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It is officially winter in minnesota. we have snow on the ground (and all my instincts are saying HIBERNATE!) and it is 20 degrees outside. Mind you it has been in the 50's all last week. I am wearing long underwear under my work clothes...i think it is the only way i will last the winter.
There is always something magical for me about the first snowfall of the year. Something that makes me want caramel or peppermint schnapps in my cocoa.

In other news, I finished AFFC. It was more interesting than exciting...until the end. But no spoilers here. I will say i'm not at the point [livejournal.com profile] dybbuk67 thought i would be. i'm not saying "cercei did what?!"...and i'm still not terribly sure which part he is referring to in that reaction. she is a crazy, ruthless bitch and i wouldn't put anything past her. Overall i loved it. and that is all i will say for consideration of others.

yesterday i went to luther seminary and got my transcripts sent to wesley and made arrangements to use their library and so i will be there after work today for a while before i go join ross at the guthrie. there is some sort of staff dinner there tonight and then friday i will be there again w/our friend susan to see the show - invited audience. can't argue with free theatre.
i'm so glad this is his last year having to run xmas carol. it is promising for a normal xmas next year...or as normal as you can get with my family or his involved. i imagine he will still be in the xmas spirit early and all done with it by the 10th of december...but there is nothing to be done about that. i will just have to have enough for both of us(twist my arm).
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AFFC arrived today!@



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