Jan. 30th, 2009

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i don't have to work on the house tonight!

wednesday i signed up for a new class at the gym. straight up strength. and i lasted about 15 minutes. 15 minutes of solid squats! it reminded of rob holbrock's hard-core fencing exercises in college! my quads are still in a state of mutiny every time i get up from my chair.
after 15 minutes i packed up and went back to the locker room. so i GOT a great work out. just one much shorter than i anticipated.
in anycase i had more work when i got home.
somehow i had this INSANE idea that tidying up the electrical would be quick and simple.
shows how much i know.
we had a bunch of panels in the basement ceiling that needed covers - but the covers we had didn't fit. they had to be cut with a saw and drilled with the dewalt cordless. we also needed blanks and switch plates for the wall plates. we had to put box extenders in the bedroom outlets in case the inspector needed to visit the fuse box. a trip to home-depot took care of the bits we didn't have right after we dropped my car off for service. the fireplace needed an electrical hook-up as well.
then we also had to hang the new(used)star lamp in the stairway. it looks great there and casts all kinds of neat shadows on the stairs, but it also needs dusting on the inside. a big thanks to susan for finding it for us.
we finished about 9:30.

yesterday we picked up my car and moved all the furniture in the living room. i think it is going to look really sharp when the fireplace is complete. ross finally hooked up the surround sound when he was putting the entertainment system together again. lo and behold, the picture on the tv looks better! i'm not sure what it is, but when we finally got a chance to just sit and hang out and watch a movie at the end of the day, the picture was brighter and clearer. a very nice bonus to re-setting everything. :)
it felt like a miracle to not be working last night. i don't even remember the last time i did that.
next week will be a WHOLE WEEK that i can plan to DO THINGS in the evening! or simply choose to do nothing. this is very exciting.

today i will be driving to chicago to see the family directly after work. ross will not be coming with me as he needs to work this evening. six hours in the car with limited music options, as my ipod is still tempermental about when it decides it wants to behave. it will be great to see my folks, and [livejournal.com profile] skia and [livejournal.com profile] pbergson, but i am wary about what this weekend will bring. i have a feeling that some of the tensions that have been brewing between my immediate family and the rest of mom's side of the family may get ugly and public....with various possibilities for outcome. we'll see. there are many reasons for tension and with stress high?.....anything is possible. i hope that there is good resolution if a blow-out has to happen.
aunt kathy reports that grandpa seems better....but i'm not sure if this is wishful thinking or reality. i will know better after i see him tomorrow. please keep us in your prayers.


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