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my back continues to cause me less pain for greater amounts of time. i am completely off the heavy drugs. i am mostly off the alleve.
even went to the gym yesterday and did a half-hour on the elliptical, cool down around the track and some short time with the weight machines. mostly i'm just avoiding twisting motions or heavy lifting.
good stuff.

it is a beautiful day today in the twin cities. it is predicted that today will be the first day reaching 80 degrees since last september. i really wanted to ride my bike to work today...but i need to take the time to fill my tires and get a bike lock that can handle the super-thick locking options i have at 3m. also i didn't get up early enough.
also savil needed some serious butt-trimming this morning(yuck). she didn't let me finish, but she is much less matted & stinky than previously. i think i'm going to need someone to hold her for me to finish.

the routine of working the same daily hours has been good for me to get back to. having a schedule stabilizes me a lot. i'm taking the down-time i need, but i've also been making a point of getting at least SOME chores done around the house every day. it is going a long way toward keeping me sane and keeping the house clean. especially since ross isn't around to help much.

he woke me at 4am this morning to tell me he had a great night at work and everything was coming together and he missed me. and bless him, i WANT him to wake me to tell me things like that. but i could NOT get back to sleep afterward, and i wasn't sleeping well BEFORE he woke me, so i'm feeling it today.

i had a long talk with ceci last night and then my parents.
it was good to re-connect with all of them. i have been so run-down by trying to do too much, and i have been neglecting the people i try to keep in contact with by phone. i miss ross, and i miss doing things with him, but i also feel like his being at work so much is giving me a chance to breathe. i think i need to figure out how to stop sacrificing my down-time so much, especially since he really doesn't need me to (he has said so). the distance gives me time to reflect. it just seems funny that i should need so badly to reflect on such basic things.
it isn't that i'm not being social though. returning long distance phone calls counts as social for me.
also i've been seeing lots of susan lately, which is lovely, going to knitting/spinning groups and today i am getting together with victoria, who i'm not sure i've mentioned before here. she's way cool. i met her on the knitting camping trip last fall. she just had her NINTH baby! most of her pregnancies happened while she was on birth control and there was one set of twins, so don't judge her as another octomom. also she's married and stable.
she's also very funny and creative and cool to be with. i quite like her.
tomorrow is getting together with marie for spinning/knitting whatever and saturday i will be hanging out with christa and ross before he has to go to work in the evening.

i am still enjoying gregory frost - i'm on his second shadowbridge book now, lord tophet. i continue to be pleased with this new find. they have some of the feel of neil gaiman's neverwhere - without neil's darkness. we'll see if this one ends better than the last one.

also i still have not seen watchmen and am put out about it. i was going to see it with ross, but he has no time now and every one else has already seen it.
i have been re-watching the 10th kingdom. the logical result of this is that i have THE TROLL version of saturday night fever going around in my head endlessly. i am simultaneously amused and annoyed.
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it is our second dreary day in a row here, but the rain is much needed. mn has been in a state of drought so far this spring.
i am looking forward to the burning ban being lifted. our woodpile is huge.
also i need to get going planting seedlings.
the MIL has started bell peppers and tomatoes for me, which is quite excellent. i am looking forward to upside-down tomatoes again.
somehow it just feels geekier to me to grow them that way and i appreciated that as well as the wonderful fresh tomatoes.

susan moved out while i was gone without telling a soul. actually that is pretty understandable since i was at a funeral and ross is always working these days. i think she feels more comfortable at her parent's place given that she doesn't currently have a steady job. and with me not around, the house must have seemed very lonely.

i slept almost all of friday. the vicodin (hydrocodone)hits me so hard and so fast. it's funny, i was on it when i was in college and had my wisdom teeth out, but it never put me to sleep. it just made my head so foggy i couldn't think straight in class. ross says it makes me snore. he's lucky i only took it the one night. :)
after something like 18 hours of sleep i went to my spinning group sat. morning. i didn't bring my wheel though. it's only 15 lbs, but i didn't want to take any real risks. i did buy a drop spindle though, from elise's husband john, who hand turns them on his lathe. he does excellent work. the spindle i got is made with a maple shaft (also hand-turned) and cocobolo wood, which is a lovely rich red with black grain marks. i should have taken a picture of it, but i didn't. still, this is a good example of the grain.

