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but happy birthday anyway [livejournal.com profile] cuddlejunkie1!!

hope your morning is better than mine has been.
first thing i got to do this morning was clean up cat poo and give leto a bath.
he was less than pleased about this, but he had dirtied his butt and scooted it all over the tile and the countertops.
i was less than pleased about THAT. disinfectant to the rescue!
...and if leto is the biggest pain in the butt to bathe of all our cats, he is also the biggest snuggler afterward. he just wants to bury his face in my arms and pretend it never happened. very sweet.

hopefully the rest of the day will be better.
tonight i have the first of my classes for adult literacy training. i am looking forward to it, but also starting to feel a little nervous.

the weekend was extremely productive.
susan came over and spent the night friday. we all went out for thai and played board games. it is always lovely to spend time with susan. i am HOPING that having guiness around will gradually acclaimate the kittens to dogs. madeliene no longer fears him in the slightest and even takes pot-shots at him when she's bored. i believe she is fully recovered from the introduction of the kittens at this point. she has established herself as top cat and is now as affectionate as she ever was and back to making pictures with claw marks on my neck (she likes to hang out on my shoulders).

i meant to make a cake and go to the grocery store and clean the house for ross's birthday. but what he wanted was not a special meal, or a cake, or a clean house. what he wanted was for me to bash heads in a computer game with him and a couple of his friends all day. so that is what happened saturday. about 13 straight hours of diablo ii. not what i anticpated, but definitely a good time. i did finish his hat and he has promised to model it for me at some point. i think he liked it that i kept it a surprise.

i also got to do a whole lot of dyeing over at renee's yesterday.
and she showed me how to use combs and minicombs and gave me about half of a romney fleece that she no longer wants to work with! i've never spun with romney before but this fleece is long and fine and pretty dirty. i think i may save working on it for when i have gotten combs or mini-combs at shepard's harvest. speaking of which, i suppose i should start thinking about mother's day gifts...

here is the lot that got dyed.

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dear leto.

what is it with the feet?
my feet will not pet you.
my feet will not feed you.
my feet will most certainly not play with you.
my feet? really they are not interested in you at all.
in fact they regularly trip over you and kick you by accident as a result of your swooning all over them.
wtf cat?

your confused mom.
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so i found out today that one of my friends at work has been let go. a permanent employee, not contract like me.
and it is his position that i'm going to be filling for at least the next 2 weeks.
and that feels sketchy. i liked this guy. we went and got tea together almost every day for a while. i feel bad that i couldnt' say goodbye.
but i also found out that he was being a real creep to others in NOT OKAY ways.
i don't know how to feel about my good fortune being at his expense.

good fortune being another 2 weeks paychecks, and the immense goodwill of my co-workers/supervisors, etc.
my agency called me and told me they had been told how grateful 3M is for my positive attitude. that feels good and i earned it. it just feels weird to replace a friend.

i took leto in to be fixed last night. the breeder decided she didn't want to use him as a stud, so there was no real reason to keep him whole.  the vet called this morning and said everything went really well this morning, but he kept kicking the anaesthesia needle out of his leg, so he mostly had gas and might be awake enough for me to take home this afternoon instead of tomorrow. that would be very good.

i am re-reading the foundation trilogy by isaac asimov and am enjoying it tremendously. i normally don't care for books that aren't character driven, but this is a notable exception. i don't fall in love with asimov's characters, because it isn't who they are that is important. what is important is what they think. his characters come up with ideas that no one else in the story has and that the forward progress of the story depends on. they are idea-driven rather than character driven or even plot driven and it is very exciting. i love the underlying believe that it is ideas that make people great. i don't believe it is the only thing that can make someone great, but what a wonderful thing when it happens! i have never read anything like asimov's work, although vernor vinge's work is clearly influenced by it.

it snowed all morning here but nothing stuck. we expect more snow tomorrow. it is so beautiful and exciting at the beginning of winter.  i feel energized by it. i have always associated "over the river and through the woods" with thanksgiving, rather than xmas, so it feels right to have snow this time of year to me.
tonight susan is coming over. we haven't seen her in about 2 months because she's been so busy with school.
tomorrow i expect to be canning with corrin, knitting, drinking cider/cocoa and weather permitting - playing vampire tag. it is looking like a good weekend.
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....i just need to remember to be grateful for it.
actually i AM grateful for it, but interesting isn't always good.
for instance, this morning i caught leto mounting his sister.

they are only 5 months old. a little shy of that, actually. SHE may not be sexually mature, but he definitely is. ross and i have been trying to schedule something for her for a while now and just haven't put it as high enough priority. i left him a note this morning asking him to take her in. if he can't do it...well i'll stay home from st. cloud this weekend and get her fixed. ross is helping them roof this weekend. much as i would dearly love to see [livejournal.com profile] eltanin and [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart, we do not need MORE kittens. especially inbred ones.

game last night was pleasant, but not as much fun as the first sessiondetails for my life with master. )

mainly the good news is that i have an interview at the U of M. or rather, i will once i have stopped playing phone tag. the position is basically doing the same type of thing i'm doing now. but it's a REAL job, not a contract job. with benefits. and tuition reembursement. and a pay raise. i could really use those things. i'm still interested in all of the things i have previously talked about. but i want some security too.
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we have decided on names for the little beasties.
kitten update within )

i got some spinning and plying done this weekend and wound up with 2 more skeins of handspun. i'd like to get 7 of them before i start my sweater...but i really should weigh them. the pattern calls for 2.2 lbs, but doesn't give any yardage.
also got some work done on the fawkes socks. it seems like every sock pattern i knit has a different heel and i don't know the names for any of them except that the wrap n' turn heel is one version of a short-row heel. i would like very much to have names to keep them all separate in my mind. i definitely like the short-rows. my feet are wide, but my heels are narrow, and i like the snug fit around them.

as far as the job situation goes, i go back and forth between acceptance of my situation and shock. i'm supposed to be training my replacement this week, but i haven't met her yet, and i'm not eager to do so. i'm doing it because i care about my co-workers and don't want them left to clean up her mess - not because i'm an altruist.
and i think about what i'm going to do next. i sent in an updated resume to the contracting company and applied for one position online yesterday. also found a couple of others that look alright.
the thing is that i've never found a job i like. and i went to seminary partly because i thought if i couldn't do something i liked, at least i could do something meaningful...but i'm starting to wonder, what if that's not enough. what if meaning isn't enough? what if i need to actually like what i do to find satisfaction at work?
i have kind a "grit your teeth and bear it" attitude about the parts of my job i dont' like. i get through it, but i don't like it and i have this crazy idea that i shouldn't have to hate what i do...or even a large part of what i do. and i can't help but wonder if this isn't part of why i haven't had more luck getting a job i want....because i'm never sure that it's going to be something i love - because i haven't done it before - and because part of what i hate is selling myself.
how do ya'll handle this when you are in that position? do you like what you do?

finances are a concern with me being laid off and i feel a lot of pressure to get a job NOW. the kittens were expensive. getting them fixed will be expensive. the medical bills from this summer and fixing ross's motorcycle and my car was expensive. plane tickets to dc are expensive. xmas is expensive.
and this morning my phone wouldn't turn on. i have asked ross to look at it while i'm gone today because he's amazing. if you have called me and i don't call you back - it is because it still won't turn on. i am trying not to worry about any of this and just not spend anything.


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