheart, Apollo 13, Babe, Il Postino (The Postman), Sense and Sensibility
1996. The English Patient, Fargo, Jerry Maguire, Secrets & Lies, Shine
1997. Titanic, As Good as It Gets, The Full Monty, Good Will Hunting, L.A. Confidential
1998. Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth, Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella), Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line
1999. American Beauty, The Cider House Rules, The Green Mile, The Insider, The Sixth Sense
2000. Gladiator, Chocolat, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Erin Brockovich, Traffic
2001. A Beautiful Mind, Gosford Park, In the Bedroom, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Moulin Rouge
2002. Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Pianist
2003. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Lost in Translation, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Mystic River, Seabiscuit
2004. Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, Finding Neverland, Ray, Sideways
2005. Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Good Night and Good Luck, Munich
2006. The Departed, Babel, Letters from Iwo Jima, Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen
2007. No Country for Old Men, Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, There Will Be Blood
2008. Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, The Reader

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...and going to see coraline in the theaters. which was wonderful.
i recommend it.

but last night i dreamt i was going to rescue my best friend.
my best friend had been kidnapped by one of many alien races and was on a planet where only they and their slaves were permitted.
the aliens were caste divided.
i went to the spaceport to meet my teacher and depart. i got (affectionately) attacked by 3 snufflepigs....kinda like big hairy dogs with pig noses. my teacher shooed them off - and was an alien version of patrick stewart. he had 5 eyes and 5 sub-eyes. all different colors. all used for different kinds of communication.
i would be having a third eye and 2 sub-eyes implanted on the trip and he was going to teach me how to use them so that i could pass as one of the castes of aliens and rescue my friend.
it was completely neat.

the weekend turned out much less stressful/full than i anticipated.
for one thing i got the gaming weekend mixed up - that's next weekend.
for another ross and i woke up with headaches on sunday morning and ross decided not to go visit his family. we still had susan over for dinner. and saturday instead of gaming we got the mantle piece up, and i learned about drilling holes in concrete, which is pretty exhausting, but not nearly as hard as i'd imagined. the mantle looks great and there will be pictures once my computer is working again. zombiecomputer is low on the priority list when i can borrow ross's at home and we've got so much else to do. in the meantime, pictures will have to wait.

ross got our taxes done last week and we look forward to getting a substantial return this year. in large part because some of it is going to go to our media server and some of it is going to go to finishing the basement. yes i know we got the walls done. but there is still the ceiling and the carpeting and walling off the washer/dryer and furnace.

sunday was all about errands and going to see coraline and going out for breakfast. all of which was lovely.
it felt good not to be so hectic....i just still feel so tired. hollow inside. like i'm getting rested on the outside, but not on the inside....and ross doesn't seem tired at all. i don't know how he does it.
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to tell me that our power is out.
good thing we have a fireplace! it is also dependent on electricity to keep the valve open, but it will take D batteries when there is a power outage. i am so glad we got the most efficient model. it keeps our upstairs VERY warm.
ross is hoping to get the mantle finished this weekend.

also good thing it went out AFTER my alarm went off and i got to work...i really need to take measures about putting batteries in my alarm clock.

i am very happy today, mostly because i found out this morning that jonathan coulton is coming to play in the twin cities at the end of the month. i've been wanting to see him forever. i am VERY excited.

going to the gym yesterday didn't happen because my work-out clothes were all in the dryer. need to plan better about these things. so i will go today because yesterday i missed my class and went to the grocery store and made chicken with creole rice and eggplant parmesan. it is an interesting thing to me. i have found that i get cranky when i have to think about what what i want for lunch at the last minute. i really resent paying for my lunch every day so i have become very dependant on having leftovers around to take to work. having extra food around so that i don't HAVE to cook makes me very happy.