then i met up with corrin and her mom at the textile center. they were having their annual garage sale. i got a bunch of scraps of cordoroy and velvet for $1, that i am fantasizing about making into patchwork pants. we'll see.

sunday i went to the knitting group at knitter's palette in lakeville. it's a hike for me, but the people are always SO nice there. i try to get there at least a couple times a year.i got some exquisite roving from ashland bay and a skein of red and brown trekking hand art to make this hat out of. i think it will be awesome.

pictures of fiber stuff )

susan came and hung out with me and worked on a paper for school. i know she is wanting company so she doesn't feel lonely with the break-up, but_I_ appreciate it because it keeps me from feeling lonely too. and i'm relaxed enough around her that i don't feel like i always have to be the gracious hostess. i am alternating a lot between relishing my down-time and celebrating my ability to plan whatever the hell i want with whoever is available. it will wear off in a week and i will just miss ross, but it's kind of nice for now.
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so apparently i have localized muscle spasms in my back.
the bad news: they hurt like a little mini-explosion in my shoulder blade.
i-forget-to-breathe kind of hurting.
the good news: it's not terribly serious. it should go away in a few days.
also the doctor set me up with the good drugs.
i can take alleve as an anti-inflamatory and minor pain relief so that i can work and do things.
and then i've got hydrocodone for pain and a muscle relaxant so i can sleep.
i just can't take those and then drive.

the crazy news:
i got full perscriptions for TWO seriously strong pain drugs AND a card for my mother for mother's day for $13 - but my BIRTH CONTROL costs me $35 every month.
some world. it's no wonder the poor have so many babies.

i'm back

Apr. 17th, 2009 09:06 am
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in minnesota again.
with not a whole lot more resolution than when i left. dealing with the family was not as difficult as i feared, my one aunt mostly behaved herself. i got some good time to talk to my folks and my cousin michael, who i haven't seen since i was 12 and with whom i have much in common. also got to chat a lot with my second cousin cynthia who is vagely nuts, but in a completely delightful sort of way. and she's an anthropologist, so of course she's interesting.

the service itself was questionable. i had theological reservations about the pastor, who made a few good points and tried very hard, but clearly had not kept up with the latest in exciting methodist theology. the siblings had squabbled over how they were going to put together what they were going to say and who was going to say what, but it seemed to work out alright. my cousin skyler spoke with great poise and dignity about his love for our grandpa.

i also got to meet the resident crazy in our family - a "christian" preacher so fundamentatlist that the fundamentalists hate him who runs a sort of cult of personality and has gained notariety for his willingness to stand behind ideas which he has no ability to back up scripturally(to say nothing of rationally). for those of you who really want to be scared by his ridiculousness, abandon all hope ye who enter here.
i actually spoke to him. i couldn't resist. for me, fundamentalist baiting is a bit like bear-baiting. and i BEHAVED myself! didn't bring up gay rights or abortion or feminism or any of the things for which i am surely going to hell. he offensively told me about the book he gave to my father (who is pretty scornful of it) and that my father could EXPLAIN it to me (and by the way that's some GALL to be passing crap like that out at my grandpa's funeral)!!!! at which point i told him i had MY OWN seminary degree. after which i was peppered with all manner of questions regarding my faith - which apparently i passed with flying colors. he actually APPROVED of me!! it was very amusing to me but also doubt that i am any kind of good xian if i could get along with him in a room for 5 minutes. in my ideal universe my mom and i are God's answer to people like him and beat them down with dildos when they try to beat people with faith instead of letting them make their own choices and find God gracefully in their own way.

today i am tired.
and i managed to stretch my back in a way that made a crunching sound this morning and which now sends shooting pain along my spine, temporariliy disabling my ability to breath every time i move my head or arms the "wrong way. suck.
i'm very glad it's friday. i was going to go to a cabaret with susan tonight, but i think i will cancel in light of back pain.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:20 am
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is in the hospital again.
he had a GI bleed and fell out of bed. the doctors are saying that he's got six months maximum to live. looks like i will be going to chicago again.
he is my last grandparent. i don't want him to suffer, but i do want him to live. we don't always get what we want in life. but those are words of wisdom that i can't bring myself to care about right now.

