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Apr. 17th, 2009 09:06 am
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in minnesota again.
with not a whole lot more resolution than when i left. dealing with the family was not as difficult as i feared, my one aunt mostly behaved herself. i got some good time to talk to my folks and my cousin michael, who i haven't seen since i was 12 and with whom i have much in common. also got to chat a lot with my second cousin cynthia who is vagely nuts, but in a completely delightful sort of way. and she's an anthropologist, so of course she's interesting.

the service itself was questionable. i had theological reservations about the pastor, who made a few good points and tried very hard, but clearly had not kept up with the latest in exciting methodist theology. the siblings had squabbled over how they were going to put together what they were going to say and who was going to say what, but it seemed to work out alright. my cousin skyler spoke with great poise and dignity about his love for our grandpa.

i also got to meet the resident crazy in our family - a "christian" preacher so fundamentatlist that the fundamentalists hate him who runs a sort of cult of personality and has gained notariety for his willingness to stand behind ideas which he has no ability to back up scripturally(to say nothing of rationally). for those of you who really want to be scared by his ridiculousness, abandon all hope ye who enter here.
i actually spoke to him. i couldn't resist. for me, fundamentalist baiting is a bit like bear-baiting. and i BEHAVED myself! didn't bring up gay rights or abortion or feminism or any of the things for which i am surely going to hell. he offensively told me about the book he gave to my father (who is pretty scornful of it) and that my father could EXPLAIN it to me (and by the way that's some GALL to be passing crap like that out at my grandpa's funeral)!!!! at which point i told him i had MY OWN seminary degree. after which i was peppered with all manner of questions regarding my faith - which apparently i passed with flying colors. he actually APPROVED of me!! it was very amusing to me but also doubt that i am any kind of good xian if i could get along with him in a room for 5 minutes. in my ideal universe my mom and i are God's answer to people like him and beat them down with dildos when they try to beat people with faith instead of letting them make their own choices and find God gracefully in their own way.

today i am tired.
and i managed to stretch my back in a way that made a crunching sound this morning and which now sends shooting pain along my spine, temporariliy disabling my ability to breath every time i move my head or arms the "wrong way. suck.
i'm very glad it's friday. i was going to go to a cabaret with susan tonight, but i think i will cancel in light of back pain.

my grandpa

Apr. 12th, 2009 06:42 pm
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died at 10am today.
the funeral will be wednesday we think.
i don't feel like i know what this means.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:20 am
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is in the hospital again.
he had a GI bleed and fell out of bed. the doctors are saying that he's got six months maximum to live. looks like i will be going to chicago again.
he is my last grandparent. i don't want him to suffer, but i do want him to live. we don't always get what we want in life. but those are words of wisdom that i can't bring myself to care about right now.

prayers, good vibes, etc. much appreciated.
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this weekend was deeply good for me.
like going to a spa without actually going to a spa.

friday night ross and i watched some sopranos from netflix. ross got our new media server up and running and we can both vnc into it from our computers to use it in an environment where the mouse is easier to use. best of all - i can use it to run my ipod. i actually have a working ipod for the first time in about 5 months!!! anyone out there with a podcast, let me know what it is!!!
...then we got into this really long complicated conversation about our relationship...and it was much needed, but i had been dreading it. and then when we talked i found it was nothing to dread. we are getting better and better at this kind of communication. less and less often do our differences become something i would call a fight and he would call an argument. more and more we are a team. i wish i didn't have so many resistances to thinking anyone could honestly be out for my best interest....but damn it all if ross doesn't keep proving it. and slowly. i open.
which is funny. i mean, i really thought of myself as open...but marriage is teaching me that it's untrue. i've been open only in the ways i want to be. only in the ways it is comfortable, or that make me look good to myself. real openness includes all the things you hate about yourself....and i feel like i keep discovering those - the places i didn't know i was hiding.
i am very in love with ross anderson.

then saturday i got up and went to my spinning group, which was delightful, even if it was a bit hard to leave the house in the cold. i came home, made mac n' cheese with bison hotdogs for lunch and then went to the gym and spent a half hour on the eliptical machine. it was the first time i'd used one and i really enjoyed it. especially since i could use my ipod.
i got home, showered, and then christa came over and joined us for dinner, a little gaming and some batman. she's a nice lady. i also finished my slippery socks(pictures to come) while she was over and began my new clapotis. it will be interesting to see how long it takes me to make one now that i have a pretty good idea of how the pattern works. so far it seems to be going pretty fast. i think the deep blue color will be gorgeous when it is finished.
i am really hoping the slippery blue socks do not felt. arucania ranco has a bit of a reputation, and i put way too much work into these for them to felt on me.

