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happy st. patty's day!!!

it is a very good day in heatherland.
despite the annoying co-workers trying to get me to wear a nametag.
i HATE nametags. they make me feel naked.

gaelic storm ROCKED last night.
it was a really great concert. last year ross went out drinking with the band after the concert. i will have to wait til this afternoon to find out if he got to do that again this year. susan and i enjoyed it tremendously and i awoke with "me and the moon" stuck in my head. lovely.

additionally i GOT MY YARN!!!!!
i am pretty much in a permanant state of yarngasm over this.

i will be winding this into a center-pull ball, which is easier on the yarn, but as it stands i still have to reach into my bag to pet the yarn every so often.

the weekend was pretty good.
first off the weather was gorgeous. it got into the 50's for the first time since november. yesterday it was 62. LOVELY. supposedly this coming weekend we can expect 70 degrees!
we had dinner with jerad and rachel and laughed very hard with them over the surreality of relatives. they are good people. we also got my old college dorm fridge back from them. i loaned it to jerad while we were in seminary, and then i just never got it back from him...ah well.
then of all the weird things we got a new tv.
this bears some story-telling. our friends anne and russ got a brand new 40" LCD flat panel samsung. with a minor cosmetic defect. i mean MINOR. ya know the place where the plastic meets the screen? there is about 5" of light discoloration on the plastic ridge near the screen. it is not even visible unless you are standing over it. but they called the mfg and let them know. the mfg sent them a new tv. they did not ask for the old one back.
they offered it to us for half price!
so as a result we have an awesome new tv! the picture is so clear and the depth in the picture is amazing! the old is going to a friend who has done us MIGHTY favors looking after our cats for free. it is a behemoth and i will be glad to get it out of the house, but it is a perfectly nice tv with a good quality picture.

saturday we programmed the tv. and ross picked up his car - we still don't know what's wrong with it. i got lots of knitting done and sent out my trade yarn to the lovely person who sent me the silk. i finished a hat for charity.
sunday john and darla came over and we had pork barbeque and johnny jump-ups and played games. it was all very good.
today we have tentative plans to hang out with ryan and adele with drinking and cornbeef and cabbage for them and ???.not exactly sure what for me. i will have to bring something.
tomorrow corrin is coming over for bsg. thursday i think we are seeing the truits and friday susan and guiness are coming over.
it will be a busy week.
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that was my weekend.
all of the predicted people came over, and that went well. we entertained scott and heidi and the girls and went in the hot tub, and everyone liked the lasagna, which is awesome for 9-year-olds who don't normally like vegies.
saturday amy came over in the evening and i taught her to knit. we will see how much she remembers the next time i see her.
i got a GREAT deal of spinning done. 2 more skeins worth.
it is all slubby as desired. but i'm not at all sure of my consistancy.
which means that i can swatch all i want, i will still not be sure that the skeins will match up. the ruler test might help.
i am still pleased to have accomplished so much, and i may even have enough spun for one more skein, which would put me at 7 total. i got a spinning t-shirt at the gym when i was there last week. it is brown and blue and just says "spinning" on it. and i know that it means the kind you do on a bicycle, but i take great pleasure in the fact that i can mean it two ways.
i also made significant progress on my clapotis, which is very soft and blue and will go with lots of things. there is a part of me that wishes i had made it in a heavier yarn - say, worsted weight. but i suppose i can always make another one and give this one away if i feel it suits someone else better.

sunday ryan came over and...is doing terrible, but not bad for someone who is grieving. i am worried about him.

ross and i are trying to decide what to do with our tax return. a new microwave is definitely in the plans since the one we have is tempermental about when it wants to work. and getting the dishwasher fixed. but i am in favor of hanging onto it and just getting it repaired rather than replacing it so that we can make some more progress on the basement. we will also be getting a water softener for our shower. i am hoping this will be a big improvement.

work today is good in that i can pretty much zone out with my ipod and do busywork. but i'm already annoyed at one of my co-workers. she asks me how to do things and then goes and asks other people and does the easy thing rather than the right thing. i feel very impatient with that. if she doesn't want to do what i tell her, she shouldn't waste my time asking me.

