Feb. 13th, 2009

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yesterday i went home early sick. i was better...just not better enough.
cut for TMI and unecessary drama )

i went home. had some tea. finished my book. took a 6 hour nap.
couldn't go back to bed. had a shower. read some moby dick. had some warm milk with honey and ginger. slept like a baby.
i'm not 100% yet, but today feels very different. my co-worker tells me i'm still pale, but you can tell when the worst is over.

i should make it to dkn tonight, but i don't expect i'll drink much if anything. gaming tomorrow will still happen, but i'm not going to push to wake up early for it. hopefully i will be able to pick up a gift for ross on my way out tonight. we don't always make a big deal for valentines day, but i like to do something small at least.

the 2009 knit out is this weekend at the mall of gomorrah. i had a really good time last year, but i'm only planning on going one day this time. it is too exhausting to be there both days. corrin is supposed to meet me there if she feels better, and a bunch of ravelers are gathering for lunch. there are classes and a lot of give-aways...it should be good.
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like a barbershop serenade....



Feb. 13th, 2009 01:57 pm
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i just found out one of my old friends from high school is on ravelry!
i swear the world is thimble-sized.
damn now i REALLY need to find a way to go to estes.
my friend renee is trying to talk me into going via pop-up camper with her and one or two other women....one other i think i could handle...two gets hard to manage with what everyone wants to do....we'll see. it's about a 13 hour drive from here, so it's doable in one day, but 13 hours with a stranger is risky (the third person, not renee).
i'll have to talk to ross.


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