sunday ross and i got up early and headed out to montevideo to see his family. we had lunch with his grandparents and set dates for our september vaction with them. at this point the plan is to take a week and a half and go to yellowstone and the grand titons. i am hoping things will not be ridiculously crowded since we are going after labor day. the idea is that we will do breakfast and lunch with his grandparents and then spend the day doing whatever we want in the area - biking, hiking, horse-back riding, sitting in the natural springs....i've never been to that part of the country before and i am pretty excited about it. the boss has already given me a tentative yes - which i was pretty much counting on with more than six months notice. of course...we will have to see if i'm even in the same job at that point. 3M has extended all it's contract workers contracts for a year, but now that my computer is working again (thanks to ross), i am going to be looking.
i have also decided to sign up here to do some volunteering with adult literacy. it's $30 or so for the training, but i've about accepted that i'm not going to be in my feild for a while. so if i'm going to give back to my community i need to find a different way to do it for now. and i think i would enjoy this.

we have been using our fireplace a LOT. i turn it on for a few minutes in the morning while i do my sit-ups and feel good that i can be warm without heating up the whole house. then we often wind up using in the evenings.
and since my computer is working again - voila! you get a picture.
here it is, fully stained, tile in place, with mantle mounted. we are thinking maybe a big plant should go on top, although the cats feel it should be their private domain. we will see who wins. i'm not sure who's paw that is in the corner.

today it is cold, but it will be getting up to 37 by wednesday. i'm not ready for spring yet, but i can feel its approach.
our friend ryan's mother died a week ago of cancer and stroke. it was sudden and she was only 58. we are hoping to see him this week and i'm going to put together some goodies for him after he gets back from denver (on work). if you can keep him and his family in your prayers/meditations/whatever, i would be grateful.

also i have yarn. lots of yarn. mainly gotten for free at the knit out. i don't normally use acrylic or buy it. some acrylic is very nice, but i don't want to perpetrate use of something that doesn't really biodegrade....but i didn't buy this stuff, and some of it will be very good for charity knitting.
pictures for those of you who care )
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it's friday!!!!

and i finally got to the gym last night for spinning class. i feel SO good. good enough that i woke before my alarm and increased to 100 crunches this morning. my sets are 20, so increasing by one set seems to work for me. we'll see if it lasts. the thing is that even if it isn't true, i FEEL skinnier after i work out.
love those endorphins. then i came home and didn't have to cook! eggplant parmesan is better the second day anyway. all i did was make salad.

i have made a new friend at work. her name is kate. we have talked via e-mail for about two weeks and i am hoping to set up a coffee date to meet her in person. she grew up on a hobby farm in virginia(near richmond), likes to carve wood, read science fiction and fantasy, and game. she sounds awesome.

my computer at home is officially kaput. the hard drive blew out again. i am seriously thinking there is something wrong with the computer that keeps eating hard drives. goddamn zombie computer eating its own brains...

tonight christa will either come over or we will work on the mantle.
tomorrow we will game with shawn and thistle and john and tessa and tim wheatly and adam cerling and maybe some other people. then susan will come over for dinner and we will see her for the first time in literally months. sunday we will go to montevideo to see ross's grandparents. it will be a very busy weekend. if i'm lucky i will squeeze in some knitting.
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good news on the grandfather front. the parentals report that his surgery monday went very well and that not only is he talking a lot and in good spirits, but also his color is better and he's coughing more fluid out of his lungs(which low energy from not eating enough prevented before). this is a relief. i would really prefer to have grandpa around for longer.
he has requested more of my xmas candy, so it looks like i will be making it twice this year.
....and he claims he doesn't have a sweet tooth.

the house is also in good shape although progress has slowed recently due to having no more deadlines and being completely exhausted. however, there are pictures to be had. )

all in all, i feel pretty good about the way all of this looks. i will still feel better about it when the basement is also useable for some of this.
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i made it back to mn and realized that there are no songs to sing about this area, state or cities. or at least i have never heard them. this is a crying shame.
new york has songs, philly has songs, new jersey and alabama and georgia and west virginia have songs, lots of cities in california have songs, st. louis has songs. chicago has a whole damn musical. there should be at least one song for this area.

