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...and going to see coraline in the theaters. which was wonderful.
i recommend it.

but last night i dreamt i was going to rescue my best friend.
my best friend had been kidnapped by one of many alien races and was on a planet where only they and their slaves were permitted.
the aliens were caste divided.
i went to the spaceport to meet my teacher and depart. i got (affectionately) attacked by 3 snufflepigs....kinda like big hairy dogs with pig noses. my teacher shooed them off - and was an alien version of patrick stewart. he had 5 eyes and 5 sub-eyes. all different colors. all used for different kinds of communication.
i would be having a third eye and 2 sub-eyes implanted on the trip and he was going to teach me how to use them so that i could pass as one of the castes of aliens and rescue my friend.
it was completely neat.

the weekend turned out much less stressful/full than i anticipated.
for one thing i got the gaming weekend mixed up - that's next weekend.
for another ross and i woke up with headaches on sunday morning and ross decided not to go visit his family. we still had susan over for dinner. and saturday instead of gaming we got the mantle piece up, and i learned about drilling holes in concrete, which is pretty exhausting, but not nearly as hard as i'd imagined. the mantle looks great and there will be pictures once my computer is working again. zombiecomputer is low on the priority list when i can borrow ross's at home and we've got so much else to do. in the meantime, pictures will have to wait.

ross got our taxes done last week and we look forward to getting a substantial return this year. in large part because some of it is going to go to our media server and some of it is going to go to finishing the basement. yes i know we got the walls done. but there is still the ceiling and the carpeting and walling off the washer/dryer and furnace.

sunday was all about errands and going to see coraline and going out for breakfast. all of which was lovely.
it felt good not to be so hectic....i just still feel so tired. hollow inside. like i'm getting rested on the outside, but not on the inside....and ross doesn't seem tired at all. i don't know how he does it.
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it's friday!!!!

and i finally got to the gym last night for spinning class. i feel SO good. good enough that i woke before my alarm and increased to 100 crunches this morning. my sets are 20, so increasing by one set seems to work for me. we'll see if it lasts. the thing is that even if it isn't true, i FEEL skinnier after i work out.
love those endorphins. then i came home and didn't have to cook! eggplant parmesan is better the second day anyway. all i did was make salad.

i have made a new friend at work. her name is kate. we have talked via e-mail for about two weeks and i am hoping to set up a coffee date to meet her in person. she grew up on a hobby farm in virginia(near richmond), likes to carve wood, read science fiction and fantasy, and game. she sounds awesome.

my computer at home is officially kaput. the hard drive blew out again. i am seriously thinking there is something wrong with the computer that keeps eating hard drives. goddamn zombie computer eating its own brains...

tonight christa will either come over or we will work on the mantle.
tomorrow we will game with shawn and thistle and john and tessa and tim wheatly and adam cerling and maybe some other people. then susan will come over for dinner and we will see her for the first time in literally months. sunday we will go to montevideo to see ross's grandparents. it will be a very busy weekend. if i'm lucky i will squeeze in some knitting.
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this week has been SO extra busy.
i got everything done on my to do list except rolling in the llama fiber (it was nasty) and then added some more.
isn't it amazing how the more you have to do, the more you get done?
i started co-moderating a group for liberal xians on ravelry and some really awesome conversation is happening over there. pretty awesome to be part of it.
and we have over 70 members already, which is also pretty cool. i moderate on a couple of other groups as well, but that one is the most exciting for me.
i still have a lot to learn about that site.
i switched cars with ross in case he has a chance to look at my brakes today and oops!@ forgot my badge again. SUCH a pain in the behind. i will have to make sure to stuff it in my bag tomorrow.
i have been contacted by many old friends online this week, including darin chambers and carrie allan (ex-boyfriend and girl i had a crush on in high school/college). it is very cool to be back in touch with them.
i also had a long talk with my long lost eileen! it was fabulous to be back in touch with her. we laugh so hard when we talk, and it is like we were never out of touch.
i got the okay from my boss to have the day off before my dad's 80th birthday, which is awesome. now we just need to get plane tickets!
and i am planning a camping trip with a bunch of other ravelry knitters the weekend of the 3rd. it is going to be SO much fun! i am sharing a campsite to reduce expenses, which is very good.
ross is working the show this week so that one of his co-workers can have a break, but now there has been an issue and he might have to stay on longer than he expected....it is hard to plan things together with him working, but i am getting a lot done in his absense, so i don't miss him too much because i'm so busy...and i do get to see him briefly when i get home sometimes....but i am worried about him running himself ragged again when he hasn't had time yet to recover from august.

