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i had the WEIRDEST dream last night.
nonsense dream )

i got a LOT done yesterday.
i scrubbed the counters and cleaned the stove and took out the trash and the recycling and cleaned the cat boxes and made phone calls and cleaned up hair balls and made dinner and got a shower all the while felt kind of dazed and half-asleep. i am still not sleeping well (though i did get enough last night).
i also finished shadowbridge before i came to bed. it is a REALLY good book. it blends cultures in really interesting ways and leaves me wanting more. my only real gripe with it is that it doesn't really end. there is no reason for the author to end the book where he does and no signal to the reader that some major event has concluded the story. okay there is a major event, but you know so little about it that it doesn't feel conclusive in the slightest. it isn't just a cliff-hanger. it feels like a chapter ending, not a book ending. i WILL go read the next book.

ranting here )
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i dreamed i was a superhero last night.
well....sorta. i was part of a team of people with special gifts that was perfectly mirrored in an opposing group with the same gifts - except for me. and the teams were made up of people i know and tv personalities. my team was lead by hugh laurie (who stayed behind) and on it were the guy who plays chase on house, shawn isenhart (a real life friend), boomer from battlestar galactica, and a big handsome black man who i didn't recognize.
opposing them were the asian guy from the matrix who guards the oracle, nana eddadotir (a friend from real life), another copy of boomer, and shane from the twin cities vampire larp. there may have been more people than this, but they weren't important enough for me to remember. the two sharons could stop, slow or speed up time.  shawn and nana were tricksters and quite random in what they could do. the asian guy and chase could run REALLY fast - couldn't quite catch a car, but certainly faster than any human, and the big black man and shane were really, really strong. i'm not sure what i could do, but everyone seemed to think it was really valuable. and the objective was that we were both after the same prize. it might have been a baby, but i'm not sure. and we chased each other all over the place and used cars and boats, and each side used different means to spy on the other....i wish i remembered more.

i have been reading the wings of wrath by c.s. freidman. enjoying it so far, but i wish i'd reread the first book before beginning. it's been too long and while i remember the main plot, i have forgotten most of the sub plots. 

i went to the gym yesterday and then to the local knitting group. really this is the first one i've been to that i really don't care for. everyone is very nice, but i find myself feeling like a snob because some of the people feel low-class to me (which doesn't particularly bother me) and constantly draw attention to themselves (which does bother me) and/or don't have anything interesting to say (which bothers me more). there are one or two people who i like perfectly well, but the tone is set by the ones who bother me. and i wind up feeling like an ass because i am bothered. i think i will probably not go back to that group. i just don't want to set myself up to feel that way.
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...and going to see coraline in the theaters. which was wonderful.
i recommend it.

but last night i dreamt i was going to rescue my best friend.
my best friend had been kidnapped by one of many alien races and was on a planet where only they and their slaves were permitted.
the aliens were caste divided.
i went to the spaceport to meet my teacher and depart. i got (affectionately) attacked by 3 snufflepigs....kinda like big hairy dogs with pig noses. my teacher shooed them off - and was an alien version of patrick stewart. he had 5 eyes and 5 sub-eyes. all different colors. all used for different kinds of communication.
i would be having a third eye and 2 sub-eyes implanted on the trip and he was going to teach me how to use them so that i could pass as one of the castes of aliens and rescue my friend.
it was completely neat.

the weekend turned out much less stressful/full than i anticipated.
for one thing i got the gaming weekend mixed up - that's next weekend.
for another ross and i woke up with headaches on sunday morning and ross decided not to go visit his family. we still had susan over for dinner. and saturday instead of gaming we got the mantle piece up, and i learned about drilling holes in concrete, which is pretty exhausting, but not nearly as hard as i'd imagined. the mantle looks great and there will be pictures once my computer is working again. zombiecomputer is low on the priority list when i can borrow ross's at home and we've got so much else to do. in the meantime, pictures will have to wait.

ross got our taxes done last week and we look forward to getting a substantial return this year. in large part because some of it is going to go to our media server and some of it is going to go to finishing the basement. yes i know we got the walls done. but there is still the ceiling and the carpeting and walling off the washer/dryer and furnace.