going to chicago was very good and i'm glad i did it.
my grandpa is doing better than i thought. his eyes were bright and his humor was good and he ate quite a bit while i was there. he speaks only in a whisper due to half his throat being paralyzed, and he walks with a cane, but he hasn't given up on life and has high hopes for the treatment he is getting today. i am pleased and releaved that i don't have to plan on him dying soon.

and i think it was a good thing for the family in general that i was there. not that i did much besides make soup for grandpa and keep him company, but it was a healing thing that i (and my folks for that matter) showed up and proved our investment in the family. it was a weekend about duty.
i have mixed feelings about duty to family. part of me feels like things done only for the sake of duty are hollow, and that duty traps people with guilt in ways that are unhealthy.
but part of me feels like doing things out of duty alone can be a good thing. something to be proud of. something that builds character through doing the right thing even when it doesn't feel fun, or even especially about love. sometimes love is an ACTION, not a feeling....and it is okay for that to be all you have to give. we can't always choose how we feel, but we can choose what we do. our actions, our attitude....and duty can be an important way of showing love in a way that has the power to change us - even if we don't go into the act feeling loving. like i said....mixed feelings.

it was wonderful to see [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson. pam is possibly the best hostess ever. i am NOT used to having coffee preparations left out for me the night before. i had a nice time hanging out with them during the brief time we had together when i wasn't in la grange or woodridge.

i also forgot to call ross and let him know i was in safe. and i left my phone in the car (i thought it was in my bag)and so when he called i wasn't there and he freaked out. i felt terrible for a lot of the weekend for scaring him. then i came home and found that he had put the tile up around the fireplace and put sub-flooring down in the main room of the basement. he astonishes me.

sometimes the world really socks it to me in ways that bring me face to face with my own hubris. it is an uncomfortable awareness that i value, but don't know how to hang on to.

also. i'm so tires i almost didn't come to work this morning. i am wiped in a way i can't even describe. i need a week of down-time.
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i don't have to work on the house tonight!

wednesday i signed up for a new class at the gym. straight up strength. and i lasted about 15 minutes. 15 minutes of solid squats! it reminded of rob holbrock's hard-core fencing exercises in college! my quads are still in a state of mutiny every time i get up from my chair.
after 15 minutes i packed up and went back to the locker room. so i GOT a great work out. just one much shorter than i anticipated.
in anycase i had more work when i got home.
somehow i had this INSANE idea that tidying up the electrical would be quick and simple.
shows how much i know.
we had a bunch of panels in the basement ceiling that needed covers - but the covers we had didn't fit. they had to be cut with a saw and drilled with the dewalt cordless. we also needed blanks and switch plates for the wall plates. we had to put box extenders in the bedroom outlets in case the inspector needed to visit the fuse box. a trip to home-depot took care of the bits we didn't have right after we dropped my car off for service. the fireplace needed an electrical hook-up as well.
then we also had to hang the new(used)star lamp in the stairway. it looks great there and casts all kinds of neat shadows on the stairs, but it also needs dusting on the inside. a big thanks to susan for finding it for us.
we finished about 9:30.

yesterday we picked up my car and moved all the furniture in the living room. i think it is going to look really sharp when the fireplace is complete. ross finally hooked up the surround sound when he was putting the entertainment system together again. lo and behold, the picture on the tv looks better! i'm not sure what it is, but when we finally got a chance to just sit and hang out and watch a movie at the end of the day, the picture was brighter and clearer. a very nice bonus to re-setting everything. :)
it felt like a miracle to not be working last night. i don't even remember the last time i did that.
next week will be a WHOLE WEEK that i can plan to DO THINGS in the evening! or simply choose to do nothing. this is very exciting.

today i will be driving to chicago to see the family directly after work. ross will not be coming with me as he needs to work this evening. six hours in the car with limited music options, as my ipod is still tempermental about when it decides it wants to behave. it will be great to see my folks, and [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson, but i am wary about what this weekend will bring. i have a feeling that some of the tensions that have been brewing between my immediate family and the rest of mom's side of the family may get ugly and public....with various possibilities for outcome. we'll see. there are many reasons for tension and with stress high?.....anything is possible. i hope that there is good resolution if a blow-out has to happen.
aunt kathy reports that grandpa seems better....but i'm not sure if this is wishful thinking or reality. i will know better after i see him tomorrow. please keep us in your prayers.

my grandpa

Jan. 21st, 2009 10:16 am
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is very very ill.
he has been having a lot of increased problems over the last year.
he had a pacemaker installed this week, but his throat is half-paralyzed and he is mostly not eating.
please keep him (and us) in your prayers/meditations/whatever.