we are supposed to get more snow this week. i'm not sure how much. i expect we will have several more snowfalls before spring is here for good. at least it is warmer.
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...and going to see coraline in the theaters. which was wonderful.
i recommend it.

but last night i dreamt i was going to rescue my best friend.
my best friend had been kidnapped by one of many alien races and was on a planet where only they and their slaves were permitted.
the aliens were caste divided.
i went to the spaceport to meet my teacher and depart. i got (affectionately) attacked by 3 snufflepigs....kinda like big hairy dogs with pig noses. my teacher shooed them off - and was an alien version of patrick stewart. he had 5 eyes and 5 sub-eyes. all different colors. all used for different kinds of communication.
i would be having a third eye and 2 sub-eyes implanted on the trip and he was going to teach me how to use them so that i could pass as one of the castes of aliens and rescue my friend.
it was completely neat.

the weekend turned out much less stressful/full than i anticipated.
for one thing i got the gaming weekend mixed up - that's next weekend.
for another ross and i woke up with headaches on sunday morning and ross decided not to go visit his family. we still had susan over for dinner. and saturday instead of gaming we got the mantle piece up, and i learned about drilling holes in concrete, which is pretty exhausting, but not nearly as hard as i'd imagined. the mantle looks great and there will be pictures once my computer is working again. zombiecomputer is low on the priority list when i can borrow ross's at home and we've got so much else to do. in the meantime, pictures will have to wait.

ross got our taxes done last week and we look forward to getting a substantial return this year. in large part because some of it is going to go to our media server and some of it is going to go to finishing the basement. yes i know we got the walls done. but there is still the ceiling and the carpeting and walling off the washer/dryer and furnace.

sunday was all about errands and going to see coraline and going out for breakfast. all of which was lovely.
it felt good not to be so hectic....i just still feel so tired. hollow inside. like i'm getting rested on the outside, but not on the inside....and ross doesn't seem tired at all. i don't know how he does it.
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it's friday!!!!

and i finally got to the gym last night for spinning class. i feel SO good. good enough that i woke before my alarm and increased to 100 crunches this morning. my sets are 20, so increasing by one set seems to work for me. we'll see if it lasts. the thing is that even if it isn't true, i FEEL skinnier after i work out.
love those endorphins. then i came home and didn't have to cook! eggplant parmesan is better the second day anyway. all i did was make salad.

i have made a new friend at work. her name is kate. we have talked via e-mail for about two weeks and i am hoping to set up a coffee date to meet her in person. she grew up on a hobby farm in virginia(near richmond), likes to carve wood, read science fiction and fantasy, and game. she sounds awesome.

my computer at home is officially kaput. the hard drive blew out again. i am seriously thinking there is something wrong with the computer that keeps eating hard drives. goddamn zombie computer eating its own brains...

tonight christa will either come over or we will work on the mantle.
tomorrow we will game with shawn and thistle and john and tessa and tim wheatly and adam cerling and maybe some other people. then susan will come over for dinner and we will see her for the first time in literally months. sunday we will go to montevideo to see ross's grandparents. it will be a very busy weekend. if i'm lucky i will squeeze in some knitting.
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good news on the grandfather front. the parentals report that his surgery monday went very well and that not only is he talking a lot and in good spirits, but also his color is better and he's coughing more fluid out of his lungs(which low energy from not eating enough prevented before). this is a relief. i would really prefer to have grandpa around for longer.
he has requested more of my xmas candy, so it looks like i will be making it twice this year.
....and he claims he doesn't have a sweet tooth.

the house is also in good shape although progress has slowed recently due to having no more deadlines and being completely exhausted. however, there are pictures to be had. )

all in all, i feel pretty good about the way all of this looks. i will still feel better about it when the basement is also useable for some of this.
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i don't have to work on the house tonight!