sunday was all about errands and going to see coraline and going out for breakfast. all of which was lovely.
it felt good not to be so hectic....i just still feel so tired. hollow inside. like i'm getting rested on the outside, but not on the inside....and ross doesn't seem tired at all. i don't know how he does it.
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lessons from last night's dreams:

do not sleep in the same room with restrained zombies or allow your cats access to them.
do not get in ross's way when he is killing dragons.
do not drive boats down very polluted and crowded waterways.
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last night i dreamed that i flew to va and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] sunmother and extended family and came up with food ideas for the holiday coming up...only i wasn't there for the holidays yet. i had to fly back. and i ripped the butt out of my jeans. so mom too me to the mall to this custom jeans maker and it took forever. and i missed my flight.
it was a pretty rotten dream.

but the preceding weekend was mostly good.
i went to the mall before going to drunken knit night on friday, in hopes of finding shoes. i had no luck on the shoes, but did get some piercing studs, which revealed that my earring holes have NOT all closed up after my surgery (when i had to take the earrings out and couldn't put them back in again). everything is open in my right ear and the left ear is more open that i had thought. all very good. also picked up some stocking stuffers for ross. then i stopped at borealis. that is always dangerous.
damage beneath the cut )

heather and deborah both cancelled for drunken knitting night, but that was probably good because it was PACKED. i did get to hang out with renae. there must have been more than 30 people there. there were also bagpipes. it was a good time. i realised that "thumb gusset" sounds like a dirty thing to call someone.

saturday morning was spinning group and heather keiweg came and it was totally enjoyable. i haven't gotten to spin for a while now because i've been so focused on getting xmas knitting done. )
anyway, i almost filled my bobbin. i believe i have gotten my mother of all tightened down enough that ross may stop making suggestions about dado-ing my spinning wheel as well. that would be very good because i think putting a dado in would drastically reduce flexibility if i wound up getting a different flyer.

then corrin came over and we made jelly. two different kinds, habanero cranbery raspbery and pomegranate raspberry. both are completely made of awesome, especially the pomegranate raspberry on ice cream.mmmm... we canned a little over a dozen jars and i got my hands all full of habanero oils and had to wash my hands about 50 times and even then my hands burned just a little bit because the steam from the canner was hot. but it was mostly a good kind of burn. we had to do part of the cooking of the habanero jelly outside because the habaneros are so potent.

sunday ross and i went to see the new bond film, which neither one of us was impressed with. bond was good, m was good, but nothing else about the movie really hung together or was compelling. i don't expect depth from a bond film, but i do expect a good story.
then we went home and watched the spiderwick chronicles and that was very good. i got a lot of knitting done on the cabled scarf i'm making for my brother. i will likely finish it this week. the cabling looks awesome but the scarf badly needs to be blocked.

yesterday i stayed home from work because my neck was all wrapped up in muscle cramps to the point where i was fairly useless. hot showers, extra sleep, heating pads and lots of alleve seem to have calmed it down enough for me to be at work today, but it still hurts. i don't know if it cramped up because i slept on it funny or because of the sudden lack of stress in my life. either way i wish it would go way.

tomorrow i'm getting the oil changed on my car and today i am going to the butcher and we are having friends over for dinner. at some point i need to get my xmas candy done. it is going to be a busy week.
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got a weird one for ya.
last night i dreamt that [livejournal.com profile] xerotic, [livejournal.com profile] durlindana, and [livejournal.com profile] ashoe and i were at ...something that was a cross between a convention and summercamp. our rooms were like hotel rooms. [livejournal.com profile] xerotic, [livejournal.com profile] durlindana and i shared a room and we were going to all go some place together so we were getting ready there when one of the fascility people came and was organizing dodgeball.
there were these neat plastic shoes in different colors for playing. i went to go play, but was sad because [livejournal.com profile] xerotic wouldn't come.

how is it i don't see you people, but i dream about you?
we had AWESOME thunderstorms yesterday.
it poured for maybe 3 hours in the evening and we ended up with about 2 inches. badly needed inches.