i will be going to chicago over the weekend of the 30th to see him.
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home again home again jiggety jig.

a whole 2 weeks off.
man has that been great!
i haven't had a break like that in years...at least...not one that didn't also qualify as unemployment, which does NOT feel like vacation.

family and xmas stuff )

new years and friend stuff )

i saw two movies while i was on break. no spoilers below.
seven pounds was the first. and i will say it was enjoyable. but it was not at all what i expected from the preview. i expected something of an action/mystery movie...instead it was a disjoined emotional roller coaster. it was well acted and well directed and is based on a great idea....but i don't think it was well written. it is not a movie i will want to watch again. 2 stars.
doubt, on the other hand, was probably the finest movie i've seen since pan's labrynth, although completely different from that movie. it was extremely finely crafted in just about every way i can think of. it is about a power conflict in a catholic school - so the subject matter will not be to everyone's taste. but it was right up my alley. to start with, the acting was nothing short of exquisite. meryl streep is always good, but this time she is complimented by the rest of the cast performing right up to her caliber - even the children and small roles are excellent and sometimes powerful and poignant. the set is great, really showing the shabbiness and industrial feel of 1960's east coast catholic schools. every piece of furniture looks like it is from exactly the right period (to my untrained eye, anyway). everything in this movie looks appropriate to the time - and this is important because although this movie touches on issues of sexuality that have profound relevance for our church and society today, there was a different attitude about many of these things (this is set just just after kennedy's assasinaction - about the time of the second vatican council 1962-1965), and a powerful force of change in the church. which brings me to the direction. which is great. the story is told in a linear way with powerful use of expressions in silence. wind is used continuously through the movie, representing change. positions are suggested rather than stated. questions are almost not asked between characters, and yet are clearly communicated all the while extending to the audience and suggesting profound theological insights. This movie is directed in a way that draws you deeper and deeper into the questions instead of solidifying your opinions. not to say you will not have an opinion about what really happens at the end of the movie. but your opinion will be just that. only an opinion. and the audience as well as the characters must take a good look at the meaning and the value of doubt. it gets 5 stars in my book. :)

i arrived home on friday night.
ross picked me up. we had a truly lovely friday night/saturday, making the most of my last couple of days with no alarm clock and staying up late. all the warmth and affection of the past two weeks seemed to drift between us. we watched the 10th kingdom (one of my stocking gifts to ross) and i loved it.  i ignored the phone and left the grocery list alone. i cuddled my very-missed cats.
sunday was spent with the in-laws and was boring and tedious and uncomfortable - but not as bad as it could be. we came home with a great deal of bison meat, a dvd of old johnny carson comedy acts, and some stuff we will have to re-gift as neither of us like cashews much. we got the xmas tree down and the dvd collection moved and the corner of our living room is ready to be viewed by the fireplace people who are coming to see if we have a reasonable hope of getting a gas fireplace installed. it will be gas, and not what either of us would most like. but it will greatly improve our quality of life to have a fireplace in the house, so a compromise is in order. we will see what we can do.

work today is still pretty slow, which is very nice. and a lot got cleaned up over the holiday lull. i am about half-way through the e-mails that piled up while i was gone. rachel and jerad are planning to come to dinner tomorrow and we are hoping to see susan and corrin later in the week.
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dreamed last night about being sick.
lo and behold! i wake up with a sorethroat.
time for the dayquil!

and the high today is -5 degrees. the low is -16. EDIT: i just found out that this is not including wind chill, which is around -28 today.
i'm just sayin'.

and after work today i have to go xmas shopping. on the list
hopefully a bunch of james bond dvd's for dad (i have a coupon!)
2 less than $15 gifts for ross's family
whatever i see for ross that inspires me. he has made it difficult this year by telling me he doesn't want clothes from me. i already got him some of those...but he needed them right away and therefore got them already. hence i need to think again.
a little $ to stick in with the handmade gifts for the niece/nephews
come up with a small combination of hand made things for cam.
wrap everything and send it out.
putting up the damn xmas tree!~!

items that are done:
ordering mom's gift
ordering ross's grandparents gift
shipping out xmas candy
making gifts for mark, robin, ty, bren & rachael
various stocking items for ross.
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but i have a lot to say.
first and foremost a very happy 80th birthday today to my father, jim hall, who in many ways is the cornerstone of who i am. many happy returns dad.