it occurs to me that minnesotans have different definitions of a LOT of words. their standards are just different. a minnesota goodbye is one that takes an hour....and then another half-hour in the driveway. minnesota nice is nice and welcoming and helpful to your face, but can backstab when you aren't looking or keep you at a distance.
i'm thinking we need a few more of these:'
minnesota cold: this seems to me 20 degrees or lower. temperatures above this, even though they may be below freezing, tend to get thought of as "chilly" or even "nice" after a month or so below 0.
minnesota spicy: something other than ketchup or salt in your food. not that there aren't a few exceptional minnesotans out there craving more, but in my experience most minnesotans simply can't take the heat.
any other suggestions?

also i am REALLY craving to see a movie in the theater just now.
things i want to see (half of which are probably already gone)
gran torino
the reader
the wrestler
slumdog millionaire
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so ross had touch-up surgery on his eye today and it went very smoothly. the procedure was pushed back a bit because the other dr.'s office didn't fax over the paperwork...but it went through and was quick and painless for ross and now he is under dr.'s orders to take a nap. and i am back at work. i took a few hours off to drive him there, most of which i already made up earlier in the week. i will have to work a bit late today, but i've had a nice break as well as a nice lunch from byerly's while he was in the waiting room.
mmmm...sushi and italian bean salad.

we have mainly put touches on the drywall the past few days.
ross is gradually putting corners on the edges and mudding the edges and popping some scrap pieces into place where appropriate. i am slowly getting better with a screwgun although i still suck with anything taller than me.
it just keeps looking better a little bit at a time. also he went out and got me a putty knife so that i can get just as messy as the guys this weekend. :)
i love how thorough he is. he has thought out all the reasons for doing everything...like putting the fireplace upstairs instead of downstairs even though heat rises...and what we can do to warm up the basement so that i can enjoy it more..there is always a good reason and it feels good to count on him that way and that he is always willing to work with my concerns. it makes doing this kind of work and decision making so much more fun.

we watched monster last night with charlize theron. i really value that movie. i can't say i love it because it left me too upset and unsettled. but the acting was brilliant and the story well-told and the make up job was... everybit as impressive as the borg queen but way more realistic. it is a disturbing movie...that drives home how easy it is for ignorance and wishful thinking to take us down the wrong path. how hard it is to listen to good advice when it has a touch of hate in it. how our motives become distorted and how bad actions really do make a bad person no matter how sympathetic and good the intentions can be. how control really is an illusion. it is hard movie to take and i needed the comfort of ross and star trek and a good book afterward...but i'm really glad i saw it.

speaking of good books. mom mailed me her copy of snow flower and the secret fan, a book i've been wanting to read for over a year. i am REALLY enjoying it so far.

it's still bloody cold outside. -47 below windchill this morning and -27 degrees without it.....up to about -4 degrees right now, which feels balmy in comparison. i'm REALLY glad books and movies and drywalling and working out at my gym can all be done indoors.
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home again home again jiggety jig.

a whole 2 weeks off.
man has that been great!
i haven't had a break like that in years...at least...not one that didn't also qualify as unemployment, which does NOT feel like vacation.

family and xmas stuff )

new years and friend stuff )

