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....i just need to remember to be grateful for it.
actually i AM grateful for it, but interesting isn't always good.
for instance, this morning i caught leto mounting his sister.

they are only 5 months old. a little shy of that, actually. SHE may not be sexually mature, but he definitely is. ross and i have been trying to schedule something for her for a while now and just haven't put it as high enough priority. i left him a note this morning asking him to take her in. if he can't do it...well i'll stay home from st. cloud this weekend and get her fixed. ross is helping them roof this weekend. much as i would dearly love to see [livejournal.com profile] eltanin and [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart, we do not need MORE kittens. especially inbred ones.

game last night was pleasant, but not as much fun as the first sessiondetails for my life with master. )

mainly the good news is that i have an interview at the U of M. or rather, i will once i have stopped playing phone tag. the position is basically doing the same type of thing i'm doing now. but it's a REAL job, not a contract job. with benefits. and tuition reembursement. and a pay raise. i could really use those things. i'm still interested in all of the things i have previously talked about. but i want some security too.


Oct. 21st, 2008 01:24 pm
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wow. apparently i have game tomorrow and i didn't even know it.
shawn is running a game that 3 of us are playing called "my life with master."
basically you are the minion of an evil overlord. you gain self-loathing and world-weariness points as you go along and it has to balance out with love or bad things happen. really bad things happen anyway. it's great.
our game is already pretty dark.
two of us have characters that are pretty sick.

still, i wish i had known about it.
extra time job-searching for me today.


Jan. 14th, 2008 01:54 pm
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back from midwinter and it was MUCH fun. i'm very glad it was wonderful to see [livejournal.com profile] xerotic, [livejournal.com profile] shadow_heart, dave harold, kim and lucas schultz out of character (who were kind enough to share their amazing apple pie shots), and several players from fargo and cedar rapids who provided me with great fun in character. the ventrue directorate meeting and tribunal were really educational for me as a player and i'm truly grateful i got to see them (i am now putting robert's rules on my amazon wishlist with a memo to get thoroughly drunk after i force myself to read them). unfortunately i didn't get nearly as much time with [livejournal.com profile] sidhedevil and [livejournal.com profile] rojir as i had hoped, nor did i get to meet [livejournal.com profile] mamaursula, but it does mean everyone was so busy having fun they didn't have time.....and that is a good thing in my book. i got a lot of catalysts for roleplay in the future. and i got to briefly meet many people that i have heard talked about for ages.
this being said, i didn't sleep nearly enough and in the future i will be getting my own room. i shared a room with six people and there was just no place for me to get alone and be quiet. i think i got 9.5 hours of sleep for the whole weekend and wound up tired and sore. i came home and immediately went in the hot tub. i stayed up long enough to have dinner and some good time with ross, but i went to bed extremely early and am still tired at work today. definitely going to rectify that for next year. also i really missed ross. i'm going to do everything possible to get him to come with me next year.

the rest of the week looks...empty so far. in a good way. i may go out dancing thursday and i'm hoping to go to chicago to see my grandfather and uncle this weekend, but other than that i have no plans.



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it has mostly been a good week.
i am remembering how much happier i am when i excercise (biked 10miles yesterday) and bemoaning the fact that my skin can't take more than about an hour in the sun even with 50 sunblock. even that much time leaves me with a slight sunburn so that i can't do it every day.. stupid doxycycline. i remember when 10 miles was nothing to me. my pride wants me to be doing 20 every time i go out.

the grass is coming up on our newly fixed lawn and it looks SO much better (pictures will be forthcoming as soon as i fix my camera battery charger). the tomatoes are going gangbusters and we may actually get a few strawberries.

