Mar. 2nd, 2009

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this weekend was a blast.
good in all kinds of ways.
friday i went out to dinner with a couple of co-workers at a vietnamese bistro. i almost never get vietnamese food and this was wonderful. then we went out to the jonathan coulton concert at the history theater.
oh my god it was awesome!.

concerty goodness )
saturday i got to sleep in and read , which was blissful. and then susan and i went x-country skiing, which was terrific. it was a little cold, but the sky was so clear and blue and amazing and the snow was deep and soft and new (being only about 2 days old - we got 6 inches on thursday). i'm pretty sure next time susan will bring her dog, guiness. he's a very good dog and we are slowly using him to aclaimate the kittens to the presence of dogs. he has done quite well with madeleine, who seems to think he is her personal toy. susan and i got dinner and then we all hung out at our place and watched batman and went in the hot tub, which was sorely needed.

sunday we were supposed to get together with ryan, but ne never called. ross and i hung out and watched movies and i knit and he worked on computer stuff. then we went out to dinner with ann and russ, who we haven't seen in an age. it was very satisfying. i feel sore in all the good ways from x-country skiing and it makes me feel like i earned my laziness on sunday. :)

ross and i continue to be very happy with the current lay-out of our living room, despite the crowd. the energy flow is just very nice. it feels good in that room. it makes me curious to find out what we have in all the corners according to feng shui. one of my girlfriends is a serious amateur with that stuff, i should probably consult her. i'm hoping we can do as well in the basement.

i signed up for those classes to get certified for teaching adult literacy as a volunteer and i'm feeling pretty good about it. i am beginning to feel like myself again. it is a good thing.


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