i saw two movies while i was on break. no spoilers below.
seven pounds was the first. and i will say it was enjoyable. but it was not at all what i expected from the preview. i expected something of an action/mystery movie...instead it was a disjoined emotional roller coaster. it was well acted and well directed and is based on a great idea....but i don't think it was well written. it is not a movie i will want to watch again. 2 stars.
doubt, on the other hand, was probably the finest movie i've seen since pan's labrynth, although completely different from that movie. it was extremely finely crafted in just about every way i can think of. it is about a power conflict in a catholic school - so the subject matter will not be to everyone's taste. but it was right up my alley. to start with, the acting was nothing short of exquisite. meryl streep is always good, but this time she is complimented by the rest of the cast performing right up to her caliber - even the children and small roles are excellent and sometimes powerful and poignant. the set is great, really showing the shabbiness and industrial feel of 1960's east coast catholic schools. every piece of furniture looks like it is from exactly the right period (to my untrained eye, anyway). everything in this movie looks appropriate to the time - and this is important because although this movie touches on issues of sexuality that have profound relevance for our church and society today, there was a different attitude about many of these things (this is set just just after kennedy's assasinaction - about the time of the second vatican council 1962-1965), and a powerful force of change in the church. which brings me to the direction. which is great. the story is told in a linear way with powerful use of expressions in silence. wind is used continuously through the movie, representing change. positions are suggested rather than stated. questions are almost not asked between characters, and yet are clearly communicated all the while extending to the audience and suggesting profound theological insights. This movie is directed in a way that draws you deeper and deeper into the questions instead of solidifying your opinions. not to say you will not have an opinion about what really happens at the end of the movie. but your opinion will be just that. only an opinion. and the audience as well as the characters must take a good look at the meaning and the value of doubt. it gets 5 stars in my book. :)

i arrived home on friday night.
ross picked me up. we had a truly lovely friday night/saturday, making the most of my last couple of days with no alarm clock and staying up late. all the warmth and affection of the past two weeks seemed to drift between us. we watched the 10th kingdom (one of my stocking gifts to ross) and i loved it.  i ignored the phone and left the grocery list alone. i cuddled my very-missed cats.
sunday was spent with the in-laws and was boring and tedious and uncomfortable - but not as bad as it could be. we came home with a great deal of bison meat, a dvd of old johnny carson comedy acts, and some stuff we will have to re-gift as neither of us like cashews much. we got the xmas tree down and the dvd collection moved and the corner of our living room is ready to be viewed by the fireplace people who are coming to see if we have a reasonable hope of getting a gas fireplace installed. it will be gas, and not what either of us would most like. but it will greatly improve our quality of life to have a fireplace in the house, so a compromise is in order. we will see what we can do.

work today is still pretty slow, which is very nice. and a lot got cleaned up over the holiday lull. i am about half-way through the e-mails that piled up while i was gone. rachel and jerad are planning to come to dinner tomorrow and we are hoping to see susan and corrin later in the week.
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this is either going to be SO good or SO terrible.

i hated what he did to willie wonka.... :(
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last night i dreamed that i flew to va and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and extended family and came up with food ideas for the holiday coming up...only i wasn't there for the holidays yet. i had to fly back. and i ripped the butt out of my jeans. so mom too me to the mall to this custom jeans maker and it took forever. and i missed my flight.
it was a pretty rotten dream.

but the preceding weekend was mostly good.
i went to the mall before going to drunken knit night on friday, in hopes of finding shoes. i had no luck on the shoes, but did get some piercing studs, which revealed that my earring holes have NOT all closed up after my surgery (when i had to take the earrings out and couldn't put them back in again). everything is open in my right ear and the left ear is more open that i had thought. all very good. also picked up some stocking stuffers for ross. then i stopped at borealis. that is always dangerous.
damage beneath the cut )

heather and deborah both cancelled for drunken knitting night, but that was probably good because it was PACKED. i did get to hang out with renae. there must have been more than 30 people there. there were also bagpipes. it was a good time. i realised that "thumb gusset" sounds like a dirty thing to call someone.

saturday morning was spinning group and heather keiweg came and it was totally enjoyable. i haven't gotten to spin for a while now because i've been so focused on getting xmas knitting done. )
anyway, i almost filled my bobbin. i believe i have gotten my mother of all tightened down enough that ross may stop making suggestions about dado-ing my spinning wheel as well. that would be very good because i think putting a dado in would drastically reduce flexibility if i wound up getting a different flyer.

then corrin came over and we made jelly. two different kinds, habanero cranbery raspbery and pomegranate raspberry. both are completely made of awesome, especially the pomegranate raspberry on ice cream.mmmm... we canned a little over a dozen jars and i got my hands all full of habanero oils and had to wash my hands about 50 times and even then my hands burned just a little bit because the steam from the canner was hot. but it was mostly a good kind of burn. we had to do part of the cooking of the habanero jelly outside because the habaneros are so potent.