prayers, good vibes, etc. much appreciated.
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it is snowing in minnesota.
it snowed yesterday breifly as well.
it is starting to feel like the time where there should not be snow (to me). but i definitely also have enough sweaters to take care of any of my problems with the cold, which is good because we are supposed to get still more snow this week.
i pity the poor people living on the red river valley.

i had my first class for literacy tutoring monday night. it was okay, i guess. i think i will like tutoring better than i like the class. that being said, i didn't expect there to be math involved. HEY. i signed up to teach LITERACY. not math.
but it looks like a fair componant of this training revolves around the GED. hence the math. i can choose where i volunteer, so i won't have to tutor for the GED, but they train us in that anyway. so i got a few good ideas and became thoroughly convinced that i have forgotten any math i ever knew. seriously? i don't remember what a medium is, or how to calculate the circumference of a circle. pretty basic stuff - but i never use it, so of course it doesn't stay in my brain. it probably doesn't help that i don't like it to begin with. volunteers for literacy have to take 12 hours of training in order for the minnesota literacy council to get federal funding. this is annoying to me, because while the book they gave us is helpful, i think i could probably get everything i need from say, an hour and a half of class plus the book. it's not horrible, but i feel like my time could be better spent actually helping people. also the class is twice a week, and while i'm glad to get it done, i have SO much to do in my "real life" that i don't appreciate the time drain. maybe i shouldn't be so cynical. the next classes may be better. 3 more to go. next one is tonight.

i am still really feeling it that i stayed up til 2 am playing computer games with ross and co saturday night. i think i needed more nap time this week.
also i'm getting next to no knitting done.

yesterday i went to the gym, got in a great workout and renewed my membership for the next 3 months. i find that i am more motivated to work out if there is money involved. granted, i have yet to go 3x in a week. but there have been several where i've gone 2x. and this is still better than just the morning sit-ups.
i also got one of the cat boxes clean (need more cat litter for the 2nd) and played more games with ross. poor ross. one of the servers at the guthrie went down last night and he didn't come to bed until 6:15 this morning. i am guessing he was up most of the night working on fixing it. the effect of this on me is that the cats get rowdy and think it is time for them to be fed if there is activity in the bedroom any time between 5:30 and 6:30 - which effectively robs me of sleep. we will need to find a solution to this. like kicking them out earlier if he is coming to bed that late.

i need to schedule in some down-time. i have had next to no time to read or knit. gaming is nice and i have a good time, but it doesn't feel like down time to me. it feels like being social.
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today truly is a happy friday.
first it is the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] kurusawa2005 and [livejournal.com profile] ventrueahole

second. it's friday. what's not to love about friday.
third. we are going to jerad and rachel's for dinner and games tonight. it will be good to see them.
forth. SOMEONE on ravelry MADE MY MONTH yesterday. remember i was drooling over that lace pattern and lusting after mahogany over marmalade (orange brown) silk lace that i can never afford ravelry link here? someone on ravelry heard my woe and offered to trade me for two skeins of sock yarn and $20 over paypal. my world is complete! i'm going to actually GET my silky buttery exquisiteness! ~raptures~ 1000 yards!!!! i'm going to roll in it. this means i've got the makings for 2, possibly 3 incredible lace shawls. no one should be THIS happy about yarn. but i am. i have a day full of happy fiber fantasies ahead of me.
those of you who are knitters will understand. for the sake of those of you who are not, i will continue on about other things.
fifth. our friends anne and russ got a big-ass lcd tv that is way better and bigger than ours. it had a factory defect. a small place at the bottom of the screen is incompletely covered by one of the layers of coating. anne didn't even notice it, but russ did. they called the company, who sent them a new one and didn't ask for the old one back. they are therefore selling it to us for a STEAL. finally we can get rid of the monstrosity that ross and i can barely lift together and that takes ridiculous space and leaves permanant impressions on our carpet!!! and it will do all kinds of technical things that will make ross happy. i like it when ross is happy.

