Feb. 20th, 2009

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The "needs" game
The Rules:
Type in your name and the word "needs" in quotes ("[Your first name] needs”) into your favorite search engine and see what comes up. List the first 10 that actually answer the question.

"heather needs" a childhood.
"heather needs" two therapists
"heather needs" something more to be satisfied
"heather needs" to grow up
"heather needs" help
"heather needs" men now!
"heather needs" to start wearing a brassiere
"heather needs" somebody
"heather needs" a new shrink
"heather needs" a bigger cup to hide behind

mostly i'm amused with these.


Feb. 20th, 2009 12:29 pm
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ten things i already have in response to that "needs" thing.

i am so happy it's friday
i'm so happy i went to the grocery and cleaned the catbox yesterday so i don't have to do it today.
i am so happy that A is wrong about jeans on friday being discontinued.
i am so happy that jonathan coulton is playing next week and i'm going to meet new friends there.
i'm so happy to be finding new insight
i'm so happy to have a boss that cares about me even if the company doesn't.
i'm so happy my next knitting project is all ready for me to start
i'm so happy to be going to spinning group tomorrow
i'm so happy i married a man who listens
i'm so happy to feel the energy of the earth starting to wake up under the snow
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ashoe

unfortunately, heather has surfaced on our screens in scrubs, ads for l'oreal and the short lived LAX.
unfortunately, heather forgot the most important advice: stay out of the path of runaway police motorcyles.
unfortunately, heather can't be there, but i hope some of you can be.
unfortunately, heather did not win.
unfortunately, heather's first job didn't work out.
unfortunately, heather lost the ability to transform into sasquatch.
unfortunately, heather will never go away
unfortunately, heather was playing the nice role, and let her team mate sabotage both of them
unfortunately, heather has to work as a hooker to pay for her retro fashion obsession
unfortunately, heather has had quite a struggle finding a location because all the available spaces keep getting taken before she has a chance to put in a bid.

6 is my favorite. followed by 2.


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