sunday ross and i went to see the new bond film, which neither one of us was impressed with. bond was good, m was good, but nothing else about the movie really hung together or was compelling. i don't expect depth from a bond film, but i do expect a good story.
then we went home and watched the spiderwick chronicles and that was very good. i got a lot of knitting done on the cabled scarf i'm making for my brother. i will likely finish it this week. the cabling looks awesome but the scarf badly needs to be blocked.

yesterday i stayed home from work because my neck was all wrapped up in muscle cramps to the point where i was fairly useless. hot showers, extra sleep, heating pads and lots of alleve seem to have calmed it down enough for me to be at work today, but it still hurts. i don't know if it cramped up because i slept on it funny or because of the sudden lack of stress in my life. either way i wish it would go way.

tomorrow i'm getting the oil changed on my car and today i am going to the butcher and we are having friends over for dinner. at some point i need to get my xmas candy done. it is going to be a busy week.
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needs to read this NOW!

Edit: with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wanderingbastet for corrections on the epic screw-up. :P
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these are my plans for my time after work this week.
today - return the book i bought/read this weekend. dar williams concert.
tomorrow - set up guest room with litterbox and scratching post. go get kitten. take pictures. snuggle kitten. make vet appointment for new kitten
wednesday - go see neil gaiman's promotion of a new book with darla. snuggle kitten.
thursday - snuggle kitten. perhaps introduce kitten to madeleine
friday - snuggle kitten
there will probably be a trip to the vet in there somewhere too. madeliene and the kitten should not meet until the kitten has had a check-up by my vet to verify the cat lady's (although the kitten will be getting tested for flv on monday, so is seeing the vet already. i'm sure it will be fine).
at some point, i'm sure the kitten will also get named. i am very impatient for this.

this weekend was good. friday corrin came over and we knit/spun. dinner was late, but very good when it happened.
saturday i went to the spinning group at como park. Read more... )

i also managed to figure out that i have made a mistake in my fawkes socks. i am still trying to figure out where it is, but that i made it SOMEWHERE is indubitable. so frustrating.

went shopping saturday afternoon, mainly for ross. he now has flannels...one of which i might have to take back...and some other stuff he really needed. i'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes, but i like doing it for other people better than i like doing it for myself. shopping for clothes for me always makes me feel fat. i prefer to shop for more fun things. i got myself a book. the same one i have to take back. maybe i will get knit kimono instead...i have been wanting that for a LONG time.

ross and i spent the evening watching mutiny on the bounty and eating indian food. i have decided i like mango chutney. i might have to make some. i've got a recipe, so it shouldn't be that hard, but i will need to get some half-pint jars. i should also learn to make naan. i've probably got a recipe for that as well, and it's probably twice as hard as it needs to be.
mutiny on the bounty was interesting - and very long. marlon brando kinda weirds me out as a blonde. i almost didn't recognize him. i like watching classics, despite the warbly score and the formality of the speaking. rambly thoughts on social change in movies )

yesterday ross and i had a long heart-to-heart about some mental struggles i'm working through. everytime i realize how he loves me despite my flaws it is an amazement to me....an honor. i am truly blessed to have such a partner.
we had a relaxing afternoon and then had dinner in stillwater with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneymy dinner was not very good, but they took half the price off the ticket and it was a lovely evening. after dinner we went walking along the river and got some ice cream. time with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneyis always lovely.