i went to the gym yesterday, so i feel great today, if a bit sore. i went to spinning class, which i had been missing for a while. i need new gym shoes.
the ones i have are weird in the toes and gradually cut off my circulation during my workout. it changes a little depending on how much time i spend on my toes during my workout. yesterday's was good. the instructor worked us harder than she has in the past. the only thing that sucked is the endless techno. now i don't mind electronic music. i've occasionally been known to listen to it on purpose. but not a whole 45 minutes worth with only 3 tracks! i depend on change of music during my work out to distract my brain from the pain of the workout. and this stuff was just NOT interesting enough. i mentioned it to the instructor as a suggestion? and she (who is maybe 18) talked to me like i was an imbecile who knows nothing about music, telling me it is an "aquired taste" like enjoying music that never changes and has no lyrics makes her a better person. i find sentiments like this disgusting.

ross is still fighting off a migraine from yesterday. i came home and he was sick on the couch, poor guy. i therefore had to make him spaghetti and meatsauce and garlic bread and rub his neck. i so rarely get the opportunity to really take care of him and go the extra mile (like an extra trip out for garlic bread), that i treasure times like this. i am not happy that he hurts, but i am happy that i get to show him how i love him, not just tell him.

we watched crash last night. man what a star-studded cast!
crash movie review )

at somepoint this weekend i still hope to see watchmen. i don't expect to like it. i do expect to get a better feel for the story, and movies made from non-traditional comics. we also plan to get together with darla and john and play board games at some point. these things will be good.

i wish everyone as awesome a friday as i am having. :)
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yesterday i went home early sick. i was better...just not better enough.
cut for TMI and unecessary drama )

i went home. had some tea. finished my book. took a 6 hour nap.
couldn't go back to bed. had a shower. read some moby dick. had some warm milk with honey and ginger. slept like a baby.
i'm not 100% yet, but today feels very different. my co-worker tells me i'm still pale, but you can tell when the worst is over.

i should make it to dkn tonight, but i don't expect i'll drink much if anything. gaming tomorrow will still happen, but i'm not going to push to wake up early for it. hopefully i will be able to pick up a gift for ross on my way out tonight. we don't always make a big deal for valentines day, but i like to do something small at least.

the 2009 knit out is this weekend at the mall of gomorrah. i had a really good time last year, but i'm only planning on going one day this time. it is too exhausting to be there both days. corrin is supposed to meet me there if she feels better, and a bunch of ravelers are gathering for lunch. there are classes and a lot of give-aways...it should be good.
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...but this is sheer genius!

i stayed home yesterday.
sometime tuesday night my stomach went on strike.
i called in at 6:30 and slept til 1:30. i must have really needed it.
i haven't thrown up yet. i hold down food. i just feel queasy all the time.
it sucks.

good for knitting. bad for me in general.
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i don't have to work on the house tonight!

wednesday i signed up for a new class at the gym. straight up strength. and i lasted about 15 minutes. 15 minutes of solid squats! it reminded of rob holbrock's hard-core fencing exercises in college! my quads are still in a state of mutiny every time i get up from my chair.
after 15 minutes i packed up and went back to the locker room. so i GOT a great work out. just one much shorter than i anticipated.
in anycase i had more work when i got home.
somehow i had this INSANE idea that tidying up the electrical would be quick and simple.
shows how much i know.
we had a bunch of panels in the basement ceiling that needed covers - but the covers we had didn't fit. they had to be cut with a saw and drilled with the dewalt cordless. we also needed blanks and switch plates for the wall plates. we had to put box extenders in the bedroom outlets in case the inspector needed to visit the fuse box. a trip to home-depot took care of the bits we didn't have right after we dropped my car off for service. the fireplace needed an electrical hook-up as well.
then we also had to hang the new(used)star lamp in the stairway. it looks great there and casts all kinds of neat shadows on the stairs, but it also needs dusting on the inside. a big thanks to susan for finding it for us.
we finished about 9:30.