my family all gathered in va last friday from our various parts of the country, minnesota, north carolina and connecticut in order to celebrate this important birthday. we surprised him. :)
my father is the kind of man who ALWAYS underestimates how important he is to others. he would NEVER have asked us to come together to celebrate him, a  mere 2 months before we will see one another for xmas. all he asked for from us was a letter. but we all wanted to do it. and we all did it. and my sister scrap-booked the letters, and she did a great job.
if you have parents you love/get along with, my advice is to tell them now, while they are still around. it feels good to them and to you. i am blessed beyond words to have the relationships i have with my parents.

in other news, this is (finally) my last week at 3M. there is a piece of me that is looking forward to change even though i'm anxious about being jobless. at least one of my co-workers wants to take me out for lunch on friday.  it has been mostly a good experience working here, and adds a lot to my understanding of how businesses work. we'll see where it gets me. next week i expect to drive out to montevideo to help my father in law assemble stills that he has to ship out to the US embassy in mexico by the end of december. it is a huge order and he needs the help, and we borrowed some money from him back when i had my car accident and needed a new car. so maybe i can work off our debt to him. it does mean that i will not have much access to lj next week. i have still not heard back from the u of m, but there are other jobs i've applied for, both there and elsewhere.

i am very proud of the way my country, and my county voted yesterday. obama is not my perfect president. but keeping a fundamentalist (sarah palin) out of the white house was a priority for me, and i believe obama will do a good job. i am pleased that there will be a re-count on norm coleman's win. i am pleased that betty mccullom continues as my district's representative. i am proud that my county voted strongly to put greater protections on our water resources. i doubt the democrats will keep their lead in congress. i think the anti-bush trend had a huge impact on this election and the powerful force against continuing his policies was a drag on mccain/palin.  i don't think we will see this kind of momentum in 4 years. but i am glad we see it now.


Dec. 31st, 2005 04:52 pm
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the parents just left this morning.
ross and i cleaned the house, stripped the guestroom, stocked the house for new years and got everthing ready to have people over.

the visit with the folks was great. not enough time, but about all i had energy for. xmas was...noisy. irritating. my extended family insisited on watching FOOTBALL on xmas...and then THEIR extended family invited themselves over and was noisy noisy noisy all over the house....which was very irritating. ross and my parents and i hid in the basement, which of course, hurt my aunts feelings....
you can see where this is going. it is good to see family. it doesn't feel like xmas if there is no family. but that never stops me from being annoyed with them.

then i promptly got sick on the drive back. went to the doctor who advised me to see an ear nose and throat specialist. anyone else seeing one of those? has it helped?
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merry, merry, MERRY Christmas to everyone and your families!

it hasn't really felt like xmas the past week or so. i have been too stressed and busy. even today i have to run out and get some gift cards for cousins, finish packing stuff for ross and i, load the car, make some sandwiches to take along, print directions here and back from my grandpa's place, take pictures of the house, lug the air compressor downstairs, sweep, mop, clean the cat box.....

and breathe. somewhere in there, i have to breathe.

but it dawned on me that today my parents are in the car driving 11 hours up to chicago...and i will see them tonight.
and it begins to feel like christmas.

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] vale797 i need you to enjoy the xmas eve service extra hard for me tonight because i'm going to be stuck in a car missing my favorite service of the year.
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what a nice weekend. mostly.

for thanksgiving we had ross's parents over to our place. we still have oodles of leftovers because they refused to take anything back except the bread and the orange jello salad (i am not a big fan of said salad). then we watched battle star galactica episodes and our friend susan came over with guinness, her dog. the dog is very mild and our cats didn't even freak out a little bit. it is good to know that they can handle dogs.
luther is still having puking issues and this weekend i drew the line. so of course he crossed it and now i have a big mess to clean up.
basically, the vet told me that she needs a stool sample to do anything productive about his diagnosis. ever tried to get a stool sample from a cat when you have more than one? )

this is the part of the entry containing my xmas asshattery )

anyway, sunday i went to church and just had a wonderful time. i told the head pastor(bryce) that i was in seminary and interested in human rights work and he paraded me over to donna, the associate pastor for interrogation. she is involved with some interfaith work and also wants to involve me in seventy thousand thigns the church is doing and btw do i want to have coffee with her. i liked her very much, her sermon was VERY wesleyan. i approve.
other church stuff )

yesterday was spent in st. cloud, visiting with chris and theresa, who just bought a house up there (plainesville, actually). ross and chris put foam insulation in the garage as a trade for a REALLY nice arts and crafts style buffet table chris is building for us. he has his own business making custom cabinetry and this is going to be gorgeous (not to mention we will have a place to put our china). i'm very excited. i also did a little work up there on my thesis. really enjoying kathryn tanner.
we beat it out of there before the storm. we have about an inch of snow on the ground now and i am really enjoying it.
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we have ABOUT convinved ralph not to check himself out of the hospital against medical advice.
this took some doing.
he is simply a very independant man who is not willing to accept the extent of his own injuries. it is very annoying and stressful for ross. as it is, ralph is demanding to go to a facility closer to his home (read: bumfuck egypt, at least in terms of attracting medical expertise). we are settling with this as it is better than his demands to go straight home where there is no one who can help him get to the bathroom (he is a big guy- way too heavy for his wife to lift, even in part).