review of hawkspar by holly lilse. it was good, but not good enough to read again, and not nearly as good as i wanted it to be. unbelieveable character development (in a bad way), unreasoned deductions, failure to carry on the excellent mysticism and power present at the start of the book. worse yet, it was another story of a girl who pays no attention to her friends after she finds romance...blech. BOR-ING. this book could have been AWESOME with better development of side characters and more character development in the main one.
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we finally went and saw hellboy last night. i enjoyed it. it was definitely better than the first one. but i was disappointed after reading all the good reviews it was getting. it wasn't THAT much better than the first one, and the first one was a big disappointment to me. guillermo de toro is a genius. but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

my clapotis is coming along nicely. i am quite pleased.
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okay here's the entry i wish i had time to post earlier.
assembly of the spinning wheel was not an option yesterday due to the finish not being dry yet. it is SO hot and muggy this week...rather more muggy than hot...and it is keeping the finish from drying out. that and the fact that i have to keep the garage door shut when i am not home so that no one pilfers my project or damages it.
but i did get to hang out with ross for a bit and then we went over to shawn and thistle's for dinner.
cedar and phoenix are almost obscenely cute.

dark knight review )
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i haven't been on lj much lately.
i'm not dead. but my computer is and work just put a policy out about internet use...my contract is up for renewal this month so i'd better pay attention to such things. ross ordered me a new video card yesterday, but it hasn't come yet. amounting to me having to dart in and use the computer when he's not.
and he's a computer geek.
you get the picture.

i did, however, have a lovely weekend. finish my cotton socks - which i like, but i'll be looking for organic fiber next time - i didn't realize all the NASTY stuff that goes into processing and growing cotton. it is NOT eco-friendly. hmmm..maybe i should pay attention to that when i buy clothes too. somehow i hadn't made the connection there.
yeah, anyway the socks are lovely and the ribbing holds them up nicely without any added elastic and they MATCH. which is very cool.

seeing a lot of susan and corrin and biking and walking whenever it's not raining. but it's raining a lot. i don't mind, because our plants need it, but it means we don't get out as much as we could.

also i LOVED iron man.
and i am enjoying imagica (my first full length clive barker book). but it's weird. kinda reminds me of neverwhere.
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thursday evening ross changed the breakpads on his car (and i helped a little).
somewhere in that process he managed to hurt himself badly or aggrivate a previous hurt.
at first we thought it was just heartburn - at which point i went to bed - but ross wound up going to the ER and they diagnosed him with a pleural effusion. a pleural effusion is a pinch or a bubble in the membrane lining the chest cavity. and apparently it sucks because they put ross on the good drugs and told him he's on restriction re: physical activity. it is supposed to work itself out in a few days. he is doing much better than he was last week.

but it definitely changed our plans for the weekend. we had been talking about getting the boat ready to go out and getting my breakpads changed and he wanted to work on his harley....none of that was realistic.
so we went and saw prince caspian.

ross and i hung out, went for a walk, went to barley john's with susan and [profile] patchhat, filled my growler (refillable beer jug), giggled a LOT (it happens when you hang out with [profile] patchhat, watched house episodes (again) and had john and darla over sunday evening for dinner. i got to make soap base and go run out and take advantage of borealis's yarn sale to get more yarn for knithulhu's (i'm on #4) and some cherry tree hill to make a gift for my sister in law for xmas. it was a good weekend.
i also got a lot of reading done.
books )

susan is made of awesome. and i have new stuff to read. i also got a bread machine book and breath and bone by carol berg at barnes and noble because they sent me an awesome coupon in addition to my membership discount. i am VERY book happy right now. i have read cryptonomicon and this alien shore before.
imagica is turning out to be pretty awesome though.