yesterday we picked up my car and moved all the furniture in the living room. i think it is going to look really sharp when the fireplace is complete. ross finally hooked up the surround sound when he was putting the entertainment system together again. lo and behold, the picture on the tv looks better! i'm not sure what it is, but when we finally got a chance to just sit and hang out and watch a movie at the end of the day, the picture was brighter and clearer. a very nice bonus to re-setting everything. :)
it felt like a miracle to not be working last night. i don't even remember the last time i did that.
next week will be a WHOLE WEEK that i can plan to DO THINGS in the evening! or simply choose to do nothing. this is very exciting.

today i will be driving to chicago to see the family directly after work. ross will not be coming with me as he needs to work this evening. six hours in the car with limited music options, as my ipod is still tempermental about when it decides it wants to behave. it will be great to see my folks, and [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson, but i am wary about what this weekend will bring. i have a feeling that some of the tensions that have been brewing between my immediate family and the rest of mom's side of the family may get ugly and public....with various possibilities for outcome. we'll see. there are many reasons for tension and with stress high?.....anything is possible. i hope that there is good resolution if a blow-out has to happen.
aunt kathy reports that grandpa seems better....but i'm not sure if this is wishful thinking or reality. i will know better after i see him tomorrow. please keep us in your prayers.
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things are coming together nicely after so much hard work.
last night was spent cleaning the basement/stairs/kitchen and making dinner(me) and framing up the fireplace (ross and john).
the covers need to go on the outlets, but that's a nothing-job. the dust is gone!*dances* the guys did a great job with the framing, which looks really solid. the inspector comes tomorrow.
i have arranged to have new tires put on my rear tires and a new thermostat installed, so we will drop off my car tonight after my work-out. ross will work from home tomorrow, so i will take his car.
i have arranged to stay with [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson this weekend while seeing my ill grandpa (bless you guys, you are awesome!). they are very kind given the short notice.
i have e-mailed my harried aunt to find out what i can do to take work off her hands this weekend.
my gym bag is packed and in the car so i can go directly after work.
lunch for the week in the form of leftovers is already in the fridge as a result of 5 days of cooking for 4...
really all the hard work is paying off.
it feels good.

now i just have to get my ipod organized and decide what knitting to take this weekend.
definitely the slippery socks...but what else?

my grandpa

Jan. 21st, 2009 10:16 am
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is very very ill.
he has been having a lot of increased problems over the last year.
he had a pacemaker installed this week, but his throat is half-paralyzed and he is mostly not eating.
please keep him (and us) in your prayers/meditations/whatever.

i will be going to chicago over the weekend of the 30th to see him.
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so ross had touch-up surgery on his eye today and it went very smoothly. the procedure was pushed back a bit because the other dr.'s office didn't fax over the paperwork...but it went through and was quick and painless for ross and now he is under dr.'s orders to take a nap. and i am back at work. i took a few hours off to drive him there, most of which i already made up earlier in the week. i will have to work a bit late today, but i've had a nice break as well as a nice lunch from byerly's while he was in the waiting room.
mmmm...sushi and italian bean salad.

we have mainly put touches on the drywall the past few days.
ross is gradually putting corners on the edges and mudding the edges and popping some scrap pieces into place where appropriate. i am slowly getting better with a screwgun although i still suck with anything taller than me.
it just keeps looking better a little bit at a time. also he went out and got me a putty knife so that i can get just as messy as the guys this weekend. :)
i love how thorough he is. he has thought out all the reasons for doing everything...like putting the fireplace upstairs instead of downstairs even though heat rises...and what we can do to warm up the basement so that i can enjoy it more..there is always a good reason and it feels good to count on him that way and that he is always willing to work with my concerns. it makes doing this kind of work and decision making so much more fun.

we watched monster last night with charlize theron. i really value that movie. i can't say i love it because it left me too upset and unsettled. but the acting was brilliant and the story well-told and the make up job was... everybit as impressive as the borg queen but way more realistic. it is a disturbing movie...that drives home how easy it is for ignorance and wishful thinking to take us down the wrong path. how hard it is to listen to good advice when it has a touch of hate in it. how our motives become distorted and how bad actions really do make a bad person no matter how sympathetic and good the intentions can be. how control really is an illusion. it is hard movie to take and i needed the comfort of ross and star trek and a good book afterward...but i'm really glad i saw it.