wednesday i signed up for a new class at the gym. straight up strength. and i lasted about 15 minutes. 15 minutes of solid squats! it reminded of rob holbrock's hard-core fencing exercises in college! my quads are still in a state of mutiny every time i get up from my chair.
after 15 minutes i packed up and went back to the locker room. so i GOT a great work out. just one much shorter than i anticipated.
in anycase i had more work when i got home.
somehow i had this INSANE idea that tidying up the electrical would be quick and simple.
shows how much i know.
we had a bunch of panels in the basement ceiling that needed covers - but the covers we had didn't fit. they had to be cut with a saw and drilled with the dewalt cordless. we also needed blanks and switch plates for the wall plates. we had to put box extenders in the bedroom outlets in case the inspector needed to visit the fuse box. a trip to home-depot took care of the bits we didn't have right after we dropped my car off for service. the fireplace needed an electrical hook-up as well.
then we also had to hang the new(used)star lamp in the stairway. it looks great there and casts all kinds of neat shadows on the stairs, but it also needs dusting on the inside. a big thanks to susan for finding it for us.
we finished about 9:30.

yesterday we picked up my car and moved all the furniture in the living room. i think it is going to look really sharp when the fireplace is complete. ross finally hooked up the surround sound when he was putting the entertainment system together again. lo and behold, the picture on the tv looks better! i'm not sure what it is, but when we finally got a chance to just sit and hang out and watch a movie at the end of the day, the picture was brighter and clearer. a very nice bonus to re-setting everything. :)
it felt like a miracle to not be working last night. i don't even remember the last time i did that.
next week will be a WHOLE WEEK that i can plan to DO THINGS in the evening! or simply choose to do nothing. this is very exciting.

today i will be driving to chicago to see the family directly after work. ross will not be coming with me as he needs to work this evening. six hours in the car with limited music options, as my ipod is still tempermental about when it decides it wants to behave. it will be great to see my folks, and [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson, but i am wary about what this weekend will bring. i have a feeling that some of the tensions that have been brewing between my immediate family and the rest of mom's side of the family may get ugly and public....with various possibilities for outcome. we'll see. there are many reasons for tension and with stress high?.....anything is possible. i hope that there is good resolution if a blow-out has to happen.
aunt kathy reports that grandpa seems better....but i'm not sure if this is wishful thinking or reality. i will know better after i see him tomorrow. please keep us in your prayers.
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things are coming together nicely after so much hard work.
last night was spent cleaning the basement/stairs/kitchen and making dinner(me) and framing up the fireplace (ross and john).
the covers need to go on the outlets, but that's a nothing-job. the dust is gone!*dances* the guys did a great job with the framing, which looks really solid. the inspector comes tomorrow.
i have arranged to have new tires put on my rear tires and a new thermostat installed, so we will drop off my car tonight after my work-out. ross will work from home tomorrow, so i will take his car.
i have arranged to stay with [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson this weekend while seeing my ill grandpa (bless you guys, you are awesome!). they are very kind given the short notice.
i have e-mailed my harried aunt to find out what i can do to take work off her hands this weekend.
my gym bag is packed and in the car so i can go directly after work.
lunch for the week in the form of leftovers is already in the fridge as a result of 5 days of cooking for 4...
really all the hard work is paying off.
it feels good.

now i just have to get my ipod organized and decide what knitting to take this weekend.
definitely the slippery socks...but what else?
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i'm SO glad it is today instead.
yesterday i was SO tired and cranky and miserable.
no fun for anyone really.
but i came home and took a nap for about an hour and woke up less liable to eat people's brains.
(it is a little-known fact that zombies are more likely to sit quietly without eating brains if they have recently had a nap. Now GETTING them to actually take a nap...that's the tricky part)
i have so much more energy to face my day today. i'm less bitchy. it's really better for everyone if i nap. and shower. and eat regularly. ;)

john and darla came over again to help yesterday. they are godsends.
we got the whole basement primed. it looks great! there are some runny parts where ross sprayed too thick, but they can be sanded down. pictures to come. it was too wet to take any last night and we had to plastic the cats off from the basement.
today will be the big clean up. and putting electrical covers on the outlets and such, and framing up the fireplace and cutting concrete board and maybe some red oak for the facing. i think it's going to look really sharp when it's done. the inspector has been pushed back to thursday. this is very good.

i also need to call and schedule my tire replacement. i need 2 new ones in back and a new thermostat because the one i have isn't heating the car promptly enough. i know so little about cars that i would probably just put up with the extra 10 minutes it takes for the car to heat, but ross informs me that this is very bad for the car, as it can cause the workings of the car to heat at different speeds and increase wear and tear as a result. regardless i need to get the whole thing fixed before going to chicago.