i feel like i should be preparing for something today, but i can't figure out what.
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earlier this week i dreamt about skydiving.
i think last night was the pay-off. that and a combination of the book i'm reading and my current unhappiness with VOLT. i dreamed that i was kidnapped by friends from high school, college and game and held blind-folded in an old house until i lost my job for missing too much work without calling. what's worse is that even my closest friends were part of it and didn't stop it. they didn't understand the magnitude of what they had done or that losing my job was a big deal. i decided to file a police report.
but i wasn't sure how to go about it and so i talked to my parents...and realized that it wasn't just these two horrible things, but also that i was psychologically damaged from being previously kidnapped by someone who meant it badly and who had celebrity connections and didn't need to fear the law for some reason. i then re-lived that incedent. the kidnapper's mother was sympathetic, but completely unhelpful. i was released when the kidnapper found a new interest. so what might have been a scary, but otherwise harmless prank (my friends didn't beat me or starve me or anything), became much, much worse because of the previous kidnapping and the fact that i lost my job. my mother fell asleep while i was trying to tell her about it to get her advice and my father left and went in the hot tub.
it was awful.

jungian analysis )
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this weekend was lovely.
friday i finished my second knithulhu....(and i already have requests for more! really i should sell them on etsy)
ross and i had a lovely dinner at the local indian place and then went to see 88 minutes - which he liked and i hated. the acting was great. but al pacino yells a lot and i don't like yelling. and i didn't like any of the characters. and there was too much cutting and suspense for me. and then ross and i had a disturbing conversation and i had nightmares.
so i gues that part wasn't so good.
but saturday was sunny and i started the PRETTIEST socks ever. they are called marie antoinette socks and they feature honeybees in the lace pattern. and i am using a super smooshy cat's pajamas yarn that i love.
also i read a lot. i finished newton's cannon by greg keyes. it wasn't great, but it was enjoyable. i liked the characterizations and the alternate history was very interesting even if there were parts of it i didn't buy. i am now about half-way through kepler's witch, a biography of astronomer johannes kepler, his science, his religion and his mother's trial as a witch during the 30 years war. it is very interesting.

ross and i went out to see forbidden kingdom as a matinee. it was fun. not a great movie, but a good one. then we met jory and simona for some food and drinks at washington square.
yesterday was beautiful and spent with more movies (at home), more reading, more knitting, and a walk in the beautiful sunshine with ross.
overall a very relaxing and wonderful weekend.
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i had the strangest most non-sensical dream last night.
dreams inside. cut cuz it's long and makes no sense )



Apr. 4th, 2008 09:01 am
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all this crap about spring cleaning has got me thinking about REALLY cleaning...like...my house.
also it's REALLY quiet at work and i am bored.

also i'm really worried i'm going to do something embarrassing like fart in my sleep or something tonight during the sleep study. *shudders*

also i dreampt i had a baby last night and it wasn't a tragedy. i was actually happy even though it was unplanned (just in the dream. i was appalled when i woke up). i think it has to do with all the people around me breeding. i don't understand how i could possibly be happy. stupid hormones in my subconscious. i like OTHER people's babies. doesn't mean i want one.
also in my dream i was a superhero.
that part was cool.
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everything is squared away for my graduation.
the regalia is ordered.
the payment plan is put together (and mostly finished)
the transcripts are sent and accepted at wesley.
and my folks have agreed to drop a quarter by the library.
ross and i paid my library fines, but apparently they decided to charge me interest at the last moment. it would cost us more to mail them a quarter than the quarter itself.

i had something of a disturbing day yesterday.
first it was snowing. on easter. i'm not a fan.
second, ross failed to understand that it was important to my happiness that he go to church with me on easter and xmas. i don't ask him to go with me most of the time. he has his own faith and i respect that. but we didn't communicate adequately and he wished he had gone with me later.
we DID have an excellent theological discussion afterward...but it was an upsetting one for me, because sometimes he knows me better than i know myself. cut for those who don't care )
he thinks i am trying to be everything and am therefore not getting my spiritual needs met. he is probably right.
string of other small things that are wrong )

ross and i watched a movie that really upset me. a perfect world with kevin costner and clint eastwood. the first part of it was great, but the last part of it was so...human and painful and it really wrecked the happiness of the first half of the movie. i wound up upset all over again and it was more work to get myself out of it. i couldn't get that sad, upsetting ending out of my head. it was too real. and i couldn't do anything about it. i have the best, most understanding husband in the world. he gave me the space i needed and the affection i needed and then we enjoyed the rest of the evening together...