i have done 4 informational interviews. the first two were great. the second two sucked. i blame the methodist church.
i talked to cindy gregorson (one of the minneapolis district superintendents) and sally johnson (deacon at hennepin UMC). both of them were nice ladies. neither of them were any help.
apparently because the UMC up here has no money, there is also no help for deacons to find work. sure, people have some contacts in the non-profit sector, but it isn't actually part of their job to help deacons looking for work. in fact, most of the deacons are not actually working outside the church. instead they are doing the work of elders in congregations that already have 2 elders.....this is very frustrating to me.
worse yet, deacons only meet annually with their DS and have cursory attachment to a church because they already have a supervisor in their job. as a result of this, there is no structure in place to make use of deacons as an informational source. i have no problems with deacons not answering to the church as much as elders, but the waste of them as a resource apalls me.
i continue to apply for things and cross my fingers.

i have discovered that i love to knit socks.
i knit a pair for my mother for mother's day and after some initial figuring-out, i am working on my third pair. pictures will be forthcoming as soon as i fix my camera battery charger....

i barely see ross these days as tech for 1776 is in full swing. we get a few moments in the morning after he rejoins the world of the living (i'm up before he is) and sometimes at night. but monday we went to see

i have been having GREAT fun with my new character thanks to [profile] sidhedevil, [profile] kurosawa2005 and [profile] rumpleteazaer. [profile] ibukij, [profile] rojirand a few others gave me advice too, but i haven't had a chance to follow up on it yet. it is so nice not to feel burnt out. it is lovely to not be bored, and i am learning a lot about combat - lessons i am ashamed to admit, i played over 3 years without. ventrue get other people to do their killing.
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this weekend was truly lovely.
i was kinda dreading game this week (so much anticipated angst), but i actually managed to have a good time and do some serious planning, thanks in part to my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] vale979. several people were there who i had really wanted to meet and/or see again, so that was also good.
then i came home (after being up too late resulted in coughing a lot) only to find out that ross was not planning for us to go see his grandparents this weekend after all. that is planned for next weekend.
so saturday morning i got up and went out and got a lot done. didn't get back until about 5pm. xmas shopping and xmas decoration shopping and necessity shopping was accomplished. ross and i curled up and snuggled and it was very nice.

sunday was even better. i went to church early and wrapped xmas gifts for kids whose parents are incarcerated and then we had a lovely service highlighting the ceremony of carols by benjamin britton. good stuff. i would have been in it myself, but unfortunately i got sick.
after church i hung out with heather keiwig, a very cool girl with a serious fiber habit. we drank tea and made cookies and when i came home ross had dinner ready. our friend dawn ate with us and helped us with xmas decorations. the house smells like the holidays.
i am very satisfied.
perhaps there will be cookie and candy making tonight.
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starting with friday, in which i had one of the most exciting role-playing nights i've ever been a part of. sarnait (ventrue primogen) challenged var (brujah primogen and sire of the prince) in defense of a clanmate. lost. got stripped of status. handled part of the discipline of another clanmate. ended up the night with a blood boon. fantastic night. fantastic role-play from everyone. wow. i think the rp at this game has gotten better since i got here - nothing to do with me, i just think it has improved.

then yesterday i spent all afternoon and evening at a LAN party in paynesville, hosted by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] eltanin and [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart. i met some really nice people there and had great fun playing capture the flag. i really like LAN parties because i get into the same groove i do when playing hearts. it's okay to try outrageous things that don't work and make you look like an ass because it is a safe environment. winning isn't the important thing. the important thing is the comaraderie and teamwork or maybe just the jokes you're cracking with each other. it had been way too long.
today i slept til 2pm....which is awful, but in my defense i was up til somewhere between 3-4 two previous nights in a row and had gotten up early the previous morning. then i got some housework done and went in to the guthrie with ross. i spent most of the time sending out IC e-mails but at least i got some time with my husband.
i have one day left to get everything done before we go to Germany tomorrow evening.
i have two rooms to clean, a prescription to pick up, packing to do and probably half a dozen other things i'm forgetting. wish me luck.

