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but happy birthday anyway [livejournal.com profile] cuddlejunkie1!!

hope your morning is better than mine has been.
first thing i got to do this morning was clean up cat poo and give leto a bath.
he was less than pleased about this, but he had dirtied his butt and scooted it all over the tile and the countertops.
i was less than pleased about THAT. disinfectant to the rescue!
...and if leto is the biggest pain in the butt to bathe of all our cats, he is also the biggest snuggler afterward. he just wants to bury his face in my arms and pretend it never happened. very sweet.

hopefully the rest of the day will be better.
tonight i have the first of my classes for adult literacy training. i am looking forward to it, but also starting to feel a little nervous.

the weekend was extremely productive.
susan came over and spent the night friday. we all went out for thai and played board games. it is always lovely to spend time with susan. i am HOPING that having guiness around will gradually acclaimate the kittens to dogs. madeliene no longer fears him in the slightest and even takes pot-shots at him when she's bored. i believe she is fully recovered from the introduction of the kittens at this point. she has established herself as top cat and is now as affectionate as she ever was and back to making pictures with claw marks on my neck (she likes to hang out on my shoulders).

i meant to make a cake and go to the grocery store and clean the house for ross's birthday. but what he wanted was not a special meal, or a cake, or a clean house. what he wanted was for me to bash heads in a computer game with him and a couple of his friends all day. so that is what happened saturday. about 13 straight hours of diablo ii. not what i anticpated, but definitely a good time. i did finish his hat and he has promised to model it for me at some point. i think he liked it that i kept it a surprise.

i also got to do a whole lot of dyeing over at renee's yesterday.
and she showed me how to use combs and minicombs and gave me about half of a romney fleece that she no longer wants to work with! i've never spun with romney before but this fleece is long and fine and pretty dirty. i think i may save working on it for when i have gotten combs or mini-combs at shepard's harvest. speaking of which, i suppose i should start thinking about mother's day gifts...

here is the lot that got dyed.

clicky for individual shots )

dear cats

Jan. 21st, 2009 08:36 pm
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to leto, madeleine and savil,

i know that we are doing things you have never seen before and that the stuff we are using smells interesting.
however, please cease and desist from your attempts to "help" with the drywalling.


mom & dad


Dec. 11th, 2008 06:00 pm
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dear cats,

what makes you think my guest bed is a toilet?
really? it doesn't look like your toilet. it doesn't smell like your toilet either (except when you've just been confused). i think you should go get your eyes checked.

then i will be less full-of-rage and you will get more lovins.

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odd, but good.

i woke up and ross was already up because he went to bed really early yesterday and had insomnia. i NEVER get to see him in the morning, so it was really nice - and really hard to leave as a result. the kitties were also abnormally sweet and cuddly and i wanted to stay with them.

i found out the co-worker i am replacing was saying things about me, not just other co-workers...stuff about how he was going to get me away from ross and that ross was working late hours and leaving me lonely.....

news to me. i would have laughed in his face if i had caught wind of it. he was talking about a lot of other women at work...including that he wanted to motorboat our boss's boss....i didn't know what that was. i had to be told. now the mental pictures makes me giggle constantly. you don't know my boss's boss.

regardless it makes me feel less like an asshole taking his place.

and today i has basically been a fun day. i've worked - but not been training anyone. and i've basically been cleaning up old stuff that i haven't had a chance to do, which is very refreshing.i had 68 invoice problems at the beginning of today. now i have 13. pretty awesome.
and taya (my latest trainee) took me out for lunch as a thank you. very nice. she took me to this awesome vietnamese/chinese place that has a great vegetarian selection. i was very happy to find it.
unfortunately robyn (the boss's boss's boss) says she isn't allowed to hire non-3Mers yet.

i have cat stevens going around in my head today.