my dreams last night...reflected the movie, and my worry over madeleine...and the child of some friends. the re-occurring theme was that i was responsible and bad things kept happening beyond my control. from cedar ending up alone by himself in my parent's basement with the lights out to 15 small helpless cats outside my house with no one else to feed them....it was not a good sleep situation last night.
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it snowed yesterday.
today it is -11 with winds from the north. i keep track of the wind by watching the smoke stack at one of the other buildings in the 3M campus.

really unpleasant dream last night.


Feb. 8th, 2008 08:55 am
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i'm officially sick.
ross was sick and i can't tell if i got it from him or from my co-workers. i don't get nearly as cozy with the co-workers so my bet would be on ross...
except that he throws up and coughs and i have a sinus nightmare....of course, that could just be the illness hitting each of us where we are weak.
i can't breathe if anyone is too close to me because my sinuses are so plugged. i am trying mucinex...and it seems to be helping while i'm awake, but not much while i sleep. my sleep is shit. so i do it a lot. after watching eastern promises with ross last night i hit the sack around 6:30, got up for water at midnight and went back to bed.
this morning? i feel a bit better...but also like i need more sleep. it's very sad when a bug takes you out this hard.
also i dreamed i was eating a hamburger...then remembered (in the dream) that it is lent and felt guilty about it...better than dreaming about my bellybutton exploding i guess (last week's subconcious madness).
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in other news, i stressed out before class on tuesday and had to GO to class to chill out. met up with ross and the girls at barley john's breifly.
dana was sick yesterday and she and i wound up taking naps in the afternoon. we both felt better (her stomach was settled and i had more energy) and went to kieran's afterward. it was quite pleasant.
i continue to be somewhat exhausted. i wish i had more energy for everyone.
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my dreams last night to some extent were influenced by the books i am reading/listening to (harry potter and the order of the phoenix and infection by scott sigler).
giant dream )
what's irritating to me is that it was the kind of dream that leaves you exhausted. i must have been seriously under its spell.

EDIT: ross informs me that i was also talking in my sleep a lot last night...something about changing the height of the chair that disolved into mumbling....
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really weird dream last night involving ross being mixed up with the mob.
they were presenting him with the horn from a norwhal (beautifully polished), and telling him that it was something else.
i don't know why i was invited, but i called the mob boss by his first name (Chris).
he told me to call him godfather.
some strange things happened after that. i don't clearly recall what.

last night

Mar. 5th, 2007 02:03 pm
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more nightmares
i dreamed that ross and i were holing up inside a big stone building while the world was invaded by big, carnivorous monsters with long necks and powerful legs. there were very man of them and they were very fast and strong and would break doors with their faces to get at the people inside and eat them. ross and i were going to stay and hide there until they ran out of food and died off. we had a big food supply and hoped that there wouldn't be enough large animals to feed them all. the place we were staying was almost underground but had a tower going up taller than the monsters (which were as big as large houses), so we could see what was going on.
only ross got trapped outside and i was so, so afraid for him.

last night

Feb. 28th, 2007 03:21 pm
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i dreamed that ross was going to be in a movie.
he was playing an evil wizard. his daughter was the advisor to the king and he got her taken out of the position and then corrupted and possessed her replacement. the new wizard turned black as ross's character took him over.
pretty cool dream.


Feb. 9th, 2007 01:00 pm
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nightmares last night about my cats killing little friendly talking mice.
and this morning luther was sitting on the bathtub hoping for more.

and i can't yet get him to eat the raw cat food that is still nauseating me.  i haven't been able to eat anything at all today. i keep thinking about my dream and smelling the bone marrow (i'm not even at home, there's no way i'm actually smelling bone marrow). i've got enough cat food for about a month, i think. but i'm definately going to have to get a different recipe.


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