 the knitting is going very well.
i finished a knithulhu and have started another. also i am almost done with a cotton sock. i figure it is a good idea to make some socks i can actually not overheat in for the summer. these are VERY simple compared to my other current sock projects, but they self-stripe (sockina) so they will be pretty enough without complicated lacework. we'll just have to see how well they stay up. cotton is not very elastic.
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this weekend was lovely.
friday i finished my second knithulhu....(and i already have requests for more! really i should sell them on etsy)
ross and i had a lovely dinner at the local indian place and then went to see 88 minutes - which he liked and i hated. the acting was great. but al pacino yells a lot and i don't like yelling. and i didn't like any of the characters. and there was too much cutting and suspense for me. and then ross and i had a disturbing conversation and i had nightmares.
so i gues that part wasn't so good.
but saturday was sunny and i started the PRETTIEST socks ever. they are called marie antoinette socks and they feature honeybees in the lace pattern. and i am using a super smooshy cat's pajamas yarn that i love.
also i read a lot. i finished newton's cannon by greg keyes. it wasn't great, but it was enjoyable. i liked the characterizations and the alternate history was very interesting even if there were parts of it i didn't buy. i am now about half-way through kepler's witch, a biography of astronomer johannes kepler, his science, his religion and his mother's trial as a witch during the 30 years war. it is very interesting.

ross and i went out to see forbidden kingdom as a matinee. it was fun. not a great movie, but a good one. then we met jory and simona for some food and drinks at washington square.
yesterday was beautiful and spent with more movies (at home), more reading, more knitting, and a walk in the beautiful sunshine with ross.
overall a very relaxing and wonderful weekend.
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this weekend there were friends, friends and more friends.
friday ryan came over and we gamed
saturday we cleaned, shopped and made vast quantities of meat for a few friends to enjoy. it was lovely to see everyone.
shawn and thistle brought over the weirdest stinkiest fruit i have EVER seen/eaten. it's called a daikon monthong. monthong is the type of daikon.
it is spikey and large and if you throw them at people you can kill them because they are so heavy and sharp.
there will be pictures and more of a description later. when i have access to my pictures again.

we slept in sunday, watched some movies.
movie reviews )</lj-cut after movie-watching we went over to adam cerling's for shadows of yesterday with shawn, john truit, adam and tim wheatly. i am enjoying my character's relationship in that game, and i really like the system. ross and i went in the hottub and chit-chatted about life. it was a lovely evening. he's really my best friend. i wish he were feeling better. his stomach is giving him grief. it is snowing. it is march 31 and it is still snowing. we are supposed to get 8 inches today. i have a non-profit job fair to go to at the u of m (it's an all-day thing really, but i'm only planning on taking a half-day off of work). the catch is that my boss has not yet responded to my request for the afternoon off even though i asked last week. wish me luck.
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everything is squared away for my graduation.
the regalia is ordered.
the payment plan is put together (and mostly finished)
the transcripts are sent and accepted at wesley.
and my folks have agreed to drop a quarter by the library.
ross and i paid my library fines, but apparently they decided to charge me interest at the last moment. it would cost us more to mail them a quarter than the quarter itself.

i had something of a disturbing day yesterday.
first it was snowing. on easter. i'm not a fan.
second, ross failed to understand that it was important to my happiness that he go to church with me on easter and xmas. i don't ask him to go with me most of the time. he has his own faith and i respect that. but we didn't communicate adequately and he wished he had gone with me later.
we DID have an excellent theological discussion afterward...but it was an upsetting one for me, because sometimes he knows me better than i know myself. cut for those who don't care )
he thinks i am trying to be everything and am therefore not getting my spiritual needs met. he is probably right.
string of other small things that are wrong )

ross and i watched a movie that really upset me. a perfect world with kevin costner and clint eastwood. the first part of it was great, but the last part of it was so...human and painful and it really wrecked the happiness of the first half of the movie. i wound up upset all over again and it was more work to get myself out of it. i couldn't get that sad, upsetting ending out of my head. it was too real. and i couldn't do anything about it. i have the best, most understanding husband in the world. he gave me the space i needed and the affection i needed and then we enjoyed the rest of the evening together...

my dreams last night...reflected the movie, and my worry over madeleine...and the child of some friends. the re-occurring theme was that i was responsible and bad things kept happening beyond my control. from cedar ending up alone by himself in my parent's basement with the lights out to 15 small helpless cats outside my house with no one else to feed them....it was not a good sleep situation last night.


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