meme proving i liked school too much )
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wow was that amazing. i'm not sure i've ever had so much fun at an event.
the people who played the other NPC's were positively amazing, brilliant and imaginative, especially considering how short-notice some of them were. they did played their characters beautifully. kim, the st of winona and dennis and peter, also deserve special props for their hard work and organization. for those who did not know, i did a short stint as meerlinda for the weekend because [livejournal.com profile] sidhedevil could not be there. i crammed more tremere lore into my head in two months than i ever thought i could and i had a terrific time!
it was a treat to get to larp with ross too. i so rarely get that opportunity, and he always has so much grace and style as trent malaphar. good stuff.
it was WONDERFUL to have amanda up as esther. she is so enthusiastic and fun to be with both in and out of character. i hope she has a safe flight and considers her weekend a success.:)
i got to meet so MANY new wonderful people this weekend. people in nashville and winona and chicago and paduca....LOADS OF LOVE TO [livejournal.com profile] vale797! i met your ST's this weekend and had fun with them. and in theory i have the right phone number for you. i will call soon.

in the meantime, i am exhausted. i plan to curl up with ross and some BSG and hang out with dawn later in the evening.
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i came home early from game friday night and missed the praxis.
this job is just WEARING me out. i don't have the energy for any of the fun stuff!

yesterday we went to the apple orchard and got my FAVORITE apples - jonathans!
a big bag of them sits in my fridge in all their tart red crunchiness.
then ross got me totally hooked on startrek nextgen episodes. i'm so behind the times. i mean, i watched it when it was on tv....just not anything close to religiously. so there are many episodes i haven't seen. we got in one or two before going over to see shaun and thistle and cedar and talk politics and play a cool card game involving the decapitation of french dignitaries a la revolution!
they are always cool to hang out with.

today we went to the ren faire. we got to see the gypsy show (bravo [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart and [livejournal.com profile] eltanin) and a truly offensive show of villification tennis and then i shopped like mad without buying a thing.
i couldn't find the things i wanted and i got an awful headache and backache...probably from my corset being laced too tight(thank you ross).
but we have been chilling out since then on the couch and being all connected and cuddly and now he is out grocery shopping for me because my head still hurts.
ross rocks.

....now about that sudafed.....
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i wasn't sure if i was going to go to game last night or not, but i was glad i went. i had a really good time. SOOOOO very much political wrangling.
i almost declared praxis.
i'm really glad i didn't have to. sarnait couldn't hold the city yet. she's only been there a couple months. she needs more support w/in the city...something she is building.
so the good news is that i'm having a good time at game, especially with [livejournal.com profile] kurasawa2005's story-telling.
the bad news is that ross and i are not coming to nonclave after all. the truth is that we just can't afford it with me not having found a job yet. sigh. i was really looking forward to that. we will be at the tremere event which is in st. paul this year...but i would rather go to nonclave any day. looks like the next time we will be down is around xmas.

i got a lot done in the way of job applications and house-cleaning this week, but there is still more to be done - always. my folks are coming into town tonight and the house is NOT ready.
the good news is that they are bringing the boat to us - a 16-17 ft boston whaler that has been in my family since 1962 (along with water skis, my good china, the rocking chair from my childhood, my soccer gear and several other nice things). the bad news is that the boat doesn't work yet. the mechanic who fixed just about everything else on it, found that the part he needed to fix the steering cable is no longer made. he thinks there may be a part made by a different manufacturer that may work....we will see. additionally, mom has not had time to take care of renewing the registration on the boat....which has to be in order so that we can transfer it to minnesota. not a really big deal, since we can't use it yet anyway....but it would be nice to have that all squared away. this week looks to be full of cleaning the boat and sanding and revarnishing the console. there will be an art fair and an irish fair thrown in there somewhere too.
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our friend dusty has been staying with us for a few days helping ross fix computer issues down at the guthrie. this has ups and downs.
it has been nice to see dusty who i quite like. it has been GREAT for ross, who rarely has anyone to whom he can talk about the IT side of the audio department and get any degree of comprehension back, much less someone who can actually HELP him.
the down side is that they have been working into all hours of the night.
i didn't miss them too much last night because i was at game, but in general, i miss ross.
i wake up and he's not here. even on saturday.

