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yesterday i was freaking out about money.
i NEED a job....yesterday.
and i didn't get the job with the nuns. still waiting to hear back from them about why so that i can adjust my tactics.
and today i got asked to do a phone interview tomorrow!! *dances* i'm psyched. the job is doing admin work for the presbyterian church.
not A presbyterian church, but their big organizational office. i'm pretty excited about that possibility. i think my education would really come in handy there and it is one of the few jobs out there that i think would make use of it.
cross your fingers for me.
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Good afternoon, Heather Anderson!

We have found your resume at monster com

American Latvian Humane Society Green World is seeking for those who is fond of animals and wants to help them, for those who is concerned with the problem of animal extinction.
We offer you job that will take you only 3-7 hours a day. The work is well paid.

Your opportunities are available in the following areas:

* Fundraising
* Special events
* Wildlife rescue
* Construction
* Animal care
* Education
* Board of Directors
* Office Help

Salary: $800 and more per week.

This is a unique offer that you'll be interested in even if you already have a constant workplace. It's possible to work in the evenings and on week-ends.
You will also get a medical insurance and public welfare.
At the moment we have a special "Make a happy Christmas for you and animals" and we are seeking those who is concerned with our pets' fate.
Please, don't hold aloof from animals' problem, think about them. If we don't help them, who will? If you have a desire and opportunity to work, please, e-mail me: {joel_wayman@yahoo.com}
We are looking forward to receiving your answer and you are very welcome to join our team.


Respectfully, Joel Wayman

American Latvian Humane Society Green World

now, i did a google search on this organization and found NO reference anywhere. and then there's the fact that he's using a yahoo address.
does anyone else feel their "scam-dar" going off? i contacted monster about him. we'll see what they have to say.


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