that is all
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so i found out today that one of my friends at work has been let go. a permanent employee, not contract like me.
and it is his position that i'm going to be filling for at least the next 2 weeks.
and that feels sketchy. i liked this guy. we went and got tea together almost every day for a while. i feel bad that i couldnt' say goodbye.
but i also found out that he was being a real creep to others in NOT OKAY ways.
i don't know how to feel about my good fortune being at his expense.

good fortune being another 2 weeks paychecks, and the immense goodwill of my co-workers/supervisors, etc.
my agency called me and told me they had been told how grateful 3M is for my positive attitude. that feels good and i earned it. it just feels weird to replace a friend.

i took leto in to be fixed last night. the breeder decided she didn't want to use him as a stud, so there was no real reason to keep him whole.  the vet called this morning and said everything went really well this morning, but he kept kicking the anaesthesia needle out of his leg, so he mostly had gas and might be awake enough for me to take home this afternoon instead of tomorrow. that would be very good.

i am re-reading the foundation trilogy by isaac asimov and am enjoying it tremendously. i normally don't care for books that aren't character driven, but this is a notable exception. i don't fall in love with asimov's characters, because it isn't who they are that is important. what is important is what they think. his characters come up with ideas that no one else in the story has and that the forward progress of the story depends on. they are idea-driven rather than character driven or even plot driven and it is very exciting. i love the underlying believe that it is ideas that make people great. i don't believe it is the only thing that can make someone great, but what a wonderful thing when it happens! i have never read anything like asimov's work, although vernor vinge's work is clearly influenced by it.

it snowed all morning here but nothing stuck. we expect more snow tomorrow. it is so beautiful and exciting at the beginning of winter.  i feel energized by it. i have always associated "over the river and through the woods" with thanksgiving, rather than xmas, so it feels right to have snow this time of year to me.
tonight susan is coming over. we haven't seen her in about 2 months because she's been so busy with school.
tomorrow i expect to be canning with corrin, knitting, drinking cider/cocoa and weather permitting - playing vampire tag. it is looking like a good weekend.


Oct. 26th, 2008 09:27 pm
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so savil got fixed on friday and i picked her up saturday morning. she has also been micro-chipped. she seems to be doing quite well, to the point of initiating fights with her brother, which i'm supposed to be preventing.
i'm mainly worried about her getting kicked in the stomach, and i spray them with water pretty quick if it looks like there is any danger, but i also can't keep her from being a kitten. it's just not natural. if i can protect her from the worst she can do to herself, i'll feel pretty good. otherwise, i think she knows what she's up for better than i do. she gets locked up when no one's around to supervise, but mostly everyone has been behaving themselves. right now the little girl is curled up on my lap. right now, that probably means she wants her pain meds.
ever since her spay, she has been super affectionate with me, and has wanted to spend a lot of her time on my lap....this is great as far as i am concerned. i was a bit worried that she was going to be so attached to leto she wouldn't bond with ross and i. she's been strictly a daddy's girl up til this weekend, and i think ross really loved that, because leto is definitely all about the ladies. mostly though, i think these kittens love whoever is giving them the most attention. ross is home during the day a lot more than i am. i am sure that he will have ample opportunity to shower them with affection and gain their devotion to him alone if he wants it.

corrin went out with me on friday night to get some new slacks for my interview. i'm SO grateful to have her advice. she has a great sense of color and style. at least practically i appreciate that. there are a lot of styles i don't like, and i can't do anything about that. but she gets me thinking about what looks good in a different way, that i benefit from a lot.

yesterday i swept and mopped and did the dishes and worked on knitting xmas gifts...but mostly i was home to supervise the kittens and make sure nobody ripped open savil's stitches. she's going to have to get them out in 2 weeks. i'm really glad that we did this so that i could pick her up on the weekend and give them some supervisory time.
myra came down and worked on our yard, for which i am HUGELY thankful. i just wish that her help didn't come with a load of nagging for ross, who decided to stay home and work on guthrie stuff. we got some nice time together and ross made an awesome dinner. i love having a partner who not only knows his way around the kitchen, but works well with others there to boot!

