Aug. 5th, 2009

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so....i've been complaining a lot about work being slow.
not this week.
sure, my req count is still low. but the minute the people who help me get things done are on vacation? yeah, that's when the shit hits the fan. LOTS of complicated projects. not that i don't know how to fix them, but they actually take brain-power, unlike most of my job.

it figures.

anyway, i am crazy-busy.
i get tonight to spend a little time with ross, do laundry, volunteer thursday, start packing for the weekend....and i really want to go take my motorcycle permit test. which has to happen during business hours. i need to pick a day. the smart thing is probably to pick one next week, which would give me the airplane ride to study.
but i know i won't study while i'm there and in all likelihood, i won't study on the plane either.
i'm chomping at the bit a little.
still, i might find some time between now and next week...and it would be a bit more considerate to give my boss a bit more notice.

this summer has just started feeling stupidly busy all of a sudden. and i'm tired. i really just kinda want a nap all the time. probably because i'm more stressed than i need to be over having too much to do. if i DO some of it, i will feel much less stressed.


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