for the record. bison bratwurst is phenomenally good.

i picked up my llama yesterday!!!!! woot!
just llama fiber and not the whole llama ([livejournal.com profile] ashoe)
here's a llama, there's a llama... )

i have been spinning - but still on the crapwool. i don't feel i am ready for my really nice fiber yet, and i also am not sure what weight i want to be spinning at since i don't have a project in mind with the other fibers i have yet.
knitting is going slowly. i've been too involved with chores and my computer to get much done except during my lunch break at work.
still, you can see the beginnings of my fawkessocks(named for dumbledore's phoenix) below.
holy crap that's bright! )

my new OS, ubuntu, is fast and free and entertaining to learn from. downloading new programs for it is a breeze. knowing which programs to download? not so much.
[livejournal.com profile] kfringe was my hero for yesterday because he clued me onto the programs i needed to work with my ipod.
unfortunately i am still having trouble. i did a restore on my ipod and that allowed ubuntu to see it again. i found and loaded all my favorite podcasts! filled it up with all kinds of good stuff....and then this morning? crashed and wiped clean again...and now it won't factory restore. on the web i find that all kinds of people are having similar problems with this program and their ipods...so at least i know it's not me...but i think it's time to try the other program....sigh...another day with no music at work. i shoulda quit while i was ahead.
everything else seems to be working well though, and overall, i am pleased with the system.
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friday was great big sea.
and they were fantastic. well worth the 2 hours i sat in traffic and scrambled to find parking
to get the tickets. the scrim was ugly. the lighting was terrible. the sound guy had no clue
what he was doing and you could barely hear the harmonies.
they did a lot of stuff off their new album, fortune's favor, that i frankly think is crap.
the only whiskey being sold was jack.
and it was still a fantastic show.
it says a lot when a band can do that.
also one of the new t-shirts for them has a big octopus on it. tentacles FTW!

ross didn't have as good a time as i did, cuz he wasn't feeling very well. but i think he was
glad he went.
susan and her friend will and salsa and another feste we knew(but who's name i can't
recall) were there as well.

mostly it was a relaxing weekend for me. not-so-much for ross, as he was working on setting up
a triple-boot on his new work-laptop.
we picked up my car (new front tires, front-end alignment) from the shop. i need new brakes
and my rotors checked, but as it rained pretty much all weekend, that wasn't about to happen.

i talked to the cat lady on friday and found out that they are getting their last shots this coming saturday. i can pick up our kitten monday!!!

i also made ketchup.
from scratch.
it was terribly fun. )

ross fixed my computer in addition to his laptop, and set me up with a new install of ubuntu, which
neither of us have ever used before. so far i am very pleased. i am going to be able to finish my letter
for my dad now. it's fast. and there are programs for
everything (typicaly linux). and there are even some podcasts out there to help me learn to use it.

linux podcast woes )

the rest of the weekend was mostly spent relaxing, staying up too late reading, and watching sopranos episodes
with ross (while he worked on his laptop and i knit or spun).
i have started a new pair of fawkes socks (named for dumbledore's phoenix). they have been waiting to be knit
for a while. the yarn (fleece artist *swoons*) has been sitting in my yarn basket....and moreover, the maple
leave socks are giving me fits.
i frogged them out once because they were too big and started them again at a reasonable size...but ultimately
the problem is that this yarn just doesn't work witht his pattern.
the maple leaves are so cute and i want them to pop out visually. this yarn isn't doing it. i will frog them and
make something else with it and find some other yarn to knit the maple leaves with. i might even do it in a solid
and then hand-paint the leaves so they stand out. some people on ravelry have done that and it looks great.
i also finished heads and bodies for 2 knithulhus this weekend. i need to make the wings, stuff them and put them
together and they will be finished. i could probably finish both of them AND the one that just needs wings tonight.
but i have other things to do like getting cat food and picking up a package from UPS while they are still open.


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