today was again mostly sedentary. ross was in st. cloud helping out [livejournal.com profile] eltanin and [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart with their roof. i ironed and steamed my suit for tomorrow, baked banana bread, cleaned the catbox and met [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourney for coffee as she was coming home from packing up her family's cabin for the season. it was really great to see her. but mostly i was home. i'm really trying to get progress made on my xmas stuff. )


Oct. 24th, 2008 04:52 pm
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the vet called and said that savil is fine and that i can pick her up tomorrow at 10am.

my boss let everybody out of work early.

my friend corrin is coming over after work so that we can go look for pants for my interview.

my letter to my dad is finished. it's only 4 pages long, but i knew i was done when i was making myself cry with what i was writing. i'm not sending it to my sister for scrapbooking yet though. i don't want her to have time to steal my ideas.
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....i just need to remember to be grateful for it.
actually i AM grateful for it, but interesting isn't always good.
for instance, this morning i caught leto mounting his sister.

they are only 5 months old. a little shy of that, actually. SHE may not be sexually mature, but he definitely is. ross and i have been trying to schedule something for her for a while now and just haven't put it as high enough priority. i left him a note this morning asking him to take her in. if he can't do it...well i'll stay home from st. cloud this weekend and get her fixed. ross is helping them roof this weekend. much as i would dearly love to see [livejournal.com profile] eltanin and [livejournal.com profile] wilderheart, we do not need MORE kittens. especially inbred ones.

game last night was pleasant, but not as much fun as the first sessiondetails for my life with master. )

mainly the good news is that i have an interview at the U of M. or rather, i will once i have stopped playing phone tag. the position is basically doing the same type of thing i'm doing now. but it's a REAL job, not a contract job. with benefits. and tuition reembursement. and a pay raise. i could really use those things. i'm still interested in all of the things i have previously talked about. but i want some security too.
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picture by request of [livejournal.com profile] sunmother

learning bad habits
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we have decided on names for the little beasties.
kitten update within )

i got some spinning and plying done this weekend and wound up with 2 more skeins of handspun. i'd like to get 7 of them before i start my sweater...but i really should weigh them. the pattern calls for 2.2 lbs, but doesn't give any yardage.
also got some work done on the fawkes socks. it seems like every sock pattern i knit has a different heel and i don't know the names for any of them except that the wrap n' turn heel is one version of a short-row heel. i would like very much to have names to keep them all separate in my mind. i definitely like the short-rows. my feet are wide, but my heels are narrow, and i like the snug fit around them.

as far as the job situation goes, i go back and forth between acceptance of my situation and shock. i'm supposed to be training my replacement this week, but i haven't met her yet, and i'm not eager to do so. i'm doing it because i care about my co-workers and don't want them left to clean up her mess - not because i'm an altruist.
and i think about what i'm going to do next. i sent in an updated resume to the contracting company and applied for one position online yesterday. also found a couple of others that look alright.
the thing is that i've never found a job i like. and i went to seminary partly because i thought if i couldn't do something i liked, at least i could do something meaningful...but i'm starting to wonder, what if that's not enough. what if meaning isn't enough? what if i need to actually like what i do to find satisfaction at work?
i have kind a "grit your teeth and bear it" attitude about the parts of my job i dont' like. i get through it, but i don't like it and i have this crazy idea that i shouldn't have to hate what i do...or even a large part of what i do. and i can't help but wonder if this isn't part of why i haven't had more luck getting a job i want....because i'm never sure that it's going to be something i love - because i haven't done it before - and because part of what i hate is selling myself.
how do ya'll handle this when you are in that position? do you like what you do?

finances are a concern with me being laid off and i feel a lot of pressure to get a job NOW. the kittens were expensive. getting them fixed will be expensive. the medical bills from this summer and fixing ross's motorcycle and my car was expensive. plane tickets to dc are expensive. xmas is expensive.
and this morning my phone wouldn't turn on. i have asked ross to look at it while i'm gone today because he's amazing. if you have called me and i don't call you back - it is because it still won't turn on. i am trying not to worry about any of this and just not spend anything.
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meet the new addition to our family!here )


Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:17 am
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last night was the best concert i've been to all year.
including seeing boiled in lead on st. patty's day and including the really awesome GBS concert.
shawn mullins opened for dar, which i wasn't expecting. he's kinda so-so for me as an artist, but i really liked his stories. i also like that he puts his rhymes in the middle of his sentances. you also get to talk to artists after the show at a lot of guthrie concerts. he told me he rhymes that way because he's inspired by chris christopherson.
his performance was good.
but dar? she shown. she glowed up there on stage. i knew i liked her before the concert (although the christians and the pagans makes me mad on a semantic level - i realize that it is a song that the world needs - i feel that it perpetuates some false comparisons). i like her SO much more now. i got a whole different sense of her songs at the concert...but also i got a sense of HER and where her songs come from. and she talks about beauty and the way she sees things in a way that moves me deeply. she also tells great stories and is very funny. i am so glad i went.
also she reminds me of my friend katelyn.

i also picked up a new (large) scratching post, moved the small one we had into the guest room for the kitten (which will help her get used to madeliene's smell).
and i returned that book. i picked up a copy of storm front by jim butcher instead (in paperback, so i got some $$ back as well). all ya'll have been talking him up so much i figuree it's about time i checked him out.

it is raining softly outside and looks to continue for the rest of the day.
it is a good day for hot coffee.
it is a good day for a kitten.
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these are my plans for my time after work this week.
today - return the book i bought/read this weekend. dar williams concert.
tomorrow - set up guest room with litterbox and scratching post. go get kitten. take pictures. snuggle kitten. make vet appointment for new kitten
wednesday - go see neil gaiman's promotion of a new book with darla. snuggle kitten.
thursday - snuggle kitten. perhaps introduce kitten to madeleine
friday - snuggle kitten
there will probably be a trip to the vet in there somewhere too. madeliene and the kitten should not meet until the kitten has had a check-up by my vet to verify the cat lady's (although the kitten will be getting tested for flv on monday, so is seeing the vet already. i'm sure it will be fine).
at some point, i'm sure the kitten will also get named. i am very impatient for this.

this weekend was good. friday corrin came over and we knit/spun. dinner was late, but very good when it happened.
saturday i went to the spinning group at como park. Read more... )

i also managed to figure out that i have made a mistake in my fawkes socks. i am still trying to figure out where it is, but that i made it SOMEWHERE is indubitable. so frustrating.

went shopping saturday afternoon, mainly for ross. he now has flannels...one of which i might have to take back...and some other stuff he really needed. i'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes, but i like doing it for other people better than i like doing it for myself. shopping for clothes for me always makes me feel fat. i prefer to shop for more fun things. i got myself a book. the same one i have to take back. maybe i will get knit kimono instead...i have been wanting that for a LONG time.

ross and i spent the evening watching mutiny on the bounty and eating indian food. i have decided i like mango chutney. i might have to make some. i've got a recipe, so it shouldn't be that hard, but i will need to get some half-pint jars. i should also learn to make naan. i've probably got a recipe for that as well, and it's probably twice as hard as it needs to be.
mutiny on the bounty was interesting - and very long. marlon brando kinda weirds me out as a blonde. i almost didn't recognize him. i like watching classics, despite the warbly score and the formality of the speaking. rambly thoughts on social change in movies )

yesterday ross and i had a long heart-to-heart about some mental struggles i'm working through. everytime i realize how he loves me despite my flaws it is an amazement to me....an honor. i am truly blessed to have such a partner.
we had a relaxing afternoon and then had dinner in stillwater with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneymy dinner was not very good, but they took half the price off the ticket and it was a lovely evening. after dinner we went walking along the river and got some ice cream. time with [livejournal.com profile] oneonajourneyis always lovely.