i believe we are going to leave the basement white for a while. just breathe for a month or so and re-assess our finances before deciding how much further we are going to go. it would REALLY help if we had our tax returns back....but volt sucks and is not sendingout W2's until the 30th, which, btw, is illegal in minnesota.

i am hoping to get to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a week and a half. corrin was going to go with me, but she cancelled. it is probably for the best. it will allow me to go earlier and then have the evening to help with whatever at home.

i have been snagging small moments to knit my slippery blue socks. i am VERY pleased with how they are turning out so far.

i'm still expecting these to take a long time. i don't have much time to work on them.
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i have good news!
the drywalling is done....well. the hanging part is done. john rehorst came over yesterday and worked with ross and they are made of awesome. darla came over and i made 2 different kinds of dinner because the first one SMELLED burnt even if it tasted fine. therefore people got options.
the entry way looks great.
clicky here )

we still have a lot of work to do. mudding and taping and primer all have to happen before next monday when the inspector comes. still, this is a lot of progress. i have trouble imagining how tired and sore ross must be. i didn't even help yesterday (busy at work and making dinner for company)and i am tired and sore.
today i have to go to the grocery store after work and i would really much rather have a nap. tomorrow i need to go to the gym. both days i will need to help ross when i get home. friday we are going to hang out with shaun and thistle.
cedar has been asking for us, which is absolutely adorable.

in other news i got to open my package from the bubbo's pants swap on ravelry!! my pants-partner, stargrrl, was absolutely amazing! there was a $20 cap on this(+ shipping), but look at all the loot! i especially love the "paint" container and the hand-made magnets. awesome stuff! i have no idea if the person who was my partner liked her package or not. i sent it a long time ago and i know she got it, but she didn't have internet access yesterday. :(
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so the house is...a bit closer to being done.
friday night i went to the gym for spinning class...which had a different instructor and didn't kick my ass nearly as much as the first time i went. i'd like to think my muscles are in a bit better shape, but in reality it's probably just the change of style from the instructor.
regardless, i didn't get much done on the house since i was wiped and ross was working. i did get some knitting time in on my owl socks though.
the socks got finished today. )

saturday ross and i started late, but made good time.
we cleared out what WILL be our bathroom, put in some electric and drywalled two of the walls, then cleaned up and put everything back in...after which i went and watched a movie with darla, who continues to be one of my favorite people in the area. her and her husband john both just rock my world.

today jory was supposed to come help us...but wound up having problems with one of his eyes and having to go to the doctor. reports today that he will be okay, but he can't see very well right now and shouldn't drive for a couple of days.
me being scared of heights and the ceiling needing to go up first....we didn't get as much done today as we hoped. we got one big ceiling piece up and one of the wall pieces and knocked down the other wall and cleaned it up so we can put clean drywall in. it's still progress, but not as much as we'd like.
john (did i mention he and darla are awesome?) volunteered for punishment to help out tomorrow so we'll see how much progress we get done this week.

pics behind the cut! )
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so ross had touch-up surgery on his eye today and it went very smoothly. the procedure was pushed back a bit because the other dr.'s office didn't fax over the paperwork...but it went through and was quick and painless for ross and now he is under dr.'s orders to take a nap. and i am back at work. i took a few hours off to drive him there, most of which i already made up earlier in the week. i will have to work a bit late today, but i've had a nice break as well as a nice lunch from byerly's while he was in the waiting room.
mmmm...sushi and italian bean salad.

we have mainly put touches on the drywall the past few days.
ross is gradually putting corners on the edges and mudding the edges and popping some scrap pieces into place where appropriate. i am slowly getting better with a screwgun although i still suck with anything taller than me.
it just keeps looking better a little bit at a time. also he went out and got me a putty knife so that i can get just as messy as the guys this weekend. :)
i love how thorough he is. he has thought out all the reasons for doing everything...like putting the fireplace upstairs instead of downstairs even though heat rises...and what we can do to warm up the basement so that i can enjoy it more..there is always a good reason and it feels good to count on him that way and that he is always willing to work with my concerns. it makes doing this kind of work and decision making so much more fun.