on the brighter side of things we have been getting a bit of our lives back. we went to the renaissance fair yesterday. it is huge. the md fair is...maybe half the size of this fair. ross used to work there so i met lots of his old buddies there, some of which i had met before at other events. it was lots of fun and good for us to get away from this business for a bit.

i have been having WEIRD DREAMS recently. last night i dreampt both me knees had to be operated on but i could walk afterwards and get to the bathroom. i fell down a lot, but i could walk and the nurses wouldn't give me any privacy to go to the bathroom and i was SO mad. and then i was talking to [livejournal.com profile] xerotic and one of his friends and they gave me some get well flowers.
i also had a really scary dream about [livejournal.com profile] vale797. sweet guy, you wouldn't think i'd be having nightmares about him...but honestly it was father dunstin's fault. he was being sneaky and pretending he would hold off the other vampires from me.

the very good thing is that we are playing exalted tonight after we go visit ross's dad.
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the third surgery went well, but it was VERY long. 6 hours extended to 8. we didn't get to see him until around 12 midnight tues. night. also ross's mom is having a really hard time. she is pretty high strung as it is, but this has thrown her off her routine so ross has to be there for both parents in some big ways. he is the primary contact for his dad's condition, not his mom.
then the next day, all hell breaks loose.
they tried to take ralph off the ventilator but he started having mild seizures. so they left him on for another full day - which he HATES. he was barely conscious yesterday when we were in. today he is doing MUCH better, talking and demanding drinks and full of himself. they finally took him off the ventilator and they have a physical therapist working with him that he seems to like.
ross and i are trying to find an assisted care facility for him to move to once they release him from the hospital. he isn't going home til he is able to get himself to the bathroom independantly. the doctor says the prognosis is 8-12 weeks before he will be able to put weight on his legs, so he has a long road ahead of him.
about the kid: we have found out some interesting things about the kid who hit ralph. 1) he was definately legally drunk 2) he is in a coma at another hospital 3) he had no insurance 4) he had his liscense revoked.
this is going to be a royal pain in the behind.

ross and i are hanging in there. i will be back in va next week and he will be back at work and the return to normalcy will help tremendously i'm sure. i wish i didn't have to come back to meet with my advisor at a time like this. we are getting in naps. ross's friend dawn came and worked on us both monday and that was an incredible experience. she is a highly trained massage therapist. actually, she trains other massage therapists. i had never really had a professional massage before and man, lemmie tell you, it's the way to go. if i had millions, i would do that every day.

today i am going to make soap. great for tension relief
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the second surgery went well. the debrided and clensed ralph's wounds and closed up his ankle...which of course means that they will have to open it up again when they go in to fix it...but it does decrease risk of infection. ross's grandparents came down yesterday to visit with him and so that we could go out to north dakota so ross could be in his friend ryan's wedding. the wedding was outdoors and everything was very disorderly, but the service was lovely and the wind was blowing and the music was mostly very good. it is clear that ryan and laura love each other very much and that is always so nice to see.
i think it was good for ross and i to get away from this for a few hours.
we got back to the hospital around 9 and stayed til about 10:30.
then we got a call from ralph around 6:30am. he was upset and thirsty and wanting us to come in. he doesn't have very realistic ideas about how long he is going to be in the hospital and the morphine is affecting his short term memory enough that he isn't remembering or keeping things in chronological order. it makes it very hard to talk to him about his condition sometimes. ross is doing really well.
he is going back into work tonight and i am going to stay with ralph this evening. i think that will be good for ross. we have way more to do than we have time to do it. we are still working on getting a police report and figuring out exactly what happened in the accident. it would be nice to know what is going to happen in terms of getting all this paid for. thankfully we have had some legal advice that i think will keep us from making any mistakes with the insurance.
ross's mom has gone back home and will be back down tuesday when ralph goes back into surgery.


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