this coming week we will go to connecticut to visit my brother and nephews and sister-in-law. i am SO excited! i will get much-needed husband time. i love to travel with him. and i love my brother and his family. my brother's rock group will be playing and we will go see him and potentially cirque du soleil as well.

game last night rocked. i got advanced. i got to clean up city messes. i got to negotiate and politics about things i knew next to nothing about...and it worked(granted this is only because i had powerful people helping)!
it was great. i don't know if this is because of the change in ST staff (corey was getting burnt out) or whether i was just in the right place at the right time, but it was a great night.
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okay so ross had to work saturday, but i got a big part of the fence stained on friday and then [livejournal.com profile] pixiecup came over (pink hair and all) and we worked outside before going to the ice cream social and then up to the witch's hat tower in st. paul. it was a lot of fun. the view was incredible. you could see both st. paul and minneapolis from the top.

then i went to game. got lost on the way there. again i have mixed feelings. some really fun things happened . i got status for no good reason (although sarnait has earned it and not gotten it plenty of times - i shouldn't complain) and got torn away from what i was doing a lot. the influence system they use is really tricky and i haven't completely figured it out yet. there is a lot to keep in your memory. some kid had a tantrum in the middle of game and left in a huff. the drama does little to impress me.

susan and i had a really nice day together, saturday - talked about art n' stuff before going out to see lojo (a friend of susan and mike's) play at an irish pub in stillwater. man am i glad i went! there was really a strong feeling of community there. michael got up on stage a few times as did adam stemple of the tim malloys for those of you who know who the hell they are. mostly it was just lojo on guitar/mandolin and loraine (who happens to be neil gaiman's assistant) on fiddle. good stuff.
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to midwinter or not to midwinter...that is the question
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today is the company thanksgiving party and no one wants to work.
i have gotten a decent amount done so far regardless...which is good because i went home early with stomach yuckiness yesterday.
my boss asked ross if i was pregnant. PREGNANT!
have i mentioned that i am positivelydefinatelyNOTPREGNANT!

i guess one of the weirdnesses of being young and married is that people think you are pregnant if you have a 12-hour stomach bug.
in anycase i am MUCH better today, thank you.

this week has been pleasant, although i find myself with LOTS to do. last night i made my yummy cranberry sauce (with orange and ginger mmmmmmm)for today, and i'm glad i got the practice in, because i've got to make it again for tomorrow.
we had oodles of people over monday night in honor of ross's friend john coming into town. he and his wife are new orleans evacuees and we are very glad they are safe. in the meantime this resulted in plans for vampire tag tonight.
we will see if that actually happens - there may be rain...in which case we will probably get together and play board games. FUN FUN.
vampire tag )

i saw the new harry potter movie with ross on monday.
i thought it was really good, though i can see why it might be confusing for someone who has not read the books. some things were simply explained poorly.
also i have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] votishal about THE TRUTH.


Aug. 28th, 2004 09:07 am
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still fighting off sickness.
rockin' time at game thurs. night. very busy. i was very impressed by RP from martin and john. found some new directions for character development of my own as well. but i think i may have been running a slight fever by the end of game.

yesterday i woke up at 8 and couldn't sleep. don't ask me why, i think it is ungodly too. mainly because i didn't have work. z suggested nyquil. friends, this was heather j. hall's first introduction to nyquil and let me tell you i'm a convert. aside from the fact that my typing/spelling became progressively worse as the sedatives began to kick in. i got in a 3 hour nap before driving up to PA for the weekend. good thing too.
i asked z if i should bring some up to PA, but he said they had some already. this morning i wake up at 7 - even more ungodly! and there is NO nyquil. z went out and got me some. i think i have the sweetest boyfriend ever! i didn't even ask. he just did it. now THAT is love.


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