review of hawkspar by holly lilse. it was good, but not good enough to read again, and not nearly as good as i wanted it to be. unbelieveable character development (in a bad way), unreasoned deductions, failure to carry on the excellent mysticism and power present at the start of the book. worse yet, it was another story of a girl who pays no attention to her friends after she finds romance...blech. BOR-ING. this book could have been AWESOME with better development of side characters and more character development in the main one.
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friday was great big sea.
and they were fantastic. well worth the 2 hours i sat in traffic and scrambled to find parking
to get the tickets. the scrim was ugly. the lighting was terrible. the sound guy had no clue
what he was doing and you could barely hear the harmonies.
they did a lot of stuff off their new album, fortune's favor, that i frankly think is crap.
the only whiskey being sold was jack.
and it was still a fantastic show.
it says a lot when a band can do that.
also one of the new t-shirts for them has a big octopus on it. tentacles FTW!

ross didn't have as good a time as i did, cuz he wasn't feeling very well. but i think he was
glad he went.
susan and her friend will and salsa and another feste we knew(but who's name i can't
recall) were there as well.

mostly it was a relaxing weekend for me. not-so-much for ross, as he was working on setting up
a triple-boot on his new work-laptop.
we picked up my car (new front tires, front-end alignment) from the shop. i need new brakes
and my rotors checked, but as it rained pretty much all weekend, that wasn't about to happen.

i talked to the cat lady on friday and found out that they are getting their last shots this coming saturday. i can pick up our kitten monday!!!

i also made ketchup.
from scratch.
it was terribly fun. )

ross fixed my computer in addition to his laptop, and set me up with a new install of ubuntu, which
neither of us have ever used before. so far i am very pleased. i am going to be able to finish my letter
for my dad now. it's fast. and there are programs for
everything (typicaly linux). and there are even some podcasts out there to help me learn to use it.

linux podcast woes )

the rest of the weekend was mostly spent relaxing, staying up too late reading, and watching sopranos episodes
with ross (while he worked on his laptop and i knit or spun).
i have started a new pair of fawkes socks (named for dumbledore's phoenix). they have been waiting to be knit
for a while. the yarn (fleece artist *swoons*) has been sitting in my yarn basket....and moreover, the maple
leave socks are giving me fits.
i frogged them out once because they were too big and started them again at a reasonable size...but ultimately
the problem is that this yarn just doesn't work witht his pattern.
the maple leaves are so cute and i want them to pop out visually. this yarn isn't doing it. i will frog them and
make something else with it and find some other yarn to knit the maple leaves with. i might even do it in a solid
and then hand-paint the leaves so they stand out. some people on ravelry have done that and it looks great.
i also finished heads and bodies for 2 knithulhus this weekend. i need to make the wings, stuff them and put them
together and they will be finished. i could probably finish both of them AND the one that just needs wings tonight.
but i have other things to do like getting cat food and picking up a package from UPS while they are still open.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 07:56 am
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so ross and i went and looked at kittens yesterday.
and picked one out.
she's a little silver girl with beautiful face markings, very playful. none of the kittens were VERY friendly, but all of them were somewhat friendly and most of them (this one included) would just flop in your arms when you started petting them. if you remember the pictures from before, this one is third from the bottom including the basket picture. she's a little bigger than her almost-twin and her markings are prettier. they look a lot different from the pictures now.
the cat lady says we can come pick her up in a couple of weeks. :)

i DO have a long list of possible names (following my theme of authors or characters from books)....but i haven't talked any of them over with ross yet.
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i didn' t get to do most of the things i wanted to do for my birthday.
the tattoo didn't happen because they said it would only last 3 weeks and they would charge me double. that didn't seem like a very good deal.
the problem is, i don't think there's any other place i want one.

we then went to go to the tepanyaki place....and called ahead to make sure it wasn't a problem.
once we got there it was a problem. and they were very rude to us.
our business went elsewhere.