speaking of good books. mom mailed me her copy of snow flower and the secret fan, a book i've been wanting to read for over a year. i am REALLY enjoying it so far.

it's still bloody cold outside. -47 below windchill this morning and -27 degrees without it.....up to about -4 degrees right now, which feels balmy in comparison. i'm REALLY glad books and movies and drywalling and working out at my gym can all be done indoors.
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meatloaf, hanging out with jerad and rachel, hot-tubbing and cleaning were all successes yesterday.
it also left me very tired.
and the rest of the week looks worse(and better at the same time).
the way it is shaping up makes me fantasize about monday as a day of sleep as soon as i get home from work.
i dread the exhaustion i expect to feel.

today i will be using my community center membership for the first time. i stopped by yesterday and got scheduling for all the free classes. there is also a tai chi demonstration that is free tonight - but the classes that follow will not be free if i decide to sign up. i expect to get a work out, and then check out the demonstration and make decisions from there.
tomorrow we will have dinner with darla and john at there place
friday corrin is coming over to make soup and potentially stay the night.
saturday....is where the fun stuff begins.

i believe i mentioned the potential fireplace.
here's the thing. )
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dreamed last night about being sick.
lo and behold! i wake up with a sorethroat.
time for the dayquil!

and the high today is -5 degrees. the low is -16. EDIT: i just found out that this is not including wind chill, which is around -28 today.
i'm just sayin'.

and after work today i have to go xmas shopping. on the list
hopefully a bunch of james bond dvd's for dad (i have a coupon!)
2 less than $15 gifts for ross's family
whatever i see for ross that inspires me. he has made it difficult this year by telling me he doesn't want clothes from me. i already got him some of those...but he needed them right away and therefore got them already. hence i need to think again.
a little $ to stick in with the handmade gifts for the niece/nephews
come up with a small combination of hand made things for cam.
wrap everything and send it out.
putting up the damn xmas tree!~!

items that are done:
ordering mom's gift
ordering ross's grandparents gift
shipping out xmas candy
making gifts for mark, robin, ty, bren & rachael
various stocking items for ross.
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ross's surgery yesterday went very well. the doctor reports that now he may feel that this side of his nose is more open than the other side. he called me this morning after having packing removed and that went well too, although he's pretty dopey from pain meds.
we got out of the surgery clinic around 1pm yesterday and got him settled in the house by 2.
it was good to have the afternoon off. i got a much need nap after making the rounds on phone calls and watched sopranos with ross and mulled cider on the stove and finished my xmas candy. now i just have to get tins for packaging and ship them out. that will be a big load off my mind.

i worked overtime on tuesday and might today and tomorrow depending on how i am feeling. i'm still trying to be a bit careful so that i don't lapse back into being sick, but i have a lot of work to do and we can really use the money from the hours i can make up. this will be the third short week for me in a row and all that xmas stuff gets expensive. monday i will be moving back over to MRO and let me tell you i can't wait. i will be so glad to leave all these match exceptions that require digging behind and go back to a fast paced group of good people (with one exception).

susan is coming over tonight and i need to figure out what i'm doing for dinner.
also we have snow. about 4 inches at the moment and more expected this week.
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so far so good. looks like i won the deathmatch and the illness lost.
but it did manage to take me out of work for 2 days and devour any usefulness i hoped to get out of my weekend. which is very bad considering how much i needed to get done. i spent a lot of time sleeping and knitting, and a little time being productive yesterday when i began to feel better.

thank you very much to those who wished me speedy recovery. it seems to have worked.
today i am gainfully at work again and drinking mint tea rather than coffee. coffee generally seems to me like a bad idea for sick people. the good thing is that i seem to have once again broken any addiction i have to coffee for the moment. i have no headache.

what i did get done was make chilli, get groceries, cat food, and the first part of my xmas candy done. not a very impressive list. why does it ALWAYS have to snow when i make xmas candy? next year i really need to remember to freeze it in the garage rather than on the deck, because picking the snow out of my caramels is NOT fun. i am anxious to try and finish the xmas stuff this week because of shipping. things will start to get dicey soon. i am hoping to mail most of my gifts to my folks house this year so that i don't have to pack them in my suitcase.