we watched monster last night with charlize theron. i really value that movie. i can't say i love it because it left me too upset and unsettled. but the acting was brilliant and the story well-told and the make up job was... everybit as impressive as the borg queen but way more realistic. it is a disturbing movie...that drives home how easy it is for ignorance and wishful thinking to take us down the wrong path. how hard it is to listen to good advice when it has a touch of hate in it. how our motives become distorted and how bad actions really do make a bad person no matter how sympathetic and good the intentions can be. how control really is an illusion. it is hard movie to take and i needed the comfort of ross and star trek and a good book afterward...but i'm really glad i saw it.

speaking of good books. mom mailed me her copy of snow flower and the secret fan, a book i've been wanting to read for over a year. i am REALLY enjoying it so far.

it's still bloody cold outside. -47 below windchill this morning and -27 degrees without it.....up to about -4 degrees right now, which feels balmy in comparison. i'm REALLY glad books and movies and drywalling and working out at my gym can all be done indoors.
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sore today.
sore in the way that ben gay doesn't help.(LOVE BEN GAY)
i learned a lot yesterday.
things like -even though i can reach the ceiling pushing the drywall up is REALLY painful and i am just a wee bit too short.
things like -100 year old houses have lots of 100 year old dust when you take bits of them apart. my neti pot saved me this morning, but i really should have used it last night as well.
things like -oh THIS is why we got the hot tub! this is why it is worth it in the cold ahhh yes...

instead of crashing out and nursing soreness when i get home, ross and i get to put up more drywall today. tomorrow i am going to the gym and hanging out with heather keiweg. wednesday well....i am hoping the drywall will all be up.
but before the inspector comes we have to have everything up that is going up (we don't have QUITE enough to do all of the stairs/entryway), everything mudded and taped (which takes several steps), and a primer put on. that way it won't look like it was under construction quite so obviously. this is important, because in minnesota you have to have a permit to do anything to your house inside or out. it is a real pain in the rear and this is a big state for DIY people. in my experience, people get the permits when they do outdoor work, but not indoor. because unless you have an inspector in your house, no one will know anyway. still, it is annoying that they want to dictate to you what you can do in your own house.

i did make up an awesome recipe last night. i am quite proud, although i think i will use less sesame and peanut oil next time.
asian chicken
2 large cut up chicken breasts
enough green beans for 3-4 people
1/3 bag egg noodles
1/2 cup hoisun sauce
1/4 cup sesame oil
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1 TBSP worceister sauce
3 TBSP soy sauce
1 8 oz can water chestnuts
1 TBSP sesame seeds
1/4 cup peanut oil
1 cup water

set the up the water for the egg noodles but don't start it yet. in a large tall-rimmed skillet, brown the chicken in the peanut oil (about 8 minutes). when a piece cut through the center is no longer pink, add water and continue to braise at medium-high heat. in a separate bowl, wisk together hoisun sauce, worceister, rice vinegar, soy, & sesame oil. wash and snap ends off green beans, cover with a little soy and let sit. somewhere in here you can also start the water for the noodles and add them when you have a rolling boil. when the water is almost gone, add the green beans, water chestnuts and sauce. stir these together for about four minutes. drain your noodles. sprinkle chicken mixture with sesame seeds and serve over noodles.
if you want things a bit spicer, you could add minced ginger and garlic to the sauce as well as 1 tsp pepper flakes).
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meatloaf, hanging out with jerad and rachel, hot-tubbing and cleaning were all successes yesterday.
it also left me very tired.
and the rest of the week looks worse(and better at the same time).
the way it is shaping up makes me fantasize about monday as a day of sleep as soon as i get home from work.
i dread the exhaustion i expect to feel.

today i will be using my community center membership for the first time. i stopped by yesterday and got scheduling for all the free classes. there is also a tai chi demonstration that is free tonight - but the classes that follow will not be free if i decide to sign up. i expect to get a work out, and then check out the demonstration and make decisions from there.
tomorrow we will have dinner with darla and john at there place
friday corrin is coming over to make soup and potentially stay the night.
saturday....is where the fun stuff begins.

i believe i mentioned the potential fireplace.
here's the thing. )


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