the birthday was pretty awesome anyway. we went to the dock, a restaurant in stillwater. the food was amazing and i had a really nice time with susan, corrin and ross. we then went back to our place (with a stop at the liquor store) and watched "the witches" based on the rald dahl book. it was very cute. not as good as i'd been lead to believe, but enjoyable.
the weekend was lovely.
i canned with thistle and shawn and john and tessa on sunday and had dinner out with ross, where we met a really awesome couple. the weather was beautiful, if hot. i got a LOT of spinning done and my first two skeins are complete!

i am quite pleased with the results. there is a sweater in issue 18 of the wheel that calls for bumply, slubby yarn that will be perfect for this.

and we are going to look at kittens tonight!!!!!!
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this weekend was full of good things.
friday night i went out to merlin's rest for drunken knit night. details )
also i had a good long talk with my wonderful ceci, who is now MARRIED to ben closs (CONGRATULATIONS!!!). my dad married them quick in my parents family room so that they could get arrangements made for being a military family on base when they move out to san fran. the "real" wedding will be out there.

saturday was the irish fair. i sorted and culled my knitting stash early in the morning, and stopped by jory and simona's before heading down and had a really nice couple of hours with them. i don't see enough of them. jory gave me a ride down to the fair, which was quite nice of him.
the best thing ever was finding out that my name in irish is "froach." this isn't exciting until you understand that it is pronounced "freak!" i can't stop laughing about that. i got a flask i've been wanting forever, but mostly i listened to music (the tannahill weavers and mcinnis' kitchen impressed me a lot)and talked to people i didn't know. i hung out with ryan a bit and he introduced me to some gamers i hadn't met before. they seemed very cool, and like they might liven up the game quite a bit. i might have to go check it out to see.
i got a call from ross saying he was going to be home for a bit so i ran home to catch some time with him. we had dinner together and then i went back to the guthrie with him to see the show. more details )

sunday i went and checked out a new church. ross pointed out a umc church that is even closer to me than the one i was going to and dissatisfied with. i could probably bike there if i wanted to end up at church all gross and sweaty. i am so glad i went. it is a mostly older crowd, but there was a baptism and a youth scholarship presentation, so it's not all old. the people were super-friendly and welcoming and came and introduced themselves, but not in a you're-new-we'll-put-you-in-the-spotlight kind of way. the pastor is a big teddy-bear of a man and made an appointment to meet with me and show me around the church and such in the future. i had a nice chat with him.
most of all. they need me. a woman went out of her way to come sit by me and tell me how much they need someone to help with the youth. she said she had been praying about it and when i showed up (a younger person with a christian education)she took the opportunity to tell me all about it in case i'm willing. she also practically invited me to join her bluegrass band without an audition(which was quite flattering, although i haven't heard them yet either)...i'm not sure how much i can help. i'm really hoping to get a job that might take my time on sundays and wednesday nights. but i can't read the future and maybe i'll get a different job instead. what i do know is that people seemed ready to use my skills and be my friend at this church. something i was missing at the other place. i will definitely go back. this place feels like a answer to what i have been praying for in a lot of ways. i just need to feel it out a little bit (in order to believe it is what it seems), and do some discernment work to figure out what i can give them.

i got to talk with [livejournal.com profile] xerotic for a good long while and catch up (and threaten to steal his booty since he threatened to deny me booty in the first place - it's only fair). it is always awesome to talk with the surma.
and i got a message from the cat lady. she is hoping we can come out tonight to see if we want one of her kittens!!!! that would be so awesome in every way.
it seems like way more happened this weekend than could possibly fit into a weekend. i am back at my morning crunches again (although only 60 this morning), but so far that is the only thing good about the weekend being over. i would like another 2 days, please.
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yeah, so yesterday morning i found a lump on my cat's face.
it was on her lip on the right side and there was no cooresponding bump on the other side (not a place where teeth stuck out naturally).
so i made an appointment with the vet.
i thought it might be an absess or something, since i know cats get them.


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