ross is having surgery tomorrow so i will be out of work to chauffer my very drugged husband and make sure he gets some TLC whether he likes it or not. :) this is a follow up on the sinus stuff he had done last summer and is just removing some scar tissue on one side. his recovery should be easier than last time if anything. hopefully he will be finished quickly and i will be able to use part of the day to get stuff done before i have to go to a dreadful township meeting in the evening.
they are surveying the whole area we live in to put curbs in and and new sewers. we desperately need the new sewers (ours are still the old clay ones) and have no argument with this, although we do expect to lose our lovely old cottonwood tree. we get to keep our 2 silver maples, so it could be a lot worse. the issue is that we have a corner double lot and the fees will be higher for us than for the other houses in the community that will only be charged for the one side or 2 sides. ross wants me to go advocate for us, but i'm not really sure what to say other than "it's too much damn money!" i have never been to one of these meetings before. home ownership still rather baffles me.
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last night i dreamed that i flew to va and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and extended family and came up with food ideas for the holiday coming up...only i wasn't there for the holidays yet. i had to fly back. and i ripped the butt out of my jeans. so mom too me to the mall to this custom jeans maker and it took forever. and i missed my flight.
it was a pretty rotten dream.

but the preceding weekend was mostly good.
i went to the mall before going to drunken knit night on friday, in hopes of finding shoes. i had no luck on the shoes, but did get some piercing studs, which revealed that my earring holes have NOT all closed up after my surgery (when i had to take the earrings out and couldn't put them back in again). everything is open in my right ear and the left ear is more open that i had thought. all very good. also picked up some stocking stuffers for ross. then i stopped at borealis. that is always dangerous.
damage beneath the cut )

heather and deborah both cancelled for drunken knitting night, but that was probably good because it was PACKED. i did get to hang out with renae. there must have been more than 30 people there. there were also bagpipes. it was a good time. i realised that "thumb gusset" sounds like a dirty thing to call someone.

saturday morning was spinning group and heather keiweg came and it was totally enjoyable. i haven't gotten to spin for a while now because i've been so focused on getting xmas knitting done. )
anyway, i almost filled my bobbin. i believe i have gotten my mother of all tightened down enough that ross may stop making suggestions about dado-ing my spinning wheel as well. that would be very good because i think putting a dado in would drastically reduce flexibility if i wound up getting a different flyer.

then corrin came over and we made jelly. two different kinds, habanero cranbery raspbery and pomegranate raspberry. both are completely made of awesome, especially the pomegranate raspberry on ice cream.mmmm... we canned a little over a dozen jars and i got my hands all full of habanero oils and had to wash my hands about 50 times and even then my hands burned just a little bit because the steam from the canner was hot. but it was mostly a good kind of burn. we had to do part of the cooking of the habanero jelly outside because the habaneros are so potent.

sunday ross and i went to see the new bond film, which neither one of us was impressed with. bond was good, m was good, but nothing else about the movie really hung together or was compelling. i don't expect depth from a bond film, but i do expect a good story.
then we went home and watched the spiderwick chronicles and that was very good. i got a lot of knitting done on the cabled scarf i'm making for my brother. i will likely finish it this week. the cabling looks awesome but the scarf badly needs to be blocked.

yesterday i stayed home from work because my neck was all wrapped up in muscle cramps to the point where i was fairly useless. hot showers, extra sleep, heating pads and lots of alleve seem to have calmed it down enough for me to be at work today, but it still hurts. i don't know if it cramped up because i slept on it funny or because of the sudden lack of stress in my life. either way i wish it would go way.

tomorrow i'm getting the oil changed on my car and today i am going to the butcher and we are having friends over for dinner. at some point i need to get my xmas candy done. it is going to be a busy week.
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a trip to the gyn and a routine blood test on my squeamish self.
earn me a stop at caribou for a pumpkin latte and banana bread.

also i finished the clapotis last night. woot!


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