Jan. 18th, 2009

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so the house is...a bit closer to being done.
friday night i went to the gym for spinning class...which had a different instructor and didn't kick my ass nearly as much as the first time i went. i'd like to think my muscles are in a bit better shape, but in reality it's probably just the change of style from the instructor.
regardless, i didn't get much done on the house since i was wiped and ross was working. i did get some knitting time in on my owl socks though.
the socks got finished today. )

saturday ross and i started late, but made good time.
we cleared out what WILL be our bathroom, put in some electric and drywalled two of the walls, then cleaned up and put everything back in...after which i went and watched a movie with darla, who continues to be one of my favorite people in the area. her and her husband john both just rock my world.

today jory was supposed to come help us...but wound up having problems with one of his eyes and having to go to the doctor. reports today that he will be okay, but he can't see very well right now and shouldn't drive for a couple of days.
me being scared of heights and the ceiling needing to go up first....we didn't get as much done today as we hoped. we got one big ceiling piece up and one of the wall pieces and knocked down the other wall and cleaned it up so we can put clean drywall in. it's still progress, but not as much as we'd like.
john (did i mention he and darla are awesome?) volunteered for punishment to help out tomorrow so we'll see how much progress we get done this week.

pics behind the cut! )


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